Alabama Crimson Tide vs Auburn Tigers CFB Free Pick

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Alabama Crimson Tide (-12) @ Auburn Tigers CFB Free Pick: Lucky for you, this game is down to 10 at most books. 10 is much happier than 12, let me tell you what. I would love to make the change to 10, but picks are picks, and when mine came out on Tuesday Morning, the Tide were 12 point favorites, and I still liked them there.

It might not be the Tide that I like as much as the Tigers that I have absolutely no respect for. The Tigers have lost 4 of their last 6, their normal late season slide that never ends until they’re in some turd bowl floating like the rest of the brown trout. Yeah, I said it. Not impressed. The Tigers even lost to a stumbling Georgia team last week.

Now Auburn has beaten Alabama 6 of the last 7 times, a complete domination of the Crimson Tide, without doubt – but, there’s that one time, last year, when Alabama got good again, the Crimson Tide pulled out a 36-0 win over their rivals. Now Alabama hasn’t beaten Auburn in Auburn since 2001 – but that means about as much to me as the way the moons are aligning for the pre-game barbecue. Meaningless.

This Alabama team is very, very good. Up front they can beat and batter anyone, and I think we’ll all see that when they play Florida coming up here. The Tide have been out-rushed a total of zero times this season. Zero. Now that’s consistency. They’ve been out-passed just 3 times – now that’s a balanced attack – sure, but even more it’s one hell of a defense. Auburn scores lots of points, but not this time, they might max out around 10.

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