Nevada Wolf Pack vs New Mexico State Aggies Pick

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Nevada Wolf Packs (-31.5) @ New Mexico State Aggies: What can I say? The Nevada Wolf Pack have scored at least 35 points in six of their last 7 games. They’ve won 7 straight after starting the season 0-3. They currently have one of the best college players in their conference leading their team at quarterback, a kid that completes 61% of his passes, has thrown 14 touchdowns, has rushed for over 1000 yards, and leads his team with 14 rushing scores. Aside from that, which is certainly something, the Wolf Pack have 5 players that have carried the ball 19 or more times, and possess a yard per carry average of 6.3 or higher. Their top two rushers (RB, Vai Taua and QB, Colin Kaepernick) have both rushed for over 100 yards, and both average better than 7.8 yards per rush. Dirty.

After a rough start to the season, Nevada is firing on all cylinders. Over the last two weeks, the Wolf Pack have outscored their opponents 114 to 21. That was San Jose State and Fresno State becoming the new bottom to Nevada’s cleats. They Wolf Pack have out rushed their last 8 opponents, rushing for at least 140 more yards than every team they’ve played during their seven game winning streak. I just can’t say enough about how impressive the Wolf Pack have been and how unimpressive the Aggies have played.

Against like opponents, it doesn’t look much better for the Aggies. Fresno State beat New Mexico 34-3, Nevada beat Fresno 52-14. The Aggies lost to Hawaii 6-24, Nevada beat Hawaii 31-21. Louisiana Tech beat New Mexico 45-7, while Nevada beat Louisiana Tech 37-14. There is Utah Sate, a game that both New Mexico and Nevada won by 3 – but I’m thinking outlier there. I’ll take Nevada and one of the Nation’s best rushing attacks.