Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs NFL Free Pick

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Denver Broncos vs Kansas City Chiefs NFL Free Pick: The Broncos have really beaten up on bad teams this year. Because of their recent four game slide, I think people (including sharp bettors) really discount what they’ve done this year. Don’t forget, leave the short memory in the ditch where it belongs, this team is still 7-4, and only one of those losses was a bad one (Washington). And the Skins, believe it or not, have a pretty damn good defense. Now I like the Broncos best when nobody expects them to win, and while that’s not the case here, I like them second best when they play a bad team.

Denver absolutely dominated the Browns earlier in the year in Denver when Cleveland absolutely couldn’t do anything. They also gave it to Oakland like the Raiders were a JV team, and certainly, Oakland has made it tough to argue with that idea more than a few times this year. They were in a slump, definitely, but they got out last week with a win over a falling Giants team, and I think they dominate this game – even in Kansas City.

The thing about KC is the Chiefs have been a no-chance home team before and finsihed on top. There’s something about Kansas City, it’s one heck of a home field advantage, and it’s not like the Chiefs are a completely useless team like some of the other tomato cans. I just happen to think the Broncos are a lot more like the team they played like earlier in the year, a lot less like the team they were during their losing streak. That’s worth a 4 point favorite bet right there.

Denver Broncos (-4) @ Kansas City Chiefs

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