Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts Point Spread Pick

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Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts Point Spread Pick: It’s very hard to bet against Peyton Manning – the guy never gets down, he’s a brilliant leader, and he has his team’s confidence in any situation, up or down, early or late, in the rain or shine. As a guy that has never loved Peyton Manning, he’s grown on me. His dominance of the position, his amazing accuracy, his command of the offense, just everything about the way he goes about his business is impressive. Plus, he might be the best I’ve ever seen do what he does, and that, if nothing else, will give a player points in my book.

That being said, I’m going against him here. I said last week, in a virtual push (3 points or less) I will almost always go with Peyton. But this week they’re giving 7 points away to one of the hottest teams in football, a team that’s powerful rush-first attack might just be a tough match-up for the Colts. Vince Young has been very good since becoming the starter once again, and the defense has also come alive in recent weeks. I think 7 points is too much, and with all that undefeated talk all week, about how the Colts are going to rest even if undefeated becomes a possibility, I just get the feeling this might be the week.

The Colts have already locked up the division, and while they still have some things they want to get done, and Peyton shouldn’t have too tough of a time finding open spaces in the Titans’ secondary, seven points leaves me with too much to like – so I’ll take the Titans.

Tennessee Titans (+7) @ Indianapolis Colts

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