Minnesota Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals Point Spread Pick

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Minnesota Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals Point Spread Pick: Just like I imagined, this spread sky-rocketed in my favor after I published Tuesday Morning’s newsletter – it’s all the way up to a much more likable 5.5 at half the books but if you like the Vikings, you can still get them at -4 in a couple spots. 75% of the public like the road favorites, and how can anybody in their right mind pick against Brett Favre and the media-darlings from Minnesota?

Well, leave it to me to pick against the grain in this one. I just like the match-up for the Cardinals. They don’t run the ball real well (though better lately), but so what, the Vikings take that away anyway, so why waste daylight on the ground? The Vikings have a shaky secondary from time to time, and while the speed rush Minnesota puts together often makes up for their secondary short comings, you have to know that Kurt Warner is a great and accurate quick decision quarterback, and his receivers are studs.

The Vikings get a lot of pressure with just 4 guys, but the Cardinals are very solid pass blockers, and I think they end up giving Kurt enough time to pull the big upset. The Cardinals haven’t been great at home this year, but the Vikings haven’t looked their best on the road either. Arizona does a good job stopping the run, they do a good job shutting down the middle, and they can cause some mistakes from opposing quarterbacks. Brett has been great thus far, could a tough game be coming his way? I like the Cardinals to pull the upset! As a Mike Singletary (and 49ers) fan, I hope they lose, though – make the division race closer. Ah the life of a sports-gambler…

Minnesota Vikings @ Arizona Cardinals (+1.5)

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