Pacman Suspension Valid?

Pacman Suspension Valid?

Pick of the Day – Heat @ Bobcats

Miami Heat @ Charlotte Bobcats

Heat (+1)

Tuesday, April 10th – 8:00 PM ET

Shaquille O’Neal & Dwayne Wade, not to mention the rest of the Miami Heat, travel to Charlotte to revenge their most recent loss to the Bobcats. Wade is coming off his first game back, as Shaq looks to assert some dominance against the yong Bobcat front line. It will be interesting to see if the Heat play with some emotion in this one, trying to improve their playoff seed.

Bottom Line: Its hard for me to believe that the Charlotte Bobcats going to slay the Heat two games in a row. Inf fact, its down right foolish for anyone to think something like that. Wade’s first game back the Heat went to overtime before falling to a superb performance by Gerald Wallace, but don’t expect as much from the Bobcats this time around. Sure, the Cats play well against solid competition, but only because they go into most games beleiving they don’t have a chance. Its when they start to think they belong, thats when trouble strikes. Expect a 20-10 yester year perfromance from the Genie, and a better game out of Miami’s biggest star, Mr. Wade.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 18-6-1

Pacman Suspension Valid?: Honestly, I think Adam “Pacman” Jones deserves everything the NFL or any other league, division of the law, video game maker, judge has in store for the troubled youngster, but I still don’t think what the league did was legally right. This is somewhat similar to the whole “Steroids in Baseball” fiasco. Like in baseball, the rules were different when Pacman did his business, and now he’s getting punished as if the recent rules were in place all along. Jones is a moron, that’s the only way you could explain him throwing 80 large around a strip club in the first place, let alone to pose as a distraction so one of his “friends” could come in and Scarface the Las Vegas scene up. What a joke. But, the matter of fact is, the law assumes innocence until proven guilty, and the league is suspending Jones for a year based on what the media has written about the corner’s latest run-in with the law. I’m sure Jones and his attourney’s are writing their appeal as I speak, or quite possibly even sueing the NFL right meow. And while I think that crap is ridiculous, this country thrives off the rights that the NFL is taking away from Frogger Jones. We’ll see how this turns out, but I don’t think it will roll smoothly. As for Chris Henry’s suspension, I think that was a little more reasonable. Here’s a cat that strikes out three times a week, in or out of season, and he’s been charged, and found guilty on numerous occasions. Even then, I’m interested to see what the new agreement says about these cases. Its pretty childish to make new rules half way through the game, and penalize people for what they did prior to the new hard to see writing at the bottom. Comprende?

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