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The Rubix Cube of Picks!
This is just about the most difficult week to pick a game. I mean, sure, the Bronco’s at +11 is a great line… if the Bronco’s are playing their starters. But you have to look at it like this, will the Chargers be starting all their players now that they’re out of the hunt? Awe, the question is there in all but a few games. Then you have the Reggie Bush Saga. Can the Texans really justify winning? It’s tough to figure out on your own, so I’m here to donate some free advice to the rest of the betting community. Interested? Read on!

Denver (+11) At San Diego – I’m going to go with the Broncos in this one, based on the idea that neither team is dying to win this game. After a couple of quarters I don’t see the Chargers relying heavily on the oft-damaged body of Ladainian Tomlinson. Each team will give plenty of opportunities to back-up players, and that being so, the Broncos have the advantage at +11. Jake Plummer will play a few, maybe the first half of series, but the Broncos are winners, and they’ll stay closer than 11. Game Date: 12/31/05 16:35 ET

NY Giants (-7.5) At Oakland – The New York Football Giants choked their way into the playoffs by being lambasted by the Washington Redskins last week. It all came down to who needed it most, and apparently the Giants didn’t. This week the Giants play the Raiders, and to be honest, the Raiders are quite possibly the most pathetic team in football. The Giants would like this game to assure at least one game in New York. That’s important to Eli, Jeremy Shockey, and Tiki Barbar. If Oakland is playing a team on a missions, they’re screwed. So… They’re SCREWED! Game Date: 12/31/05 20:05 ET

Arizona (+7) At Indianapolis – The Cardinals have a ‘wing it deep’ motto with Josh McCowen at the helm. With Indianapolis in need of nothing, the Cardinals will take advantage with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Tony Dungy might be back on the field for this one, but the Colts don’t seem to win games that mean nothing (0-9 the last 9 games that have no playoff indications). Take the Cardinals and the 7 point buffer zone. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Baltimore (-3) At Cleveland – The Ravens have played like a real live NFL Football team the last two weeks. It’s really quite amazing. Kyle Boller has tempted Baltimore fans into cheering for him, while playing well enough to get Brian Billick another year coaching the Ravens. Will it continue? I have to believe it will. The Browns haven’t played well of late, and Jamal Lewis has run with a little bit of his old fervor. Jamal loves to run against the Browns. Don’t expect 295 yards out of him, but expect another good game out of the Ravens. Ed Reed is filthy! Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Carolina (-4) At Atlanta – The Panthers need to win this game to assure themselves a spot in the post season. It’ll be a tough one, but the Panthers, after playing like a pile of rabbit pellets against the Cowboys last week, will be up for the Falcon challenge. Expect Deshaun Foster to annihilate the piss poor Falcon run defense on way to a Panther victory. Steve Smith will be extra motivated to produce after he had 18 yards while getting kicked out of the game last week. Steve’s the kind of guy to get some payback.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Chicago (+4.5) At Minnesota – The Bears have the 2nd spot in the NFC playoffs wrapped up, but don’t take that as a reason the Bears will sit their starters. Some guys will get rest, but Rex Grossman has only played in two football games this year, he’ll get plenty of reps for the Bears to win. And when he comes out, Kyle Orton will get on the field. You have to believe the Bears would have beaten the Vikings with Kyle calling plays too. Lovie Smith isn’t the type of coach that gives away a victory because the game has no playoff consequences. He’ll have his Bears ready to go. Take the better team with the points. Game Date: 01/01/06 16:20 ET

Buffalo (-1) At NY Jets – The Bills are better than the lowly Jets. New York has a solid defense, but their offence makes any defense look heroic. The Bills have played well after getting shit kicked by the Patriots three weeks back. A 9 point loss to the Broncos and a win over the Begnals has given the Bills life. Some life would do the Jets good, but that isn’t expected to happen until they pick Matt Leinart in the 2006 NFL Draft (pure speculation). Take the Bills in this meaningless show of NFL football. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Cincinnati At Kansas City (-7) – The Chiefs are looking solid, and they have to win this game to keep their playoff homes alive. The Steelers have to lose to the Lions, but the Chiefs can’t do anything about that, expect them to take care of their side of the deal. The Bengals won’t play their starters for the entire game, but even if they did, the Chiefs have more to lose in this game. Larry Johnson always runs like a man possessed. If I’ve learned anything the past two weeks, it’s been that the team with the most on the line almost always plays with more passion. Passion equals victory.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Miami At New England (-6) – The Patriots aren’t a team that sits their starters. Bill Bellichick likes to win football games, and with a chance to move up a spot in the AFC, expect him to do just that. Miami has played well lately, but they aren’t in the Patriots league. Well they are in their league, just not, well you understand. They aren’t as good for God’s sake! Take the Patriots with only a touchdown needed to cover. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Detroit At Pittsburgh (-14.5) – The Lions are bad (See every one of their games after their first win over the Panthers). With a loss on Sunday and a Houston Texan victory over the 49ers, the Saints will vault into the #1 spot in the NFL Draft. Can they possibly play the Steelers tough? Nothing to win. Everything to lose by winning. A stupid owner. A crappy team. The Steelers have to win to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. Joey Duck is starting. The 1908 Ford Model T gets the same gas mileage as the 2005 Ford Explorer. Ford’s are built in Detroit. Detroit sucks! Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

New Orleans At Tampa Bay (-14) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing the worst team in football and they need to win the game to guarantee playoffs. Hmmmm… this is a no-brainer. I think I would have taken the Saints at -20. Look for Cadillac Williams to have a first half eruption, then sit the rest of the game to rest himself for the playoffs. The Bucs should dominate this match-up.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Houston At San Francisco (+2) – The Niners can’t possibly finish the season with the number 1 pick in the draft. It seriously can’t happen. They’d have to lose to the Texans, the Packers would have to beat the Seahawks, the Jets would have to beat the Bills, the Saints would have to beat the Buccaneers, and that’s the only possible way Reggie ends up a Niner. On the other hand, the Texans just have to lose to guarantee themselves the #1 pick in the 2006 Draft. So, I’ll take the team who has the better chance to get Reggie by losing. I actually think if the Texans win, the entire coaching staff in Texas will be removed. (This will be the first time a coach got fired for winning)
Game Date: 01/01/06 16:10 ET

Tennessee At Jacksonville (-3.5) – The Titans won’t have Steve ‘Air’ McNair for this contest, and the Jaguars will be testing out Byron Leftwich’s ankle, or giving their starting quarterback as of now, David Garrard, all the snaps. Either way, the Jaguars are in this one to win it. The Titans don’t really stand a chance, considering they’re bad. Look for all of the Jaguar running backs to gain considerable yards on rout to yet another Jacksonville victory. Hooray!
Game Date: 01/01/06 16:10 ET

Seattle (+4) At Green Bay – The Seahawks second stringers are twice as good as the Packer starters. Shaun Alexander is searching hard for his 28th touchdown of the year. When he gets it in the first quarter of this game, he’ll be the record holder for the most touchdowns in a season, taking the title from Priest Holmes. Look for the Seahawks to control the ball against the worst Packer team in recent history. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Washington (-7) At Philadelphia – The Redskins need to beat the Eagles to get into the playoffs. The Eagles are the biggest disappointment of 2005. The second is Terrell, who just happens to be an Eagle. Take the Redskins to upend the Eagles by a considerable amount. I don’t know if any team is playing better than the Redskins right now. Definitely not he Eagles. Game Date: 01/01/06 16:20 ET

St. Louis (+12.5) At Dallas – By the time this game is played, the Cowboys will already be removed from playoff contention. Just to see what they got in Drew Henson, the rookie will get the majority of snaps for the Cowgirls. It’s going to be real nice seeing the Cowboys out of the playoffs. Look for Steven Jackson and Julius Jones to have a runoff. The cowboys will win, but not by more than 10. Drew Bledsoe is slow and un athletic. Bill Parcells will quit after te season. Jerry Jones, in response, will get another face lift, tying him for the record with Michael Jackson. Whoop, there it is!
Game Date: 01/01/06 20:40 ET


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