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Week 8, we’re on the down slope now, nothing but downhill wins, and some team killing injuries from here on out. And the same can be said for the “bad” teams, a couple backups that you pick up now could lead you back in the hunt. Bring it!

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Who should I pick up between Jesse Chatman, Kenny Watson, and Earnest Graham? – Sam Millhouse in LA

I’d pick up Chatman if it’s a seasonal league. Honestly, I like what Watson brings the Bengals offense, more options than Rudi Johnson, but I think the Bengals will turn back to Rudi when he gets healthy, and that means less Watson, and less fantasy points. Graham, I like his ability a lot, but the Bucs don’t seem too sold on him – they were looking for another guy before Pittman went down, and they got one with Bennett. Michael is a former Pro-Bowler (I think) and he’s been productive when healthy. I think those two share touches from here on out. Chatman is getting the starting gig, and he’s a big talented guy that can pound the ball as many times as the Dolphins want to give it to him. Considering that McMichael went via free agency, Chambers just got traded to the Chargers, and the Dolphins have a young Cleo Lemon rolling at quarterback, I’m assuming those carries will be up around 25 for the rest of the season. I like Jesse’s ability, and think he can do big things with 25 looks. All are decent options, though.

I need a free agent defense this week because my Cowboys are on bye, do you have a leader of the pack between: Seattle, Indianapolis, Minnesota, New Orleans, and Cleveland? – Super Manny in Portland

I like the Colts because I think they’ll dominate the Panthers offense. Vinny won’t be tossing many touchdowns in this one, I can guarantee you that. Plus, Deshaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams aren’t doing much this season, either, aside from a couple big runs. Bob Sanders is a killer at the safety spot, and he’ll help the Colts limit the Panthers to 10 points or less. Seattle’s on bye, so toss them out of the equation – Minnesota goes up against an Eagles team that has vastly under produced, and might just step up their game against a sub-par secondary. New Orleans is New Orleans, a defense I wouldn’t start unless they were playing the Niners, Dolphins, Raiders, or Rams – and even then I’d be worried. I know they’re playing the Niners, but Frank Gore could have a huge day, and there are better options out there. And last, I don’t like the Browns because they’ve been poor on defense all season long. I know they are playing the hapless Rams, but remember, in St. Louis there lives a dynamic offense with enough firepower to put up 40 points in any given game. That offense has been sleeping for the first half of the season. I know they don’t have much of an offensive line, but a block here and a block there, and some confidence can come out, and then the Browns are getting killed by an 0-7 team. So be careful when picking up a bad defense like the Browns just because they’re playing a struggling offense.

I’m about to turn things around, Jackson is coming back, and I’m in line to pick up Jesse Chatman. There’s a few receivers out there on the wire as well, big names, but small output – who do you like amongst this group of fantasy duds? Lee Evans, Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson, Hines Ward, and Joey Galloway. – Jon-John-Johnny from Austin

Toni, Tone, Tony – I like them all. That’s hilarious, by the way. Of that group, I think Lee Evans has the most upside of the bunch. The more Trent Edwards gets to play, the more he’ll get the ball to Lee Evans, and the more Lee gets the ball, the more he gets to run past defenders to the end-zone. The running game in Buffalo is pretty solid, and thus defenses will start paying more attention to Lynch. When they do that, Lee Evans will strike. As far as a sure thing, I like Hines Ward – look at his totals over the last few years. When he plays, he’s money. He gets about 80 yards and a score on solid days. That’s a great stat line for a receiver. Hines is even better in a PPR league. Next, I like Coltson and Jackson, and despite Marques’ hype in that Saints’ system, I think they are dead even. Jackson has less attention paid to him by defenses, and I think he can equal Colston’s totals the rest of the way, especially with Chris Chambers drawing the best corner backs – I actually think Chambers’ addition will help Jackson. Colston has too much ability to stink the rest of the way. I expect better numbers from him, but not as great as last season. Last, Joey Galloway, and only because he’s so up and down. I can’t think of a guy who’s killed it on my bench, and sucked it in my starting lineup more than Galloway. You never know with this guy. That’s my take.

Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, fantasy and real life…
– Dudley Do What? in Carolina.

I like and have always liked Tom more. Maybe it’s because Peyton looks like a good and Tom is probably the only guy I’d really consider switching lives with. Or maybe it’s because Brady always does work in the clutch and Peyton almost always struggles. Or maybe it’s because I thought Tom was better in college than Peyton. I don’t know, it could be a lot of things, but right now it’s 27 touchdowns and 2 picks for one guy, and less than half those numbers for the other guy. I thought Tom would do wonderful things with a few very good receivers, but Moss has been out of this world, Daunte is breaking tackles like he’s Jim Brown, and Wes Welker uses those Super Man eyes to catch everything thrown at him. That makes Tom even mo-better than he already was. Manning is great, hall of famer, no question, but even with all his offensive line chatter, his ability to “run the entire offense” and the way he roots on the grocery store workers, I still think Tom is better. Peyton’s had great receivers and running backs for years – Tom has those now, and he’s rolling the league up like a joint from my childhood. Plus, Peyton has a funny looking square head. So, for fantasy and real life, I’ll take Tomothy.

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