Week 15 NFL Pick Review – 2006

I felt a big week, and hit 11 wins, which feels just nice. How did I do my damage? Kind of like this….


Rams over the Raiders (win)
Jaguars over the Titans (loss)
Broncos over the Cardinals (win)
Cowboys over the Falcons (win)
Bengals over the Colts (loss)


San Francisco 49ers (+11) @ Seattle Seahawks: (WIN) As predicted, Frank Gore led the 49ers offense down the field more than a couple times in the 2nd half, and the Niners got me my first victory of the week. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to see the game, being on NFL Network and all.


Dallas Cowboys (-3) @ Atlanta Falcons: (win) Mike Vick came with his A game, but it wasn’t enough to upset the new-look Cowboys. Dallas got past Vicks 4 touchdown passes with solid performances from Tony Romo and Marion Barber, and a couple nice catches by TO. And some spit in the face. Someone needs to kick this guys’ ass.


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens (-10.5): (loss) The Ravens won by 10. Carry the 1, yep, I lost by a single point. No, no, I lost by a half point. The bottom line is, Derek Anderson was better than I imagined, and he got me fair and square. My first loss came by a half point.
Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (-4.5): (win) The Packers got a sub par performance by Brett Favre, but a solid defense and some timely and hard runs by Vernand Morency got the Packers an 8 point win at home. I win again.

Jacksonville Jaguars (-3) at Tennessee Titans: (loss) If you look at the numbers, this game went just as I had imagined it would have. 24 first downs to 4, three times as many yards by the Jags, and just a flat out dominant number performance. Key word, numbers. Special teams killed the Jags, as Pacman Jones had a 1st round pick type day, and the Titans managed to sneak one out.

Houston Texans at New England Patriots (-11): (win) The Patriots destroyed the Texans, as this one wasn’t close from the moment the game began. After the last couple weeks, you had to see this coming from the Patriots.

New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings (-3): (loss) “Honestly, if I didn’t pick every stinking game, I’d stay away from this one.” I can’t say I didn’t warn you in this one. Now the Jets have the upper hand on the wild card in the AFC, amazing.

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (even): (win) The Bills just keep finding a way to win. Once again, they came out, and got the W. You’ve got to love the Bills finding a place in playoff talk.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-2) at Carolina Panthers: (win) It doesn’t surprise me one bit that the Steelers banged one out on the road in Carolina. Chris Weinke just flat out doesn’t win games, and the Panthers probably didn’t have a chance with Jake Delhomme in there either. This was easy.

Washington Redskins (+10.5) at New Orleans Saints: (win) “It’s tough to jump off the Saints’ big win over Dallas last week, but a let down against a sub par Redskin team is on the Horizon. I just feel it.” Jason Campbell made a couple big plays that Mark Brunell could only dream about, and Ladell Betts came with it, giving the Redskins a huge upset win over the Saints.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears (-13): (loss) “I really don’t like the Bears (-13) against anyone,” Tim freaking Rattay broke down Chicago’s D late, and gave the Bucs a chance, put the game into overtime, but the Bears do what the Bears do, and get the W anyway.

Denver Broncos (-1) at Arizona Cardinals: (win) “I know things haven’t been great for the Broncos, and Arizona beat the Seahawks last week, but this game shouldn’t be close to even. With Cutler struggling, the Broncos are still a touchdown better than Arizona, just wait and see.” Not only were they a touchdown better than the Cards, they were 17 points better. Champ Bailey is really good.

Philadelphia Eagles (+6) at New York Giants: (win) “Like I said last week, I have a funny feeling, that even without Donovan McNabb, the Eagles might just sneak their way into the playoffs.” When it comes might down to it, the Eagles in the playoffs can become a reality quick. They took a huge step this week in New York.

St. Louis Rams (+2) at Oakland Raiders: (win) “How in God’s good name did some bunch of know-nothings come up with this spread? I often hate betting with the public, or at least it makes me worry, but I’d like to slap the mental munchkins that make up the 20% of the betting population that took Oakland. Steven Jackson and the Rams’ receiving corps will obliterate any Raider hope for victory. Sure, lightening strikes, but it sure as hell never makes an appearance in Oakland.” 20-0, what else is there to say?

Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers (-8): (win) “The common consensus seems to be that San Diego doesn’t really need this game, and if you look at it in a comparison fashion, yes, the Chiefs need this win more than San Diego. But the Chargers have Shawn Merriman back, and that’s that.” Trent Green played horribly, yet Damon Huard remained on the bench. I know this is a good old boys league, but you can bet your ass that Bill Bellichick would have replaced Trent, or stayed with Huard all along, That’s what separates Herm Edwards from the best coaches in the league. I win again.


Cincinnati Bengals (+3.5) at Indianapolis Colts: (loss) I missed this one, no doubt about it. The Bengals came out flat like a model, and never looked good throughout, even when the game was tied at 10, I was worried. With good reason, as the Colts brought all they had and sunk the Bengals.

11-5-1… Not too shabby!

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