Ten For Tuesday

Okay, it’s late tuesday and I want to get a few guys out there for you to either think about, get right now, or let someone else dabble with – here they go, more than 10, but I’ve never heard anyone argue that I’m giving you too much for your buck…

Think about…

Javon Walker: This guy has had lots of good games in the past, has a lot of talent, and if he can stay healthy he has a good opportunity with defenses paying a lot of attention to the run game. He looks to be getting it together mentally. 

Mewelde Moore: I’m still not convinced that Moore is going to be a sure thing, and Willie might be back soon, but there is no doubt that Pittsburgh likes to run the ball and I’ve always seen Moore as a back that can do solid work. He’s no sure thing, but if you need help – go for it. 

Vishante Shiancoe: I like this guy. He plays for a team that doesn’t do a lot of work through the air, but he’s had a few good games and there’s a decent chance he’s better than the TE you have right now. He’s always been talented. 

Harry Douglas: This kid just gets open. He’s a great compliment to Roddy White. I don’t know if he’ll be consistent enough, but if he’s on your keeper league waiver wire I think you’ll be very happy you grabbed him. 

Marty Booker: Books is getting a little long in the tooth, sure, but Bears opponents go after the run hard, and if Hester is out for a while I think Booker could benefit from Kyle Orton’s air attack. Launch. Still, he’s no sure thing to be a great option. 

Brandon Lloyd: Almost a sure thing to be healthy coming off a bye, and the Bears loved him in the preseason and he played well in the beginning of the year. I’m just saying. People seem to forget about guys that didn’t do great last week. 

Kevin Faulk: He might get picked up less than Green Ellis, but I think he’s the better bet to get more fantasy points – but we’ll see – neither is a great pick up. 

Go Get Them…

Josh Morgan: I liked him early, I liked him just before the season, I like him now that he’s starting. The 49ers need to throw less to win, Mike Martz doesn’t see it that way, that’s good for Morgan owners – go get him. 

Ryan Torrain: I think this is the last week you can possibly get him for free – stash him, thank me later. 

Deuce McAllister: For two to four weeks I like the big cat. Pierre Thomas too, but I’ll take Deuce over Thomas. 


Leave Them Alone…

Tyler Thigpen: There’s a reason the Chiefs are trying out Boomer, Steve Young, and Warren Moon on Wednesday…

Martellus Bennett: TE playing behind Jason Witten – no thanks. 

Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis: I don’t know, I’m putting him down just because someone has to run the ball for the Pats while Matt Cassel is at the helm. Still, Lamont will likely come back soon and chances are Green Ellis won’t be a decent option, I even think Sammy is solid, so this would only be a last resort pickup. I’d pass on him if you have another option. Like Deuce.

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 5

I’ve got a couple dandy questions this week, I won’t mix words here – just go right to the nitty gritty – I love being old sometimes – because I can say stuff like “I love being old sometimes” and go absolutely no where with it, link it to nothing, and just go one with what ever it is that I’m doing. And you know what, you’ll be like, “What?” and then you’ll just concede that I’m old and that’s that. Also, being old allows me to say things like “I won’t mix words,” and then put a damn lexicon in a blender. Domino!

Steven Talking from Tulane says, “This is the first time I’ve ever written in, as you will probably recognize. I was just wondering, I’m in a PPR league and can start a receiver or a running back at the flex this week – who would you start amongst the following? Bernard Berrian, Steve Smith (NYG), Steve Slaton, or Clinton Portis?

Boy, nice team of Flexers. I think Steve Smith is a great sleeper play this week, but you have 3 other non-sleeper guys, so cross him off the list. Portis is the best player, no doubt, but he has a very tough match-up in Philly this week, and I don’t think he does great things against another great defense for the 2nd straight week. THat leaves Berrian and Slaton, and though Berrian has the makings of a good game against the Saints secondary, I think Slaton is your best bet. Indy doesn’t stop the run without Bob Sanders, and the Iowa missile is out for sure. Slaton catches a lot of balls out of the backfield and his speed should give Indy trouble. He’s in line for 20-25 rushes and targets combined, which should be two to three times as many as Berrien. Good luck this week – Slaton is your guy. And by the way, Steven Talking – that’s great stuff on the name, unless freakishly your name is actually Steven Talking, then just give your mom a high five and your dad a fake high five and then a quick flick to the testicular region. You can’t hit girls and dad’s the next best option.

Talifan asks, “I dont see much rong with starting Regge Bush this week agginst the Vikes even thou Sota has a good run D – am I stupid?”

Yes. But you’re right about Reggie Bush. Joking. I’ll just assume you were getting special treatment under the desk while writing in your question – to keep in clean I mean a *pedicure. Reggie has a tough match-up running the ball, sure, but I’d be surprised if he was used as anything except a change of pace anyway. Deuce will get the tough runs and Reggie will get about 10-12 receiving targets. He could do a lot with those looks against the Vikings secondary. Even as a change of pace back, Reggie could break one and end up with a chunk of rushing yards. Bush struggled last week, but he still looks ready for a solid season. Your name is also pretty clever – what they hell is this, smart nickname week on LuckyLester.com? Brilliant. Maybe i can have a cool nickname too –  Papa Ten-Inge Weimer? You know, because I have 10 cousins that are related to Brandon Inge… Yacko!

David says, “I need a pick up for the future and I can have either Deuce or Le’Ron McClain – you have any advice on this one?”

Tough call. I’ll tell you this, I’ve seen all backs in Baltimore run and the best pro runningback this year is Le’Ron McClain. That being said who knows what the coaches will think and right now Deuce is looking like the guy to get the rock in New Orleans – maybe check out who they play on that bye week of yours and go from there. If Baltimore has to play Tennessee or Minnesota, haha, then go for Deuce. That’s what I’m thinking. If it were me, and I was just picking up either player based on his rest of the season fantasy total, I would probably go with the sure thing of McAllister. Deuce may be older, and he might have three bad knees, but he’s still the best running back in New Orleans, and there’s a lot about the match-ups that an NFC South running back goes up against opposed to an AFC North running back. Plus, Willis McGahee still looks like “the guy” when he’s healthy. Boy McClain runs hard though, tough decision for sure, and either choice could come back to bite you in the butt – at least you are just picking up a bye week future guy though, not much to lose either way.

One for Wednesday: Week 3

I just thought I’d throw out some of my crazy uncle’s predictions that don’t look so good right now – ready? Here’s 13 big ones for him to dig out of his mouth with his foot…

  1. Vince Young – Top 5 fantasy quarterback in leagues that award only 4 points for throwing touchdowns. (this one isn’t going to pan out, bet your balls on that)
  2. LenDale – more fantasy points than Chris Johnson in every format, except maybe PPR – that will be a close race. (Chris Johnson is filthy good)
  3. Selvin Young – the leading rusher in the NFL headed into Week 7. (Splinter’s evil plan)
  4. Dustin Keller – Top 10 fantasy tight end by seasons end. (a long way from Top 10)
  5. So will Greg Olsen. (more drops and fumbles than catches I reckon)
  6. Nate Burleson – scores double digit touchdowns in Seattle again. (injury, I know, and after week 1 it looked like a decent bet)
  7. Chris Perry – top 15 fantasy running back. (tough schedule thus far)
  8. LT scores in each of his first four games to start the season. (nope)
  9. Ryan Grant is going to be a beast – 1400 yards and 14 touchdowns are not out of the question (not with those hammys).
  10. Deuce McAllister will lead the Saints in rushing yards -even on 3 bad knees. (2 games in, he has 2 rushing attempts, seems like a longshot Unc)
  11. Tarvaris Jackson – 20+ touchdowns for the Vikings. (told you no)
  12. Marvin Harrison catches 80+ balls and scores between 8-12 times. (looks like a 3rd option)
  13. Maurice Jones Drew – 200+ carries for 1200+ yards and scores at least 14 times – and welcome to JD being a Top 5 fantasy pick for the next 4 years. (doesn’t look good for our main man)

****Now, he has some nice predictions too, but those will be recognized later, for now, these are the bad ones – funny how quick some predictions can look so far-fetched, huh? Viva la old man!