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Semi-finals y’all – don’t get caught playing on the side court next week, get your good players in and celebrate your spot in the finals, and a sure money back chance with a nice cold 6 pack of Robitussin… Championship!

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5 guys, 3 starting spots, who do you choose between these 4 stars – can start 2 RBs and 2WRs or 1 RB and 3 WRs – I’m already starting LT – not a PPR league. Travis Henry vs. Houston, Earnest Graham vs. Atlanta, Plaxico Burress vs. Washington, Roddy White vs. Tampa Bay, and Deion Branch vs. Carolina. Help? – Chicken Little from the Wood

Mr. Little, I’d start with Earnest Graham as a must start in that grouping. That pushes Travis Henry out, and while he could have a big game against the Texans, there’s also a chance that he doesn’t get enough touches, and thus doesn’t produce many points. Now you’re choosing between White, Branch, and Burress. I’d go with Plax, even though he’s always an injury problem and Eli Manning stinks, he’s still going up against a mediocre Redskins’ secondary and he’s the only guy who is tall enough to grab Eli’s passes. Tampa Bay is a tough match-up for the Falcons, but I think White is more of a sure thing to get 8-10 balls thrown his way in that game than Branch is in Carolina. The coaching change is interesting, because it was Patrino’s style that got White’s numbers flying. Branch is tough to predict, he has up and down games, and though he is going up against a porous secondary in Carolina, that doesn’t always mean big things from Seattle’s supposed #1. I’d say that is a toss up, and I’d take White because of his size and touchdown potential in a game that could see a lot of passing by the Falcons.

I have Jamal Lewis and Marshawn Lynch – they go head to head this weekend, and while I like the Browns to pull that one out, Lynch has to be the better option, right? – Paige White from Ohio

He doesn’t have to be, but yes, I think he is. The Bills have impressed me defensively, limiting most opponents’ rushing attack, and tackling well all season long. Lewis is not the crumbling-slow and injured back he’s been over the last two years, though, he’s be solid over the last few games, running like the Ja-Lewis of old. I just like Lynch against a pathetic Browns defense, but neither guy is a bad option this weekend. You’d think Lynch would get more and more carries after his injury, and while he split about 50-50 last week, he will probably get 75% of the touches this week. Big game for both teams, should be a dandy, but I’d take the younger back.

Is Brady going to lead me to a title? – Rorry in New Orleans

I sure hope so, buddy – you and me both. I don’t know about this weekend, apparently the weather is going to shrink his numbers. Or so they say. Honestly, I’d never sit Brady, even if he were playing against the Devil’s forces from the underworld. The guy is magic, and a little snow and wind shouldn’t kill his chances to find a fantastic receiving corps amongst a rather inefficient Jets defense. I thin people pay too much attention to wind and rain, etc, but who knows, maybe Kurt Warner against the Saints is a better option this week. I will ride it out with Tom, though, as I could take losing if Tom didn’t produce, but I would probably quit FF if I picked Warner over Brady and lost because of it. Go with the best single passing season every, and win it for the gipper!

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