Week 15 NFL Picks Review: 2007

I don’t want to talk about it…

Thursday’s Game…

Denver Broncos (+1.5) @ Houston Texans: loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

How bad are the Broncos? On Thursday, they were horrendous.

Saturday’s Game…

Cincinnati Bengals (-8) @ San Francisco 49ers: loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

“The bottom line is, the Bengals are bad, but can they be this bad?” Let me replace my original answer to this question “I don’t think so” with “yes, and actually, they are even worse than this bad, they are brutal.”

Sunday’s Games…

Buffalo Bills (+5.5) @ Cleveland Browns: loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I’m going to blame this game on the snow. 8-0, it was close until the last minute, and obviously, the Bills always had a chance, they just couldn’t stop making snow angels during key plays – damn kids.

Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams (+10): loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

Can I blame this one on the snow? I felt smart when I saw the score nearing halftime in this one. Then I felt dumb when I saw the final tally.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+4) @ Pittsburgh Steelers: win
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

“The Jaguars are the better team. I saw a scouting site that already has a mock NFL draft ready to go, and they said the Jaguars are looking for a quarterback early – puh-lease! David Garrard is everything this team has every wanted, and everything they need for the future. He plays ball control offense, is smart, and takes care of the football. He is a threat to throw deep, hit outs, and run the ball if need be. He’s physical and fast. Perfect for Jacksonville. The Jaguars are just playing inspired football right now, and the Steelers have been brutal the last four games or so. They didn’t have a chance last week, and while they will play better at home, I still think they fall to the Jags this Sunday. This should be a close game, and I think it will come down to the wire, but I like the 4 points with one of the best teams in football.” Bingo – it’s nice to win one or two here and there.

New York Jets @ New England Patriots (-24): loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I don’t think the Jets are good enough to finish anywhere close to the Patriots if Tom Brady doesn’t have one of his worst football games I can remember. He was wild, his timing was off, and he didn’t throw a touchdown pass. After Kellen Clemens threw a pick-6 with his first pass, I thought this was going to be one of those. I was wrong, tricked all the way, and the Pats stayed undefeated but lost ATS again.

Indianapolis Colts (-10.5) @ Oakland Raiders: loss
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

I have to take the big away fa”vorite here, and I don’t like it all that much.” The Colts just didn’t show up. Their running game was bad, and there’s no excuse for that against the Raiders, a team that has been brutal against the run. I didn’t like this game much to start, and that was because I didn’t know if the Colts would show for this game. I’ll pick against them next week.

Philadelphia Eagles (+10) @ Dallas Cowboys: win
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00am EST: TheGreek)

Thank you Brian Westbrook for being too smart for my fantasy team to win. Down on the half yard line, lost in a tie-breaker. Jerk. At least I won this game, that’s always a nice thing.

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