Boise State Broncos vs TCU Horned Frogs: Fiesta Bowl Pick

As I wrote in my stream of conscious article right after the BCS games were announced, this is the best worst game of the bowl season. These are two of the best teams in college football, despite their conferences, and their “small college” “mid-major” status. TCU has one of the better defenses a college team has put together since Miami was paying kids to play back in the day, and Boise State just comes out and beats just about every damn team they play – aside from TCU, last season, when the Broncos lost 17-16.

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This season, the two “big-time-small-schools” get to play each other, again, with absolutely no way to prove anything at all except that one of these teams is better than the other on Monday, the 4th of January, after a month between games. And it has no chance of proving to anyone that the Horned Frogs or Broncos should be in the hunt for a national championship, because they can’t pull a big upset over a top ranked BCS school. Oh no they can’t.

But these are two great teams, and while it will certainly be a solid match-up, I think the Horned Frogs will get the best of the Broncos once again. Boise State has a very solid offense and an underrated defense, but TCU’s better in both aspects. They might not throw it better, but they are more efficient and they will control the clock in this one. Eventually, they’ll pull away, and win this one by double digits.

Boise State Broncos VS Texas Christian Horned Frogs (-7)

BCS National Championship Preview: Wronging a Right

Before I get started on my frustrated rant that ends up with me crushing my own soul by suggesting these idiots actually got it right, here’s a list of the 10 schools that will be enjoying BCS Bowl money this coming New Year, and the match-ups in their selected Bowls. I’ll be doing free picks, write-ups for each game later in the month:

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BCS National Championship Game: Alabama Crimson Tide vs Texas Longhorns

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Iowa Hawkeyes

Fiesta Bowl: TCU Horned Frogs vs. Boise State Broncos

Sugar Bowl: Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Florida Gators

Rose Bowl: Oregon Ducks vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

First and foremost, lets get the obvious out of the way: there is now way in hell anything without a playoff could ever really be called a “Championship”. If the Yankees never had to play the Red Sox, or if they didn’t have to play the National League, it would be pretty damn hard to call them the National Champions or even better yet, the “World Champions”, now wouldn’t it? Pitting the two “top rated” teams against each other,  based on an absurd ranking system that relies almost completely on coaches that don’t even vote, and that are supposed to vote a certain way based on their conference loyalties, in a system that brings into account “PRE-SEASON Rankings”, seems like an interesting way to crown a champ to me.

But like I said, that is obvious, and since this fine country is almost completely money driven, it makes sense that colleges would keep selling the souls of their athletes for as much cash as possible, and keep this “clever” bowl system going for as long as possible. Here’s to you Mr. Obama – it may not be high on your list, but I’ll be impatiently hoping for your mark on the college game. So we’ll just agree to agree here, it is impossible to do teams’ justice in this format, especially when their are multiple undefeated teams. IMPOSSIBLE.

Now lets get into these match-ups and how they are absolutely right in the worst way. I personally would have matched up TCU and Florida, Cincinnati and Boise State – and lets be honest, I could careless about the other match-ups right now, because matching TCU, Cincinnati, or Boise State up with Georgia Tech or Iowa wouldn’t show anybody anything. And the Rose Bowl is the Rose Bowl and it’s looking like it always will be despite how despicable the Big 10 becomes. I’m willing to accept that, and think Ohio State and Oregon will be a fun match-up. But I have good reason for changing the match-ups around a little.

My problem with the TCU vs. Boise State match-up is that it won’t prove anything except who is the best “small college” school in the country. But for arguments sake, instead of calling it “Small College”, lets go with “Can’t Possibly Win a National Championship College” – because that better describes the them and their situation. If you put Boise State or TCU up against Florida, and the other up against Cincinnati – then you would have two great “CPWaNCC’s” against two bigger and more distinguished schools (though the Big East has almost as little respect as the “small conferences”). That would give the small colleges a chance to prove themselves against top competition, and it would, maybe in the future, give them more respect with voters. The problem with a match-up like this is that it would have a chance of doing exactly what I suggested, making the “other” colleges gain some respect, and thus giving them a chance at the National Championship. Oh, you don’t think that’s a problem? Too bad for us, because “the Man” does.

Unfortunately for me, they probably got the match-ups right on the dot, based solely on the quality of teams. BYU and TCU have proven to me that they are 2 of the top 4 teams in the Nation, and if they can’t play for the National Championship, that means that, in my book, they are the next two best teams and thus should play each other. Cincinnati is very good, but I believe they are 2nd to both of the colleges that can’t possibly win a national championship. Florida might be the best team in the Nation, but laid an egg last week, getting absolutely handled by Alabama, thus losing their chances for a Top spot. I don’t think Texas is as good people give them credit for, but being a “Big Conference” school, and undefeated, will put them in the Big game, and it’s hard to argue with that.

The biggest problem with this is the match-ups are right. Football-wise, talent-wise, they are probably all right. It’s terrible that BYU and TCU are proving their worth against each other, an impossible task considering the only thing they could possibly do to prove their ability would be to oust a top ranked “Big College” team. But it’s probably right. I would rank them 2 and 3, (ahead of Texas), based on what I’ve seen from all three teams this year – so they are the next best teams, and that’s what a Bowl should be looking for. But give them a chance to fight for the small schools, come on. It may be the right match-up (Kudos to “them” for getting something right), but it’s wrong on every other level, and gives two of the best teams in the country almost nothing to gain with a win in January.

NCAA Football Free Picks: Bowl Season 2

Okay, here goes my last part of the Bowl Series games. I’m not going to say much about all these games, but I’ll give you a couple little tidbits, and I pick every single college game right here! Good luck bowlers!


Florida Atlantic @ Central Michigan (-7): Central Michigan is a little overrated, but Dan Lefevour is a stud, and Central has been a great home team all season long while FAU is just 2-5 on the road. This game is tough for me though, because FAU’s rushing attack is so good of late. Still, this game is in Michigan, basically a home game for the Chipps.


West Virginia @ North Carolina (+2): The Tar Heels and Mountaineers are very equal, but Carolina is basically playing at home, they get the benefit of the doubt in a home game.

Wisconsin Badgers @ Florida State Seminoles (-5): I think the best team in the ACC is playing in this game. They played great down the stretch, using their speed to their advantage. They have power too. I think they end up being too athletic for the Badgers. Wisconsin lost to Michigan for God’s sake.

Miami @ California (-8): More players keep getting suspended from this game. And they’re all Hurricanes. Weird. Miami has now lost 5 players for this game, including their starting quarterback. I like Cal to pull this one out because of that. The game is in San Francisco.


Northern Illinois @ Louisiana Tech (+1): This game’s easy, LaTech, in Louisiana, against a team they are better than. Sign me up for that party!


North Carolina State (+7) @ Rutgers: Both of these teams have really won a lot down the stretch, both come in with winning streaks, NC State with a 4 game deal, and Rutgers riding a 6 game streak. Both also started off terribly. What else? They were smoking their opponents. NC State beat Miami by 10 after upsetting the Tar Heels by 31. Rutgers blew out South Florida, Army, and Louisville to end the season – allowing just 33 points total while scoring 142. Why am I taking the Wolfpack? Russell Wilson is a freshman, and he’s dynamite. He also has covered every single game he’s ever started and thrown 16 touchdowns compared to 1 interception. I love his style.

Northwestern @ Missouri (-12): The Wildcats have played two good teams this year, they were iced by both. Missouri is good. The Tigers are also ranked three spots lower than the Wildcats, and they are favored, that’s a recipe for success.


Maryland @ Nevada (+2.5): I think Nevada is the better team, this is more of a home game for them, they’ve played on the blue field, the Terps traveled across America to play in Boise – I think the Wolfpack win this one by a touchdown or two.

Western Michigan (+3) @ Rice: This game is a home game for the Owls, but I still like Western Michigan. It’s a close one, I wouldn’t bet the house, but I’m putting my name on Western Michigan in hopes that Rice’s sieved of a defense will be the end of them in this game. Even in a shoot out, you need to find a way to stop your opponent.

Oregon @ Oklahoma State (-3): This game is being played in Pac 10 country, but OK State has played in tougher places. The Pac 10 isn’t worthy. Most of the public agree with me, which I don’t like too much, but how can you go against the Cowboys here?


Air Force (+4) @ Houston: The Houston Cougars lose when they get out-rushed, they almost certainly will be in this one. So I like my chances here.

Pittsburgh @ Oregon State (-2.5): I’m starting to get weary of 2.5 games, but that’s probably silly. The Beavers are ranked lower and favored, you know I like that. This game is in Texas, so no travel favorites here. I just hink the Beavers are really good when Jacquizz Rodgers is healthy, and I think he will be. I’m taking the Beavers.

Boston College (-3) @ Vanderbilt: It’s all about defense and what the Eagles do well, stop the run. Vandy can’t pass the ball to victory, and I think the Eagles take this one because of that. Boston College has won 8 straight bowl games, coincidence?

Minnesota @ Kansas (-8.5): Losses to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Iowa to end the season just don’t get me excited. Kansas will win here, I like them to do so by double digits. However, I warn you, Minnesota always seems to manage magic during the bowl season, not in wins, but at least in close games. I’m leaning Kansas here, but I’ve been more confident.

LSU @ Georgia Tech (-4): I think Tech runs the ball too well, and despite their talent, LSU hasn’t shown me the will to stop a rushing attack that continues to battle all game long. This game, in Atlanta, isn’t much different than a home game for the Yellow Jackets.


South Carolina @ Iowa (-3.5): The Hawkeyes run the ball too well, and that is trouble for a South Carolina team that prides themselves on stopping the run. That won’t happen against Shon Greene, he’s the most consistent runner in the nation. Every school he went up against new he was the guy getting the ball, new he was the one Hawkeye you needed to stop. Only nobody stopped him as he rushed for over 100 yards in every single game he played in this season. The Gamecocks are a good run defense, but the Hawkeyes will give them enough trouble here, and I don’t see much heart from Spurrier’s squad.

Clemson (-2.5) @ Nebraska: Nebraska beats the bad teams and loses to the the good teams. What about the middle? We shall see. Both of these teams have won three straight. Clemson is very talented. I think they take down the Cornhuskers in Florida.

Michigan State @ Georgia (-7.5): Georgia is talented enough to just out-muscle the Spartans. Kind of like Ohio and Penn State. Both of those teams crushed Sparty. That continues in Florida.

Penn State @ USC (-9.5): I think Penn State is underrated and the Trojans are a little overrated. However, this is a home game for the Trojans. This will also be the best team USC has played all season long. That being said, Pete Carol knows how to win bowl games, and there’s something to be said for a home team with a great post season coach.

Virginia Tech @ Cincinnati (-2): The Bearcats lost to the Huskies of Connecticut and the Sooners. That’s it. They win a lot of close games, this will likely be another. They haven’t beaten a great team, and the Sooners come in spanking the BC Eagles in the ACC Championship. I like the Cats though, their defense has great speed that I think will frustrate Tyrod Taylor and the Hokies.


Mississippi (+5) @ Texas Tech: Don’t ask me why, I can’t even figure it out, but I like Mississippi here. It might be one of those cases where Tech feels robbed and plays accordingly I guess. No Heisman invite for Harrell (what a joke), a bowl game against Mississippi after losing just once (to arguably the best team in the Nation) – I feel like this is what Kansas State had to deal with a long time ago, and it never really worked for them either. I wouldn’t bet too much on this game, though.

East Carolina (-2.5) @ Kentucky: Kentucky gives up more yards than they gain in almost every game they play, but they often find ways to make it close. ECU struggles with that too, but they won 9 games this season. These two teams are hard to explain. But ECU creates lots of turnovers, and that helps them put points on the board. In a game with two low-scoring offenses, easy points should get the job done. ECU is more likely to get those turnovers.

Utah @ Alabama (-9.5): The Crimson Tide had a great season, and took a tough loss against Florida. I would love for Utah to pull a Boise State, but I think the Crimson Tide are just too burly to be undone here. Utah has some great stories, and they could be one, but Alabama might very well be the Nation’s best team, and if they play with something to prove, they’ll win easily.


Buffalo (+4.5) @ Connecticut: These teams are very equal. This game is in freaking Canada. Anything can happen in Hockey country. I’ll take the 4.5 points here.


Ohio State @ Texas (-8): Yeah, I don’t like the Buckeye’s chances. Texas is a great team and this bowl isn’t a slap in their face. I expect an outcome similar to USC/OSU.


Ball State @ Tulsa (+3): Ball State was one huge upset loss away from an undefeated season, and they couldn’t do it as they were ousted by Buffalo of all teams. Then their coach bolted, and things just don’t seem right. Plus, Tulsa is really good despite a couple tough losses. I like the Golden Hurricane here.


Oklahoma (+3.5) @ Florida: I’m going this way for a couple reasons. 1 – Alabama should have pulled off the win against Florida, and I often see that kind of “last game” getting karma’d out. If that even makes sense. Also, I think Oklahoma is the best team in college football, and since I said that before the season started, if they win here I look even smarter than I already am – don’t take my bragging too seriously, in real life I’m more humble – ha. I understand taking Florida in what looks like a home game in Miami, but the SEC doesn’t impress me as much as it does everyone else, and I think Oklahoma’s big game experience against other Big 12 schools will pay off in this game. Plus, Bob Stoops and his OK boys can’t lose the big one forever, can they?