San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles Week 15 NFL

San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles Week 15 NFL: This could be one of those games that the Eagles just lose so they can make things five times as difficult for themselves – admit it – they have a knack for paddy-whacking themselves right into the most difficult of situations no matter how sunny the horizon looks. But they can also score three touchdowns on two possessions, and continue to be one of the most explosive teams in the NFL, on both sides of the ball.

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But I can’t look past the Niners and nine points – it just seems to perfect to fail me. Niners and nine – the only way I’d feel better, the only way I’d feel I absolutely had to bet the Niners at all cost would be if they were getting 49 points – shoot – even if they were favored by 49, the symmetry would be too good to pass up. But 9 points? The 49ers have lost one single game by more than 7 points this season. In their 7 losses, four of them have been by 4 points or less. This team also plays close games, and they are also pretty good.

The Eagles passing attack matches up well with the 49ers leaky secondary, but throwing the ball to win every game doesn’t always go as easily as planned, similar to in basketball when you live by the three and die by the three, the Eagles have shot themselves square in the bag of goods on more than a couple occasions. The 49ers will make them earn it, and despite being just 1-5 on the road, San Fran looks like a nice bet with 9 points.

San Francisco 49ers (+9) @ Philadelphia Eagles

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