2006 Fantasy Football Week 13 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: I want 150 fellas. That means almost a 20 point average. Gonna need the big guns this week. I’m not holding back. Here are my Week 13 studs!

QB: Drew Brees: My main yardage leader fantasy scoring machine, Drew Brees, should bang out at least 3 scores against the Niners secondary.

RB: Larry Johnson: Cleveland, meet the guy you’ll have to stop 30+ times to even have a chance at winning this game. LJ, meet the team you’ll stomp all over the field until they start diving at your ankles when you’re going in for your 3rd touchdown on the day. Something like that.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: I’ve got to put this guy here. He deserves to be on this list forever. Dude is unreal. Responsible for all 3 of the Charger scores last week, he already has 24 touchdowns on the season. Buffalo, this is your chance, good luck. Fantasywise, this cat averages 6.6 more points per game than any other back.

WR: Steve Smith: Smith is way too good to stay so quiet. It’s not like he’s been bad, 6th in the league, but his huge games just haven’t been there. If Delhomme can figure it out, Smith will dominate the Eagles’ secondary.

WR: Javon Walker: I like J Walk against a Hawks defense that can give up the big play. With a gunslinger like Cutler, and the fact that I think the Broncos will be down, Walker looks to get his chances to make a play.

TE: Todd Heap: Heap takes advantage of defenses that take chances, the Bengals are definitely one of those. Look for Steve McNair to find Heap for a couple big ones in this surprise shoot out.

K: Jeff Wilkins: I kind of like this, Wilkins will make a big run against Arizona this week. Look for at least 4 field goals, and 2 extra points out of the big righty.

D: Bears: I can’t go wrong with Chicago. Wouldn’t be surprised if they shut out the Vikings here.


Chad Pennigton and Brett Favre: If the weather permits (check the report on Saturday) I think these two guys will get down to business in an old fashioned shoot out. Coles and Driver should have big days as well.

David Carr: I like Carr again this week. Like last week, the Raiders will try and make David beat them. All he needs to do is throw for 200+ yards and a TD with no more than one interception and the Texans will win. He’ll do better than that.

Steven Jackson: One day this youngster will be in the same league as the L’s (T&J), but right now, he’s numero deuce.

Travis Henry: Last time TH went up against the Colts, he put up an LT/LJ type yardage total. I don’t expect that again, but obviously the Titans know some plays that work against Indy.

Chris Henry: To celebrate the courts throwing Henry’s blood alcohol levels out of his DD court case, Henry will show up and catch at least one touchdown pass on Sunday. It’s nice that the Bengals have a guy as talented as Chris for a #3 receiver.

Terry Glenn: Against a struggling Giants secondary, this #2 wide receiver will have another #1 type game for the Cowboys. Romo likes to find Glenn in the end zone.

Ben Watson: Watson has been laid out to dry by Tom Brady a few too many times, and because of that, has dropped the ball a little too often. Ben is still too talented for Brady not to look for him, and against the Lions, Watson should be easy to find.

Jacksonville Jaguars DST: I’ve got to think the team that’s 3rd in the league in interceptions can get to Joey Harrington a couple times on Sunday. And with Ronnie Brown out, the Jags will crush whomever the Dolphins send in to run the ball. Should mean good things for Jax.

LUCKY’S Week 13 Moss’S

Jake Plummer, Mark Brunell, Drew Bledsoe, and Kerry Collins: Chuckle. I hope you didn’t pick any of these guys for your fantasy football teams.

Brad Johnson: Brad had a huge week in Week 12, but here come the Bears to show everyone why Brad should join Bledsoe, Plummer, Brunell, and Collins, on the Bench.

Edgerrin James: Last weeks totals will be out produced, I’m sure. But on the chance that Edge has another horrendous game, I have to keep him on this list.

Reggie Brown: Without D-Nabb, and with Jeff Garcia, things are looking grim for this young receiver.

Randy Moss: For namesake, I have to keep him here. Though, against the Texans, this might be Moss’s big chance to prove me wrong.

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