Oden or Durrant?

Oden or Durrant?

Pick of the Day – Pacers @ Heat

Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat

Heat (-5)

Friday, April 13th – 8:00 PM ET

Shaquille O’Neal & Dwayne Wade, should both be in the lineup when the Heat face the Pacers on Friday night, as the Heat try to make a push for the 3 spot while the Pacers try to dance into the playoffs. Check it out to see if Jermaine O’Neal can will his team past last year’s NBA Champs.

Bottom Line: Dwayne seems to be getting his first step back, and thus the Pacers will pay. Shaq is back after an absence for a funeral, and thus the Pacers will pay. Miami is looking to make a move up to the 3rd spot in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, and thus the Pacers will lose. Sure, Indy is attempting to get into the playoffs, but for what? To get swept in Round 1? They don’t have the gusto to do work, even in the East. Look for the Pacers playoff chances to go up in flames Friday Night.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 18-7-1

Oden or Durrant?: Two kids look to be a lock at the top of next year’s NBA Draft, those two young superstars are Greg Oden & Kevin Durrant. The question between NBA Fans has been answered, and for the most part, the fantasy sports mindset has demanded most of the votes, as Kevin is getting the nod over Greg, but if everyone could just pull their heads out of statlines, fantasy playoffs, and All Star game highlights, they’d begin to realize Greg Oden is the only decision. Now this is assuming Oden will join Durrant and come out early. Durrant plays the 3, and while I’m sure he has all the skills to develop into one of the league’s elite players, the bottom line is, 3’s are all around. Just next season, players like Rashard Lewis will be availiable in free agency, and while I like Durrants upside more than Lewis’, name a good center on the market next season. C’mon, what? You can’t find one? Hell, name a handfull of good centers in the league… Exactly. In a league that has lost the numbers of quality good centers, Oden has flashed a Bill Russell type ability to dominate defensively, with a nice offensive touch for a 7 footer still filling out his frame. I love KD, but the possibility of stealing a Center who should be a top 5 guy at his position the day he steps on the NBA floor, that’s too much to pass up. If teams could pass on Mike to get Hakeem and Sam Bowie, than surely Oden is the answer at #1. Because Oden has all the ability and force than any Center since Shaq, and while Durrant has tons of talent, he’s not Mike. You can’t go wrong with either player, as both will be All Stars in the NBA, but I’ll take Championships over MVP’s, and thus I’ll roll with Greg Oden.

In other news: Drew Bledsoe, has retired. Yes, my week to week bashing of Drew Bledsoe, the fat 7th grader, will surely come to an end… But! Not before I get out what I need to get out. Stay tuned to the site, as my next Top Shelf article will discuss one Cougar Donkey’s career.

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