Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 13

13 shows some promise, as I see a couple gimmie-games on the horizon. Those are a few games (5) I’m pretty dang sure about. Check them out in my attempt to bust out 16 wins in Week 13. Lucky number 13, that’s what ol’ Lucky has to say about that!
Gimmie-GamesFalcons over the Redskins
Jaguars over the Dolphins
Jets over the Packers
Texans over the Raiders
Panthers over the Eagles


Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5): This is the toughest game of the week for me. Both teams come in playing very well, the Ravens defense dominating things for Baltimore and both the Bengals offense and defense playing together to handle things. I have to go with the Bengals, thinking their offense is good enough to score on the Ravens. Steve McNair will have his chance to shine though, as Cinci will be slamming the box and pressuring the Raven signal caller. Should be one hell of a Thursday Night game…. If you get NFL Network that is. Dough!


Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears (-10): I don’t think the Vikings will be able to do jack against the Bears, especially run, and God knows Brad Johnson and company have a tough time completing passes against the air. The Bears will find running room sparse, but against a Viking secondary that’s been picked apart 5 too many times this season, even Sexxy Rexxy should be able to do a fine job for the win.

Atlanta Falcons (+2) at Washington Redskins: I guess I just don’t believe in Jason Campbell at quarterback and how he’s the second coming. He’s been great, and I liked him a lot more than most people when he was coming out of Auburn, but in a game he’s supposed to win (or so say the bookies) Jason will struggle, and Mike Vick will come out with something to prove. Take the Falcons here.

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams (-6.5): The Cardinals are just getting ready for Dennis Green to be fired, as you can see by their “toss it up” offense they ran last week in a loss to the 5 point loss to the Vikings. Well, they’ll be tossing it up this week too, because Steven Jackson is a beast, and he’ll be getting plenty of action against the sieved that is the Cardinal defensive front. Take the Rams in this one, as Tory Holt will also return to Pro Bowl form.

Kansas City Chiefs (-5) at Cleveland Browns: This is usually where the Chiefs do me dirty, but I’m betting for a change this week. They’ve looked good, rely on Larry for most of their offense (brilliant plan), and are ready to stop disappointing me. The Browns (like everyone else in the NFL) can’t stop LJ. Cleveland’s team, and offense especially, is sapped with turmoil, so expect a Chief drilling here.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+1.5) at Miami Dolphins: So, obviously the Dolphins are better under Nick Saban at the end of the year, and Jacksonville is as reliable as your neighborhood drug dealer, but he bottom line is Jacksonville is the better team here, even with all their injuries this season. On the road, the Jaguars will feel at home, taking down Miami late.

San Diego Chargers (-6) at Buffalo Bills: Anthony Thomas nor Willis McGahee can rush against the Chargers, as I don’t think there’s a guy, not on their own team, that can do it. With Shawn Merriman back in Charger gear, look for San Diego to look charged a week after stumbling to an ugly win against the Raiders.

San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints (-7): Sure, Frank Gore will be able to pile up the yards in New Orleans, but for how long? The Niners have trouble scoring, something Drew Brees and the Saints are very, very good at. When the Saints bump a few long touchdowns early, the Niners will result to passing the ball, something they aren’t so good at. The Saints should win this home game easily.

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts (-7.5): The Titans won’t sucker the Colts this time. Indy will come out picking apart the Titan secondary, and they won’t fold like the New York Football Giants. No, no, not this Manning. Peyton will be ready to get the Manning name back on solid ground. And although I’d be a lot happier with -6.5, I’ll take the Colts in this one easy.

New York Jets (-1) at Green Bay Packers: I know Brett has played well this season, and the Packers have been better than everyone (even me) originally thought, but the Jets have been even better than Green Bay. New York has been better against the run of late, and Chad Pennington looks like he’s returned to his early season form. Laveranues Coles is back to dominating the air lines, so take him and the Jets in Wisconsin.

Houston Texans (+3) at Oakland Raiders: Are the oddsmakers seeing something I’m not? I don’t think the Raiders have a chance in this one. They can’t score. Sure, the Texans didn’t run the ball well last week, but they’ll have a better day against the Raiders. And David Carr has had a pretty nice season, though no one really knows that because when’s the last time a Texan game has been on TV? Exactly. Mario Williams has had a nice rookie year, he’ll be a great player. The Texans win this game. That’s my bet!

Dallas Cowboys (-3) at New York Giants: I don’t think the Cowboys are going to kill many teams as they did last week, but I do think they’ll find ways to win, because that’s what Tony Romo will do for the rest of his career. So Dallas haters out there, watch out. Owens should have a big day against a defense that won’t be able to stop him, or any of the other Cowboys for that matter.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers (-7): My guess is the Bucs don’t do dick against the Steelers defense. Pitt hasn’t played well, but they still have explosive players. Even without Hines Ward, the Steel Show will get another win on Sunday.

Seattle Seahawks (+3.5) @ Denver Broncos: I think the Hawks are starting to get it. They struggled early against the Pack, and Denver’s defense is much better than Green Bay’s, but Matt and Shaun look to be back up to speed. With Jay Cutler getting his first NFL start, the Hawks will try to capitalize on a couple rookie mistakes. If their defense can convert one mistake into points, the Hawks get the win on the road.


Carolina Panthers (-3) at Philadelphia Eagles: The Panthers have disappointed me all season long, even when they cover, their offense is homely. But the Eagles don’t have their D-Nabb, and Brian Westbrook can only do so much. Look for the Panthers to take it to the Eagles on the road.

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