One for Wednesday

This is the last thing I say about Plaxico Burress; but it needs to be said, and honestly, it needs to be said on bigger more influential media sources than my site. Plaxico didn’t go pick up a gun from some chump on the streets, realize that, it was a gun that IS REGISTERED to HIM in Florida. Is he stupid for rocking it illegally in New York? You bet. But 3.5 years in prison for taking a gun that is registered to him from Florida to New York, shooting himself in the leg and never harming another individual? Come on. He’s not a gangster – he’s a guy that thought he’d be more protected with his registered gun. Do I agree? Nope. It probably just makes you more likely to get shot by someone trying to rob you to be honest. But he had his opinion and with the way people have been robbed and shot in the last few years, he might have a valid point. But I’m not talking about that, I’m talking now about the media and how they are making this guy out to be a serious criminal because he had an illegal firearm. It was his gun. Registered to him in Florida. If nobody else will say it, I’ll say it. There it is. Does that clear up the situation?

One for Wednesday, Three for Thursday, Five for Friday too

Hoorays for the Day!!!

1. Sammy Morris as a Week 14 pick-up that will help multiple fantasy owners.

2. Scarlet Johanson.

3. Dominik Hixon’s value doubling in one idiotic second.

4. A perfect example about to be set – high paid receivers don’t make teams great.

5. Dustin Keller’s prompt rise to must-start.

6. Victoria Secret fashion show being televised in prime time.

I could care less, but since I don’t, I’ll share these anyway…

1. Willis McGahee could play this weekend.

2. MTV (except for Rob and Big and Jackass reruns)

3. Joseph Addai goes up against a bad defense that doesn’t tackle well- great.

4. The Lions get the #1 pick in next year’s NFL Draft.

5. Skinny Jeans, on anybody – I don’t care, they aren’t flattering. Okay, maybe on Scarlet.

Booooos and Hisses!!!

1. Mayor’s that “want to throw the book” and say it publicly. If you want to throw books, don’t be a damn mayor you idiot – own a used book stoor.

2. Rich people owning guns without permits.

3. Food poisoning, wasps, and stale chips.

4. Getting shot in the leg, shooting someone else in the leg, even worse yet – shooting yourself in the leg.

5. Picking up Darren McFadden for the stretch run.

6. Expecting Ronnie Brown to get 20 carries.

7. Steven Jackson’s health versus his pay check.

8. Walking with scissors… RUN!!! RUN!!!

9. Owning Dallas Cowboys during fantasy playoffs.

10. Predicting Philadelphia Eagle outputs.

11. Helping your buddy out – and having that buddy be Plaxico Burress. Antonio, I would have done the same thing buddy – tough deck of cards you had to play there.

Plaxico Burress

I know Plaxico was having a tough year, getting suspended for a game, causing some drama on a great team, being hurt and not being able to play this last week, but shooting yourself in the leg is no answer for those questions. No, but on a more serious note, why do this guy get cuffed when he’s headed into the jail? He turned himself in, has cameras everywhere, it’s not like he’s a real threat. I’m sorry, but i have a problem with cops or “law enforcement” taking these kind of precautions in this case. I also think things like this should be a little more private. Sure, I know Plaxico is accused of a crime, but there’s no reason for every New York camera crew to be allowed to film this guy getting taken into custody. What a joke. I mean, people that are thinking and using their intelligence don’t shoot themselves in the leg, but what happened to a little privacy? He didn’t accidentally shoot someone else, or even worse didn’t purposefully shoot someone. He shot himself, right in the legs that helped get him the millions of dollars that he makes. Is it okay that he had an illegal gun? Hell no. No rich person in the US should ever be caught with an illegal firearm. They are rich enough to get one legally, and having one illegally is just plain laziness. But please, stop treating the situation like Plax is a murderer and start treating it like he’s a dumb ass. And as for Antonio Pierce – I’m a citizen that follows the laws, no doubt about it, but if my good buddy shot himself in the leg with an illegal pistol, I would probably try to hide it for him, and I would definitely do my best to get him to a safe place and keep him out of as much trouble as possible. But nobody seems to understand that. Don’t be an idiot, think like a good friend, and if you wouldn’t do the same, you aren’t a good friend.

Ten for Tuesday

Here goes something…

  1. I killed it on my top picks of the week, also known as the picks I put my face on. That’s right, I lost just one game on the week. I was 6-1 with my college picks and an undefeated 3-0 in the NFL. I’m up in both football formats and hopefully winning you guys some money. Lots of games, lots of picks, lots of wins thus far. I’ll keep ’em coming!
  2. I’m so sick of “random stats” that I’ve started hitting the “recall” button on my controller, busting back to the last channel my girlfriend was watching, ever single time ESPN starts to read off some bullshit stat about how B.J. Upton is the only player with a last name starting with the letter U to hit multiple homeruns in a playoff game – or never in a Monday Night Football game has there been two punt return touchdowns, a blocked field goal for a touchdown, and three idiot announcers reading some complete idiot stat guys newest concoction on the same damn night. That’s right, so instead of just enjoying a good game I get all flustrated and end up watching some spew about how Paris Hilton is trying to find a new BFF – whatever the hell that means. So, now I’m pissed, watching terrible TV, and possibly missing Reggie Bush take back kick number three, but at least I don’t have to listed to Mike Torico babble on about some random stat that makes me want to break my TV – I only have to deal with that dumb blond rich bitch that has some crazy need to project her image in front of millions of MTV watchers. Ugh. Needless to say, I’m just pissed. Who would have though? Me, hating ESPN.
  3. Is now the time to go get Thomas Jones? I’ve been looking at some remaining schedules, and with the Jets showing everyone in the league they can toss the ball around, more focus will go into guarding against Brett’s wild arm and Coles and Cotchery along the outside. But, the Jets have shown they want to run the ball given an open look. I think Thomas Jones finishes the year as a Top 10 back, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a Top 5 guy from here on out. He sits at a pretty reasonable value I reckon.
  4. I was watching LeSean McCoy this weekend – he’s legit. Him and Beanie Wells, both should come out and do work in the big league. There are so many good backs in the game right now, I don’t know where they would fit, but if the Seahawks don’t try to grab a big play receiver or a big play running back in the first couple rounds of next years’ draft, they’re brass is just plain stupid.
  5. I don’t write one, and proabably never will, but I figure this is as good a place as any to throw out my biggest stud pickups of last week. There were a few moves that made many an owner feel brilliant for pulling out a win, and my Top guys at the big 3 positions are… Kyle Orton, DeAngelo Williams, and Bernard Berrian. That’s right, these three guys were all additions in my fantasy leagues this week. Williams was dropped earlier in the week, Orton hadn’t been owned all year, and Berrien was dropped after not impressing and being a question mark for this weeks action. I picked up Berrian and started him over Chris Henry. I won by 10. Yhatzee. Kyle Orton was a huge part of my uncle’s win this week, and my best buddy picked up DeAngelo later in the week, and started him because he was hurting with Steven Jackson and McFadden on his bench. Three big pick-ups, and people say drafting is where you win this game. HA!
  6. Mike Walker: All the talent that most of the receivers in Jacksonville don’t have. He’s really fast and seems to attack the ball. If he keeps getting chances he might be a nice player for David Garrard. I’ve always liked Reggie Williams, and Matt Jones has shown an ability to make big plays, but Walker has that NFL speed that they don’t, and that could really help this Jaguar team.
  7. Just in, Ronnie Brown is really freaking good. Any time you take a running back in the Top 10 in an NFL draft I think it’s a mistake, but Brown can really do it all. And he’s a lefty. It’s nuts. He reads really well, runs with great patience, can throw the ball, is really fast, and he’s got great size. Those that believed Ricky Williams was going to hold of Ronnie all year long, how does that look now? That said, I still think Ricky should be owned in fantasy circles. He’s not only a great back-up guy in case of injury, but he produces right now. He had a down week, sure, but I think he’ll bust the century mark a couple times and be worth keeping around.
  8. Michael Turner can only run against bad defenses, so he’ll really struggle against the Packers. I can’t tell you how many times I read that in fantasy articles this weekend, it’s like “they” all got together and pow-wowed there way to hating Mike Turner. Time to check out the league’s stats fellas, this guy put up 127 against the Pack and still holds the top spot on the rushing yardage pile. The Packers aren’t great against the run right now, they are down both DTs from last years’ defense and the Pack running game is struggling so the defense is on the field longer. But still, just because Turner had down games against some better defenses doesn’t mean he can only run against garbage. This kid is legit, and the more Matt Ryan learns and matures, the more Turner will burn defenses.
  9. I wonder how Plax feels about the Giants having their best offensive game of the year with him out? This is why you don’t throw 8 mill a year at receivers. I think they can change an offensive outlook, help #2 and #3 receivers out because they are getting so much attention, but I also don’t think a receiver makes or breaks an offense. Anquan Boldin is one of my favorite receivers in the game, he’s even better than he gets credit for, but look, the Cardinals did the Bills good this week, and Boldin was out. Steve Breaston, Early Doucett, these guys are manageable, and if you can put a lot of your money elsewhere, I think your team is better paying lower salaries to the receiver position. Hixon is legit and Steve Smith is solid and even Amani Toomer (as old as he is) can beat defenses regularly. All this being said, Plax is a beast and he’s going to help the Giants a lot this year. I’m just saying, maybe receiver isn’t the position you need to deal out the bucks to….
  10. I really like Buster Davis for the Chargers. He doesn’t get many balls, and he isn’t fantasy relevant yet. In fact, even though I’m loving his game, I’m leaving him on the waiver wire. I’m just saying, the guy looks good when the ball is thrown his way, and I now see why the Chargers drafted the kid. He’s fast and aggressive. Here’s to hoping the guy gets more looks, I think he can be a really good player in this league.