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Pick of the Day – Raptors @ Timberwolves

Toronto Raptors @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Raptors (-2)

Monday, April 9th – 8:00 PM ET

In a out of conference match-up, the Timberwolves of Minnesota host the Toronto Raptors in a showdown that will show two contrasting styles. The Wolves do best when they run their half-court offense through one of the league’s best, Kevin Garnett while the Raptors run the show when they are sprinting from end to end. Chris Boshand company will try to stay hot in Minnesota.

Bottom Line:I think the Raptors play too uptempo for the Timberwolves. Toronto has been hot of late, winning 8 of 10, and don’t have to travel far for this road match-up. Chris Bosh has been unreal, and this is the type of game that can show his growth, as he matches up with Kevin Garnett. I don’t think te Wolves can run with Toronto, even when the Raptors are playing their second of a back to back.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 17-6-1

A Big Play Away: It may be easy to say guys like Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Bears Defense, Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, Tom Brady and other stars get you to a Super Bowl and ultimately win game for your team. You could even argue that defense wins championships. However, many fools take a pass on Special Teams when they start instigating discussion on why winners win, and who gets to Super Bowls, who wins playoff games, or gets to the post season instead of picking in the Top 5 year in and year out. Well, look no further than guys like Desmond Howard, Devin Hester, Deion Branch, Antwaan Randel El and other game breakers that give their team another gear. These guys are really the reason their squads finished with titles. Without their gamebreaking talent, and some huge plays in the biggest situations, their squads wouldn’t be fresh in our memories, even if they’re not. This is why a guy like Ted Ginn Jr., even if his route running is raw, his hands not perfect, and his body size not ideal, would make a great draft selection at any point in Round 1. I don’t care what people say about his raw technique, or non-chalant style, the bottom line is, his speed and break-away skills make him a must have guy. Look what Devin Hester has done for the Bears; well, TGjr is better offensively than Hester, and can actually play a position on a football field other than returner. What I’m saying is, people need to ignore his lack of size, or his raw skill set, and start seeing TGjr for what he is, the most illusive 0-100mph guy in the draft. His ability can win a couple games for you all by itself. And big plays, they make the differece, whether we’d like to believe it or not. Most “solid” teams in the league, those that didn’t make the playoffs, are just one big play away from seeing themselves in the post season. One play. Ted Ginn Jr. will be a guy who makes that play.

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