2006 Fantasy Football Week 16 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is when it starts getting tough for the Big Guy. The end of the year is coming, and who knows who’s going to sit and rest. That’s where I come in. Play these guys and you’re assured a big week.

QB: Drew Brees: Only because I think the Colts will run easily on the Texans, limiting Peyton Manning’s touchdown passes, I’ll go with Drew against a Giants team that should have quit already.

RB: Ladell Betts: Ladell Betts is a very safe pick here. The Rams have stunk against the run all year, and with the Redskins recent commitment to giving Betts the rock, he should post over 150 yards on Sunday.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: LT’s proven that he’s the best player ever in fantasy football. Even in a week where winning isn’t so important for the Chargers, I still think LT will get enough chances to have a top flight day in Seattle.

WR: Terrell Owens: No pro-bowl bid, an Eagles secondary that gets torched by Plaxico Burress, this should be a huge day for Mr. O.

WR: Javon Walker: I full expect the Broncos to lose this game, but that doesn’t mean bad things for J Walk. JW will get plenty of balls throughout this contest, especially after Indy showed everyone how easy it is to throw on Cinci.

TE: Antonio Gates: I like Gates against a couple safeties that haven’t covered people all season long.

K: Adam Vinitieri: This game will take place in Houston, so the weather should be good. Adam will get his chance to kick meaningless field goals that only add to the Colts big lead. Plus, he’s money.

D: Bears: The Bears were bad last week. Do you think that sits well with them? Me neither. Do you think they’re inclined to take it out on Jon Kitna. Me to. It should be fun to watch on “Jacked Up”.


Matt Hasselbeck: Okay, this is Matt’s big comeback week. He’ll have to get rid of the ball quick and just trust his instincts against that fierce Charger defensive line, so he’ll be back to the old gun-slinging Matt. Expect Matt to surprise this week.

Jay Cutler: I almost picked this kid for my top spot, but that was too risky. I may pay for it, as he’ll have a giant day against the Bengals, despite a couple turnovers.

Edgerrin James: What happened to the days where Edge was a top pick and not just a sleeper? Oh yes, right before he relocated to Arizona. Well, those days might be coming back, as Edge and the Cardinals offensive line are much improved.

Ron Dayne: This is usually Maurice Drew’s spot, but he’s no longer a sleeper candidate, he’s just good. Even though Indy did a nice job slowing the run against the Bengals, I think they’ll have trouble this week with Dayne. Ron has been running well, so don’t be surprised if he has a nice week at home.

Anquan Boldin: ‘Quan hasn’t been balling lately, but he always torches the 49ers for at least one touchdown. Expect a big day from one of the league’s most underrated wideouts.

Marques Colston: Believe it or not, some leagues have seen Marques on the bench. Well, pick him up, because the Giants don’t have a secondary that can stop this fine Hofstra rookie. He’d be a great final game pick up if you have any pending injuries.

Algae Crumpler: Algae will take advantage of Mike Vick throwing the ball better, and a Panther defense that has seemingly packed it in.

Indy Colts DST: I’m digging the Colts this week. It should be a low scoring game, as Houston is a part of it, so the Colts are guaranteed some point bonuses. A safe play here.

LUCKY’S Week 16 Moss’S

Jon Kitna: Don’t play this guy unless you’re interested in a bad score from a QB whose bound to play less than a half. Can you say, “Lets see what the backups can do?” You betcha!

Deuce McCallister: The Giants will try to stop the run, because if they don’t, they’re in for a long day. Deuce wont’ have a great day.

Keyshawn Johnson: The Panthers are done. Don’t expect much from anyone on their team offensively. In fact, stay away from them all together unless you have Julius Peppers in an IDP league.

Randy Moss: Is this guy still playing football? Haven’t heard anything from him in sometime now.

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