2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 11

This Week’s Top Team: Lookin’ Bad. How’d I do? The points say, 80 something, I stopped counting at my donkey 0 point having kicker whose supposed to be my MVP!

QB: Carson Palmer: Carson blew up on Sunday, taking down the Saints with a little help from his number-named friend at the WR slot. Palmer’s 3 touchdowns and 275 yards passing had him good for 3rd in the QB list, with 27 fantasy points.

RB: Thomas Jones: TJ had a nice game, but like many of my other picks, he couldn’t find the end zone, so his 120 yards were only good for 12 fantasy points.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Westy had 140+ total yards without a score, good for 14 points, unless you were in a reception league, then Westy broke out another 12 for you. Either way, not a bad game for the man whose going to be the focal point of the offense for the rest of the season. Or as long as he can stay healthy.

WR: Terrell Owens: TO had 4 catches, but couldn’t find the end zone on any of them, and only carried them for 70 yards. Good for, or bad for, 7 fantasy points.

WR: Steve Smith: S-Squared had a nice game, 90 yards after 4 catches and a touchdown. Stevey ranked out it he Top 10, good for 15 points on Sunday.

TE: Kellen Winslow: KWII only dug in for 3 fantasy points after catching 4 balls for 36 yards in a losing effort against the Steelers. Thanks soldier!

K: Jeff Wilkins: Zero? No fantasy points, not even one. Gross. Jeff, I know it’s not your fault, but kick the ball at your teammates next week in practice, or I’m not picking you again.

D: Eagles: The Eagles could only manage 7 points, and unlike the offensive unit, they can’t blame their struggles on Donovan McNabb’s injury, so this performance was gross.


Tony Romo: Romo didn’t do much, he won the game for his squad, and all the intangibles were there, but the fantasy production was notta, 5 points. F

Charlie Frye: Charlie Brown got screwed out of a win over the Steelers, but maybe if he had more than 8 fantasy points, the football gods would have pushed the Brownies over the edge. Too bad for me, and my mand Charles. F

Julius Jones: JJ had 90+ total yards, but didn’t’ score once again, as Marion Barber got all the goal line touches, and ended up with 2 scores on 35 yards. Jones gets a raw deal on the goal line, no joke about that. C

Frank Gore: Can you say 212 yards and 26 yards receiving? Sure, Gore’s yardage totals without a touchdown are amazing, and his fumble wasn’t sweet, but Frank carried the 49ers in a huge win over Seattle. A

Laveraneus Coles: Coles went for 80 yards on 8 catches, but was held without a score once again. 8 points. C

Donald Driver: DD’s 44 yards made me a little sick to my stomach about almost every single one of my picks in my sleepers’ column. Besides Frank of course. Kid had a game! F

Jeremy Stevens: Jeremy needs to stop abusing women and start catching some footballs during the week. Didn’t register a point, very similar to the kicker in my starting lineup. F

Buffalo Bills DST: Only 8 points against the Texans, freaking yucky! D

LUCKY’S Week 11 Moss’S

Mike Vick: Mike had 16 fantasy points in a losing effort against the Ravens, but his 16 fantasy points made him a fantasy average player, not a Randy little moss bag.

Warrick Dunn: WD40 had 5 fantasy points. Told ya so.

Santana Moss: Moss didn’t play.

Randy Moss: Randy moss might as well have not played. And on the week when the wussies was renamed after him, what a good guy for being a good sport about it.

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