2006 Fantasy Football Week 6 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 6

QB: Rex Grossman: Rex has nice stats this season, and while some QB’s have rated out better, none of those guys run up against the Cardinals this week. ‘Nough said!

RB: Clinton Portis: The Titans showed they can defend the pass alright last week against the Colts. This week a team with an actual running back comes to town with the Redskins. CP is going to blow up the first half of this game. Bet your balls!

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: LT has been held in check each of his last two contests. Don’t expect that here. It’s time for Tomlinson to blow up, and unfortunately for the 49ers, San Fran is going to be the victim in this one.

WR: Terrell Owens: Terrell has to blow up one of these days, I’m betting on this day against one of the league’s worst pass defenses. TO is a gong show, full blown, but don’t be confused, if he gets the rock; then fantasywise, I’d still rather have him than any receiver.

WR: Laveranues Coles: Coles was a little frustrated with his lack of playing time in the Jets most recent destruction at the hands of the Jaguars. This week he’ll get plenty of looks, and against Miami’s secondary, that translates directly into big points.

TE: Antonio Gates: It’s time for Gates to have a Gates game. 80 yards, touchdown… against San Francisco, you can bet that’s the least Gates is looking for. Expect a nice game from this Charger.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Seattle’s D struggled in their last game against the Bears but they’ll be back for this contest. St. Louis’ offense is just good enough to move the ball against Seattle, but fail to score touchdowns. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilkins busted 4 field goals in Week 6.

D: Broncos: Usually the Broncos’ solid defense doesn’t translate into Fantasy stud-hood, but this week it will. Yes, Oakland is coming to town. Walter throws interceptions, the Raiders’ O coordinator is wasted, and hell, the Raiders just suck.


Joey Harrington: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Joey’s a nice sleeper candidate this week. I was going to put more of a sure thing down here, but sleeper is supposed to be someone others aren’t surely giving tick to. Well, against the Jets secondary, even Joey should be a nice option.

Tatum Bell: Okay, Bell’s starting in most leagues, but he should start in every league. With his Raider match-up win Week 6, a week after Frank Gore went for 134 yards, Tatum looks like a sure thing here. Maybe even a touchdown out of the guy?

Julius Jones: Julius is a great play here. Those of you who aren’t starting Julius because of Marion Barber are flat out crazy. Jones is the guy, look at the touch numbers. He’s hardly even a sleeper. In fact here’s a real sleeper.

Michael Turner: Turner will get his carries in this one. With a huge lead early, big Mike in the Wood might even score himself a better game than the starter for the Chargers, some guy named LT…

Lee Evans: Yeah, this is just a flat out great play, hell, I might play Jones over Owens or Coles for that matter. This kid is straight explosive and against the Lions, oh my god.

Jericho Cotchery: Coles and Cotchery are two huge plays on Sunday. Cotch had a huge start to the season, and I expect his play to continue against a horrible Miami secondary.

Jeremy Stevens: For a guy coming off a long break from the game, a guy who is known for dropping balls, this might not be the best play. But JS is a stud, and he can make a difference for the Hawks against the Rams.

Redskins DST: The Skins have too good a defense to be scoring like they are. You might be able to snag them off the waivers. If you do, remember match-up is everything, and this weeks showdown against the Titans looks great for this defense.


Jake Delhomme: Its hard now that I can’t just put Kurt Warner’s name up here. But I can’t imagine Jake will have a nice game against Baltimore. The Ravens are too good, and after tallying their first loss last week, they’ll be out to prove their worth.

Larry Johnson: I’m sure he’ll have at least 10 points, because he always does, but if you are expecting a mammoth game form LJ, think again. No one needs a win more than the Steelers, and you can bet they won’t let Larry beat them when Damon Huard is calling the plays.

Santana Moss: He’s a stud, and if this game was going to be close, he’d be a nice play, but the Skins should be so far ahead of the Titans by half time, and the running game will be on point, so there’s not going to be many chances for the little firecracker.

Rudi Johnson: My bet is that the Bucs sunder the Bengals running game. Carson has struggled since his return from the knee injury, and Chad Johnson hasn’t done dick. This week Tampa will make Palmer beat them by shutting down Rudi.

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