Ask Papa Weimer: Week 6 Fantasy Football Advice Part 2

As promised, the questions keep coming in (and I’m still kicking) so I’ll share them with the rest of you. As always, you can email any football questions to – working hard to dream big! Hope these tidbits help!

David wonders, “Would you rather have Mario Manningham or Anthony Gonzalez?”

I’d rather have Anthony Gonzalez, and it’s not only because I thought he was going to be a good player prior to the season – but that has something to do with it. I’m a firm believer that you need to have good reason to lose interest or belief in a player you expected big things from in any given year. Giving up on a guy because he was injured doesn’t seem to be right. Gonzo went down early, and since then every time I see Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie put up big numbers, I think to myself how right I could be about Gonzo if the injury bug didn’t whack him on the head. I like Manningham, don’t get me wrong, the kid is fast, runs good routes, is tough to tackle, and gets the ball – but I believe he’ll get fewer catches with Hakeem Nicks becoming more and more a part of the Giants offense. Gonzalez has a chance to be a decent #2 receiver, where I don’t think Manningham will be a consistent WR this season, and is probably no better than a #3 or Flex. When you’re making a play on a guy, go for upside, and I think Anthony has that. Long answer shortened, I’d rather have Gonzo.

Stuck in a Trailer writes, “Here’s a question for you-  should I dump Glen Coffee he has a bye week and then Gore returns,  I could pick up TE for my TE bye week or a decently dropped Def  or some receiver or RB who might be on the waiver wire worth picking up, Thoughts?”

Yeah, I think that’s a good move. Unless you’re hurting for RB options, I think Coffee isn’t a must have. It was said to me that Gore actually wanted to play last week, not sure what that means, but what it says to me is he’ll definitely be back when football moves forward for the 49ers, and Coffee hasn’t set the world on fire. Coffee is solid, but if you can pick up a player that will help you in the future, I think dropping him is a good move. Especially if you get a pretty good guy that somebody had to drop to fill a bye week spot. It’s always tough to drop players that have been consistent for you, but sometimes that’s the best move.

Isaac Melgoza from Santa Ana California first thanked me for giving him Chris Johnson last season, told me he digs the site, gave me his team, receivers and running backs (Burleson, Berrian, Boldin, Sims-Walker, Maningham and LT, Steven Jackson, Jerome Harrison, Glen Coffee) and his league scoring settings (We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs. 2 points for 25 yards rushing or receiving, 10 points for every TD, 20 points for a TD of 50 or more) and asked me, “Would you trade LT, Sims-Walker, and Manningham for AP and Steve Smith (Carolina)? Would you still do the deal if it was Derrick Mason and another receiver plus AP for those three guys? Am I giving up too much? Would you counter offer? Thanks for the help!”

Isaac, thanks for the question, and I’m glad you benefited from Chris last season. You know, it’s crazy, a ton of people have written in for the first time this season starting off by thanking me for Chris Johnson, pretty funny. Gotta love it. I assume next year new readers will write in thanking me for nothing with Anthony Gonzalez and Eddie Royal, haha, but they still have time to prove me right! Hope you keep enjoying the site!

As for the trade, I think Sims Walker, Manningham, and LT for AP and Steve Smith would be a huge win for you. Even Derrick Mason wouldn’t be too shabby, he’s, at the very least, a very consistent guy. But he never catches a lot of touchdowns, so in a league like yours he’s not too great. I like Sims Walker a lot, but he’s not an upgrade over Steve Smith, in my opinion. Sure, through 5 weeks he has more points, and he’s been great in games as a starter, but Steve Smith, shoot, we’re talking about one of the baddest receivers in the league. He has 40+ targets through 4 games, and soon enough that will result in big point totals. LT should be decent the rest of the season, but he definitely looks like he’s trying too hard, and he’s no Adrian Peterson at this point in his career. AP hasn’t been great besides week 1, either, but I like his upside. He should actually be better against teams that keep the game close, because the Vikings won’t ride him hard if they don’t need to, obviously they are trying to keep him healthy. I think a line-up of McNabb, A MF’in P, Steven Jackson, Boldin, Burelson, Steve Smith or D. Mason, with some solid upside back-up WRs like you have is a good move. I’d keep Flacco, he’s a great back-up, especially with McNabb and his injury question marks over the years. You starting line-up should contend for a championship. Don’t get me wrong, your team is solid as is, but AP is a huge upgrade at a position where you haven’t gotten great production thus far. Go for it! Thanks again for the write-in, love to give you my answers anytime.

Miguel explains his situation and asks, “I need some fantasy help from a guru! I am in a PPR league where we start 2 QBs, 3 WRs, 2 RBs, and a TE for our main offense.Rogers, Henne, and Edwards as my QBs – TO, Berrian, Burleson, Boldin, and Massaqoui for WR – Slaton, Jacobs, Chester Taylor, and LeSean McCoy at RB – Shockey and Heap at TE.  I was offered a trade of Favre and LT in exchange for Rogers and Berrian. Is this something I should jump on? Byes might be a problem as LT and Slaton are gone in Week 10… “

Miguel, I would stick with Rogers and Berrian I think, Rogers is an elite passer, and should have huge games. Brett will be decent, but I think that Minnesota offense will continue to rely heavily on the run game, and getting rid of Rogers is a very tough deal. Burleson and Boldin are elite receivers this season, both will continue to get high targets, and I expect Boldin to be even better as the season moves forward. So you’re pretty good there. And depending on match-up, TO, Berrian, and Massaquoi are nice 3rd WR options.

The problem with the trade is that I don’t think it makes either position better, and if you’re not improving somewhere, why make a deal, right? If you only start 2 running backs, I think Jacobs and Slaton should be solid as the season goes forward, I hardly expect Jacobs to continue his low yard per carry output, he should get better. Slaton will continue to be a solid play as the season goes forward, good PPR guy and a solid runner. LT is decent, but he will share carries and has had a tough time with aches and pains of late. I would rank Jacobs and Slaton ahead of LT from now until the end of the season. And obviously I would rank Rogers higher than Favre. LT would give you depth, but with Chester Taylor and McCoy, you have two upside guys that could produce in a crunch. Keep your stud QB, who has even more value in a 2 QB league, and I think your team would be better off. The byes are a tough deal, but by week 10 you might have a starting RB in McCoy, and maybe even some numbers form Chester, or you could find a back-up for an injured starter somewhere along the line. Don’t worry about byes quite yet. Hope that helps!

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 14

Well here we go. By now you know the gig. These are the questions and answers from some good readers earlier in the week. If you are interested in getting your questions (and my answers to them) published, make sure they come out before Thursday – I try to get this out late Wednesday Night at the latest. Here goes something!

Ollie from Pittsburgh writes, “I know the Steelers are playing the Cowboys this week, and the Steelers haven’t given up much offense to anybody, but I have Marion Barber and Tony Romo – would you sit either of those guys to start Tyler Thigpen or LenDale White?”

Tough call Ollie, but I think I’d stick with your big guns. I know Barber went down in the Boys’ last game, but all reports are that he is a healthy go, and while the Steelers have basically mashed running games all season long, Barber is a threat through the air as well, and he’s a beast – I would probably start him just about every week. Check his status on Sunday Morning though, just to make sure the Cowboys aren’t pulling a Willis McGahee situation. As for Tony of Tyler, that’s a tough one, because Tyler plays the Broncos – and even though they are getting Champ back, they are still brutal in the secondary. But, they are the Chiefs, and I think they’ll just run a load against the Broncos. I think Romo has too many threats to have too bad of a game, and he might be the first to put up big numbers against the Steelers vaunted D. I’d stick with your two top guys, but definitely a tougher decision than I thought it would be.

Porky from San Antonio asks, “Who will be the better pro quarterback? Graham Harrell, Colt McCoy, or Sam Bradford? Same question for receiver, Dez Bryant, Jeremy Maclin, or Michael Crabtree?”

I think I’ve answered this before, but what the hay. I like Bradford from that group. That kid never gets worried and he’s got the arm and legs to do work. He’s smart, cool, and if he puts on a little bit more bulk he’s one hell of a great quarterback. He makes some great throws. I like all three though. I hope Harrell gets in the right situation to succeed. McCoy’s accuracy takes a little hit in my mind because Vince Young was the most accurate college quarterback in the nation when he was at Texas, too. All three have great quarterback personalities and qualities that should get them jobs at the next level, that’s for sure. As for receiver, I just think Crabtree is a beast. He can do everything well and he’ll never shy from contact. But again, all three are 1st Round talents – what a great draft class this could be, huh?

Joint sends a message via his blackberry, “Ryan Grant for next season, goodness, I don’t know? I need to keep 2 from this group. (Steve Slaton, Ryan Grant, Tony Romo, Larry Fitzgerald). Which two do you keep? I usually like to go RB, RB – it’s a QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, K, D league, and running backs are tough to come by usually, they almost always get kept. But it’s not PPR but Fitz is basically a guarantee for about 100 yards every week, and we get bonuses after 100. Not as much of a TD guy as Boldin, but he’s still solid. What do you think?”

I’m in a league with those exact dimensions, bonuses for 100 for RBs and WRs and 300 for QBs (50 for TEs though, and Witten was a beast early). But the three receivers and just two RBs, I think that makes receiver value very high. Choosing last season between Frank Gore, Ronnie Brown, Reggie Bush, Larry Fitz, and Steve Smith – I felt like I had to keep Larry and Frank. I like Reggie alright, but he’s not a bonus type guy. For you, I think I’d stick with Steve Slaton. He’s small, yeah, but the guy rarely gets hit hard. Some RBs do (See Ryan Grant, and many more) and some RBs don’t (LT, Marshal Faulk, etc) – I think Slaton is small, sure, but he doesn’t get hit hard and should stay healthy. Plus, I really like that team going forward. I think Schaub will get better and better, AJ is a BEAST, Owen Daniels is good, and that offensive line is young and improving every game. Plus, Slaton has been nice. I would keep Slaton and Larry. I’ve never been high on keeping QBs, especially when you just need one of those. 3 good WRs are tough to come by in 12+ owner leagues with 3 starting spots. Especially weekly guarantees like Larry. Hope for Kurt’s return and bank on Fitzy!

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 13

Alright, you guys know the gig, e-mail me your questions and I’ll answer them. If I think any are worth sharing in that special kind of sharing way, I’ll post them up on the site in this question and answer section. For this week, I hope you enjoy the show…

Billy Hoyle from NoCal asks, “I know I could have probably looked it up, but that’s not as much fun. I’ve asked you lots of questions, and your answers have always been useful and entertaining – so, without further ado, can you please explain to me what the hell a Turdunkan is? “

WITHOUT looking it up, I will do my best to give you my version of a freakish Thanksgiving extravaganza that can only really be correctly described by someone crazy enough to be as successful and obviously inept as one John Madden. Here goes nothing Billy Hoyle. A Turdunkan is a mixture of three birds, but more of a lego creation than an actual mix. See, a Turdunkan consists of a Turkey, a Duck, and a Chicken – but not just pieces, all three birds mooshed together. Better yet, mooshed inside one another. You have the turkey on the outside, the chicken inside the turkey, and the duck inside the chicken – unless of course you get organic chicken, in which case you probably have to breast the duck to fit it in the chicken. There is stuffing in the Turkey and likely the chicken as well, and I’m sure the bird sauce combines to make one hell of a gravy starter – but all in all, this is a de-feathered fluster of bird that is bound to make you feel like you’re delivering a baby while preparing the damn thing. I’d eat one, but creating seems unlikely. I say do it all big guy, but deep fry them in a giant vat of oil. Not frozen thought, that creates bombs.

Jessi Harrison yells, “I HATE THE LIONS!!! Isn’t it time to throw this “tradition” under the freaking bus? Tell me one good reason the good public should be forced to watch these kittens play!”

Jessi, if you so insist – here’s 4 good reasons to watch that terrible team. Everyone should watch the Lions play on Sunday to further their respect for their own team. That’s right – if you think your team is struggling Seahawk fan, Rams fan, 49er, Texans fan, and even Raider fan (just barely), set your eyes on the Lions against the Titans and laugh it up, point and cackle, because after a good Lion game, you’ll feel like Matt Schaub and company are on the verge of Super Bowl stardom. How about History? That’s reason two. This team isn’t going to win a game. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s not likely to happen, why? They are the worst team in the NFL, by far. I know history suggests a win is on the way, but can history take into account the fact that almost every team is pretty solid, except the freaking Lions? No it can’t. History forgets that fact. The ghost of Barry Sanders. I don’t think anybody would admit to this, but until Barry takes over this team, or Barry releases his ghostly powers over the Lions organization, they are damned to failure. So follow him, and hate them as best you can. If those reasons aren’t enough, how about Calvin Johnson. Talk about a guy that has it all. Every team in the league knows who is getting the ball – but Calvin still gets it. Sure, he got screwed when the Lions took him #2, but he’s rich now, and gets to catch footballs for a nice living – don’t feel too bad for him.