Free NFL Football Picks 07-08 Week 17

Last Week of the season – I had a nice Pay Picks week last week, but struggled with my free plays once again. This week looks a little more simple, and I expect a winning system out of both my free and pay picks. That is why I’m just going to publish them all for you to see. Good luck, and lets go out with a bang!

Saturday’s Game…

New England (-13)
@ N.Y. Giants:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: WSEX)

What can I say? Maybe I’m a guy that wants to see the Patriots go undefeated so I don’t have to ever listen to interviews of the “perfect Dolphins” ever again – hell, I’ll even admit it, yeah, I am that guy, and I don’t want to hear what Don Shula has to say. But I am also a smart guy that sees a Giants team that will almost surely crumble under pressure anyway, and when they feel themselves doing exactly that, will most likely take their free get out of the game card and begin to rest their starters. The Giants aren’t good, and the Patriots are one of the best teams of all time. I don’t see New England walking into this game and struggling at all. This tank of a team will roll into the post season with a big win on Saturday Night.

Sunday’s Games…

Buffalo Bills (+9) @ Philadelphia Eagles:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: 5Dimes)

The Eagles are playing well, and the Bills have struggled down the stretch, but I’m not so sure the Eagles will come out and play with passion in the final week of a season where they aren’t competing for anything but a win. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the Bills make a strong push at winning this game, despite the way McNabb and this offense have been playing. Trent Edwards and this group of young Bills are building toward next season, and a big win to end the year is always a perfect way to do that. At 5Dimes, the line is 9, and that is way too much for an inconsistent Eagles team that doesn’t have anything to play for.

Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Bodog)

The Bucs really stunk it up last week against the 49ers, but the Panthers are bad, and I think even without Jeff Garcia and Joey Galloway, the Bucs will do enough to down the horrible Panthers. Steve Smith is finally getting the ball a little bit for the Panthers, but the Bucs have good smart defensive players all over the field, and I think they’ll shut down the Panthers in Tampa.

Detroit Lions (+5) @ Green Bay Packers:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

I just don’t think Green Bay’s starters will play much of this game, despite the overall feeling that the Packers need to end the season on a good note after struggling mightily against the Bears last week. Green Bay is already in, they already have a bye set up, and even though Brett will probably play a couple quarters in this game, I just think the Lions really want to get to .500 after failing to make the playoffs despite a great start. Jon Kitna is a solid quarterback, and a leader that rarely allows his team to give up. They’ll play hard in Green Bay, and probably pull out a win to end the year.

Seattle Seahawks (+1.5) @ Atlanta Falcons:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Bodog)

I’m sorry to say it (actually I don’t care that much at all) but the Falcons are a dead franchise right now. They have a coach that won’t be there next year. A group of quarterbacks that will almost surely be dedicated to backup duty next year. A bunch of veterans that could be cut or traded in the off-season, and a complete organization that lost out on hiring Bill Parcells and has no idea what they are going to do moving forward. I know that Hawks don’t have much to play for, but I have to be honest, Seneca Wallace and the Hawks backup players are a group I’d favor over Atlanta’s lost team. And honestly, I get the feeling that the Hawks are going to play their starters longer than many think. This game seems too easy to me. That’s what scares me. Just for careful’s sake, I’m laying just a medium bet on this game this week – I’m not the best at picking Seattle games anyway, but I just can’t stay away from this one.

Kansas City Chiefs @ New York Jets (-6):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

This is a weak play, if a play at all. But since I pick them all, I’m rolling with Chad Pennington in this one. He’s pretty much competing for a job somewhere else next year, and he’s accurate and competitive enough to give the Chiefs some problems on Sunday. The Jets didn’t play well at all last year, but their strong push last week in a loss to Tennessee impressed me. They didn’t put up much in terms of points, but they did play strong defensively. If the Jets can effectively stop the Titans who are doing anything they can to get to the playoffs, then yeah, I think the Chiefs should be an easy win in the final week.

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals (-6):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

I like the home team in this one, but just barely. I’d like to think that Ken Whisenhunt will get his guys read to play, and Kurt Warner is still petitioning for a starting gig somewhere next season. The Cardinal play inspired football at home, and they are relatively healthy offensively and still can be solid from time to time on the defensive side of the ball. I like both these teams in the future, and think both will play a solid game, I just think the Cardinals will have more to play for and a coach that will get all that he can from them.

San Francisco 49ers @ Cleveland Browns (-10):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Bodog)

The 49ers have played solid football over the last couple weeks, and Frank Gore seems to be healthy and running had – but the Browns have a whole heck of a lot more to win and lose on this game, and they are just that much better than San Fran, even with the Niners playing better as of late. Derek Anderson is a free agent at season’s end, and even though he’ll almost surely be back in Cleveland, you can bet he’ll want to play extra well with his future in the crosshairs. I’m expecting Cleveland to put up a bunch of points on way to this victory, if it’s in vein or not.

Elite Picks for Week 17

*4 NFL Best Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) @ Baltimore Ravens:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

The Ravens are done, and they’re even more upset that their lame duck head coach is back in the saddle next season. They have a bunch of playoff hungry vets that have no chance at getting to the show this season, and that has crushed this teams’ will. A lot of changes look to be coming next season, and the frustrations has already begun to show. The Steelers still need to win for playoff seeding and the right to possibly skip Jacksonville in the 1st round. Even if Big Ben doesn’t play, Charlie Batch has proven he can get the job done, and the Ravens are bad enough to make me believe he has a very good chance. Just a field goal? Yeah, I like the Steel-Show a lot, here.

*3 NFL Action Minnesota Vikings (-3) @ Denver Broncos:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

Everybody wants to say that Denver is ready to get back and win to end the season after the whole Phillip Rivers incident last week against San Deigo, but it’s just not going to happen. The Vikings are way too physical for the Broncos defensive front, their running backs are too talented, and they need a win to get into the playoffs. They need more than just a win, but a win gives them a chance, and I believe, that after last week’s slip up to the Redskins, they’ll at least want to go out swinging. I like their chances in Denver, and think they should absolutely obliterate the Broncos on Sunday.

*5 NFL Top San Diego Chargers (-8) @ Oakland Raiders:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

The Chargers actually have something on the line in this game. With a win, they will hold a home field playoff game against the likes of either Cleveland or Tennessee. With a loss, they could very well end up hosting the Jaguars, known by at least me as one of the best teams in football. My feeling is they’ll go out and try to end this game early and snatch up that Brown/Titan opponent, and allow the Steelers a shot at Jacksonville. Also, a win here would keep them away from New England until the AFC Title game, something I’m sure they’d like to accomplish. Too much on the line for San Diego to roll over, and the Raiders aren’t good enough to halt what’s coming, even if their #1 pick, JaMarcus Russell, is getting his first start in the NFL.

*3 NFL Action New Orleans Saints (-1) @ Chicago Bears:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: 5Dimes)

I’m not a big Saints fan, but I have to be honest, they have to beat the Bears in Chicago, right? Kyle Orton isn’t a frightening young quarterback, despite his warewolf beard. He doesn’t make as many mistakes as the other Bear quarterbacks, but I don’t think he’ll put up enough points to fight off a Saints team that actually has a small sliver of hope left. Chicago’s secondary is still a huge question mark, despite the way they played last week against Green Bay. They won’t have two great weeks in a row, they just aren’t good enough to do so.

*6 NFL Top Tennessee Titans (-4.5) @ Indianapolis Colts:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: BoDog)

The Colts have nothing to play for and the Titans can bring pressure. Expect Indy’s starters to play very little and the Titans to win this game by a couple touchdowns. Indy’s head coach has always believed in his own way, and risking his best players to end Tennessee’s season doesn’t seem like his prerogative. Strong action here.

*3 NFL Action Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans (-6):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Belmont)

The Jaguars have absolutely nothing to play for, and unlike the other great teams in the AFC, they’ll be playing a tough-nosed game against either the Chargers or the Steelers on the road next week. That means they’ll need their rest. I think the Jaguars are one of the best teams in the league, and actually think they have a legitimate chance to oust even the best in the game, but this weekend against Houston is a throw away game, and I’m willing to bet that Gary Kubiak is doing his damnedest to motivate his boys to win their final game of the year. I like Houston here.

*4 NFL Best Cincinnati Bengals (-3) @ Miami Dolphins:
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: Pinnacle)

Yes, the Bengals are in a sea of disarray, but the Dolphins have just one win on the season, traded away their best receiver, watched their best player go down for the year with a knee injury, and many of the guys already see the writing on the wall. The Bengals may be the most disappointing team of 2007, but I still think they’ll come out punching the Dolphins in the mouth, and trying to prove that they aren’t a complete sack of junk. This isn’t the strongest play I have this weekend, but I like it enough to drop a few bucks on the Bengals in Miami.

Monday Night Football Game

*4 NFL Best Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins (-9):
(Line: Friday, 12:00pm EST: TheGreek)

This game seems easy enough. The Cowboys are pretty much cashing in their great regular season, and leasing a first round bye and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. They don’t need to win this game, and I don’t think we’ll see much of their 1st team talent on either side of the ball. No need to risk injury, even if it does mean strangling the playoff breath out of your rival. Todd Collins has played well since taking over for Jason Campbell, and the Redskins have dedicated their run toward the post season to their fallen teammate, Sean Taylor. They have a playoff spot to play for and a motivated group of guys ready to win. I think they’ll take this one by a couple touchdowns.

Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 17

Last week of the year, and this is a make or break section for El Lucky Lester. As I rest 1 game up on the season, 116-115 and some ties, I need some solid picks to assure that I finish at or above .500 for the 3rd time in as many chances. Put on your reading glasses and pay full attention, as these picks will rock your world!
Gimmie-GamesJaguars over the Chiefs
Bears over the Packers
Saints over the Panthers
Rams over the Vikings
Seahawks over the Buccaneers


New York Giants @ Washington Redskins (+3):

It’s going to be fun to talk about when the Giants, who only needed a win to reach the playoffs, lost to a Redskins team, that just happens to be out of the playoffs, and playing for nothing but the right to say, “ha-freaking-ha!” Ladell Betts is too tough a runner to allow a beaten Giants team to slow him. Jason Cambell will elude the Giant rush, without Strahan, allowing him to connect with Moss, Randel El, and Brandon Lloyd for some big plays in the passing game.


Atlanta Falcons (+9.5) at Philadelphia Eagles:

I love the Eagles, and think they’ll win this game at home against Mike Vicks and the Falcons, but, but the Falcons play a close style of football, and to think the outcome will end with more than a touchdown difference seems like a stretch to me. The Eagles would love this game to finish off the division, but Atlanta also has hopes of improvement, and maybe a playoff birth.

Buffalo Bills (+10.5) at Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens are one of my favorites to make it to the AFC Championship round, but the Bills have been playing tough lately, and this will surely be the last game in this season, so they’ll be playing with nothing to lose. With JP Losman, Willis McGahee and Lee Evans allowed to fully use their athletic gifts, expect the Bills to possibly pull out a season finale shocker on the road.

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints (+3):

The Saints will be playing a dumbed down style, with back ups playing later in the game, but they have enough skill position depth to ruin yet another Panther game to end the season. The Saints don’t “need” this game, but the Panthers’ players have all but written off their chances, after struggling two weeks in a row. Carolina will continue to be one of the leagues’ most disappointing teams.

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans (-4.5):

While Houston is relatively healthy, (sans out for the entire year RB, Dom Davis) the Browns could very well be starting their 3rd quarterback on Sunday. Cleveland wasn’t deep at the position to start the season, let alone know. The Brown rushing attack has been suspect throughout the year, so it’s not like they’re ready to run to the rescue. Thus, the Texans, David Carr, Andrew Johnson, and Ronald Freaking Dayne, will all get their chances to win yet another game. Winning that last game is important for “next season”. Houston gets the job done.

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-12.5):

The Cowboys are ready to come back this week, despite their donkey-airhead WR running his yap. All in all, the Cowboys are feeling their way into the playoffs, and possible make a run at a title. Dallas has to play better defensively, and Tony Romo needs to limit his mistakes, and the Boys can easily win a few games in the very near future. This spread is huge, but you’ve got to admit, the Boys are 2 touchdowns better than the Lions.

Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears (-3):

I guess I’m tired of the Packers in the Playoffs talk that seems to be following me around everywhere I go. The Bears are just as good with Brian Grease running the show, so even if Rex doesn’t play much, it’s not as if the backup is a no show. The Bears have wonderful special teams play, a great 1-2 Punch at running back, and plenty of speedy young WRs that need more reps, so they should get in plenty of practice against the Packers’ secondary.

Jacksonville (+3) at Kansas City:

Unless Damon Huard comes with it and stars for the Chiefs, this is going to be a boring battle, headlined by Maurice Drew outperforming Larry Johnson. Not because LJ isn’t absolutely legit, but because the Jaguar defensive front, teamed with a line backing corps that knows Green isn’t much to be scared of,

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts(-9):

It’s very tough for me to trust the Colts against anyone, but I have a gut feeling that Indy is on the way back this year. They certainly struggled last week, but they’ll get back in the swing of things just before the playoffs begin. I also don’t think the Dolphins can offensively match what the Colts are about to do.

New England Patriots (+3) at Tennessee Titans:

I know Vince Young had his best game as a pro last week, but do you think Bill Billichick will allow Young to do the things he likes to do? Hell no! Vince will get a little lesson on intelligent defenses in the NFL. The Patriots have struggled off and on, but they’ll definitely have a quick and tricky scheme set up for Yong.

Oakland Raiders (+13) at N.Y. Jets:

Everyone and their mother knows how I feel about the Raiders, and there is no reason to take them, unless they’re getting mucho points in the spread. Well as it turns out, neither of these teams plays in too many blowouts, and especially with a playoff birth on the line, expect the Jets to me safe. I hate safe, because it rarely is safe, it’s ugly, it renders points for your opponent, and keeps your defense on the field to lose the game. Another boring one, with a nice Raider defense performance, this game will be too close for that huge spread, so, gulp, take the Raiders.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (-6):

The Steelers (huge losers last week) are now officially eliminated from a chance at the post-season. The Bengals need some help, but they still have a chance, and are actually a good football team. Take Chad, Carson, Rudi, TJ, Chris Henry, and the rest of the Bengals in an annihilation of the Steeler defense that loves to give up big plays in the most inopportune time.

Seattle Seahawks (+3.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

The Bucs are much better with Tim Rattay, I must say, but hey, they don’t live by the bay, they live where the water’s gray, and killer whales ride the waves. Say, the Hawks have to know the way, as it seems they’ve done this all before, just yesterday, not May. The Hawks dump the Bucs, with or without resting their starters on the road.

St. Louis Rams (-2.5) at Minnesota Vikings:

Believe it or not, the Rams still have a chance at ending up smack dab in the middle of the first round playoff race. The way Steven Jackson has been playing, I have to take the Rams. And then there’s Marc Bulger, Tory Holt, and Isaac Bruce, amongst many other big stars. Minnesota have been underperforming all season long. Look for the Rams to continue to ride stud back Steven Jackson, and go for the jugular early.

Arizona Cardinals (+15) at San Diego Chargers:

I just think this is too much. San Diego will rest some key guys, as they go into the playoffs wrapping up home seed throughout. I think the Charges can easily pull this one out, but with Dennis Green fighting for his job, and the Cardinals rolling with Kurt Warner, Arizona has a swinging shot to down the league’s best on Sunday. And that’s why football is so brilliant.

San Francisco 49ers (+11) at Denver Broncos: I like the way the 49ers have stuck there hearts on the line lately, but they are tougher than they seem. Denver has more talent, and at the skill positions, the Broncos are dominant, but here’s this guy named Frank Gore, and he’s ready to cover al by his lonesome. This could very well be the finale for bother these teams. With all those points on their side, I’m rolling the dice on the 49ers in Denver. Plus, all the cold weather means for a tighter game all around.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 17

The Rubix Cube of Picks!
This is just about the most difficult week to pick a game. I mean, sure, the Bronco’s at +11 is a great line… if the Bronco’s are playing their starters. But you have to look at it like this, will the Chargers be starting all their players now that they’re out of the hunt? Awe, the question is there in all but a few games. Then you have the Reggie Bush Saga. Can the Texans really justify winning? It’s tough to figure out on your own, so I’m here to donate some free advice to the rest of the betting community. Interested? Read on!

Denver (+11) At San Diego – I’m going to go with the Broncos in this one, based on the idea that neither team is dying to win this game. After a couple of quarters I don’t see the Chargers relying heavily on the oft-damaged body of Ladainian Tomlinson. Each team will give plenty of opportunities to back-up players, and that being so, the Broncos have the advantage at +11. Jake Plummer will play a few, maybe the first half of series, but the Broncos are winners, and they’ll stay closer than 11. Game Date: 12/31/05 16:35 ET

NY Giants (-7.5) At Oakland – The New York Football Giants choked their way into the playoffs by being lambasted by the Washington Redskins last week. It all came down to who needed it most, and apparently the Giants didn’t. This week the Giants play the Raiders, and to be honest, the Raiders are quite possibly the most pathetic team in football. The Giants would like this game to assure at least one game in New York. That’s important to Eli, Jeremy Shockey, and Tiki Barbar. If Oakland is playing a team on a missions, they’re screwed. So… They’re SCREWED! Game Date: 12/31/05 20:05 ET

Arizona (+7) At Indianapolis – The Cardinals have a ‘wing it deep’ motto with Josh McCowen at the helm. With Indianapolis in need of nothing, the Cardinals will take advantage with Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Tony Dungy might be back on the field for this one, but the Colts don’t seem to win games that mean nothing (0-9 the last 9 games that have no playoff indications). Take the Cardinals and the 7 point buffer zone. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Baltimore (-3) At Cleveland – The Ravens have played like a real live NFL Football team the last two weeks. It’s really quite amazing. Kyle Boller has tempted Baltimore fans into cheering for him, while playing well enough to get Brian Billick another year coaching the Ravens. Will it continue? I have to believe it will. The Browns haven’t played well of late, and Jamal Lewis has run with a little bit of his old fervor. Jamal loves to run against the Browns. Don’t expect 295 yards out of him, but expect another good game out of the Ravens. Ed Reed is filthy! Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Carolina (-4) At Atlanta – The Panthers need to win this game to assure themselves a spot in the post season. It’ll be a tough one, but the Panthers, after playing like a pile of rabbit pellets against the Cowboys last week, will be up for the Falcon challenge. Expect Deshaun Foster to annihilate the piss poor Falcon run defense on way to a Panther victory. Steve Smith will be extra motivated to produce after he had 18 yards while getting kicked out of the game last week. Steve’s the kind of guy to get some payback.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Chicago (+4.5) At Minnesota – The Bears have the 2nd spot in the NFC playoffs wrapped up, but don’t take that as a reason the Bears will sit their starters. Some guys will get rest, but Rex Grossman has only played in two football games this year, he’ll get plenty of reps for the Bears to win. And when he comes out, Kyle Orton will get on the field. You have to believe the Bears would have beaten the Vikings with Kyle calling plays too. Lovie Smith isn’t the type of coach that gives away a victory because the game has no playoff consequences. He’ll have his Bears ready to go. Take the better team with the points. Game Date: 01/01/06 16:20 ET

Buffalo (-1) At NY Jets – The Bills are better than the lowly Jets. New York has a solid defense, but their offence makes any defense look heroic. The Bills have played well after getting shit kicked by the Patriots three weeks back. A 9 point loss to the Broncos and a win over the Begnals has given the Bills life. Some life would do the Jets good, but that isn’t expected to happen until they pick Matt Leinart in the 2006 NFL Draft (pure speculation). Take the Bills in this meaningless show of NFL football. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Cincinnati At Kansas City (-7) – The Chiefs are looking solid, and they have to win this game to keep their playoff homes alive. The Steelers have to lose to the Lions, but the Chiefs can’t do anything about that, expect them to take care of their side of the deal. The Bengals won’t play their starters for the entire game, but even if they did, the Chiefs have more to lose in this game. Larry Johnson always runs like a man possessed. If I’ve learned anything the past two weeks, it’s been that the team with the most on the line almost always plays with more passion. Passion equals victory.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Miami At New England (-6) – The Patriots aren’t a team that sits their starters. Bill Bellichick likes to win football games, and with a chance to move up a spot in the AFC, expect him to do just that. Miami has played well lately, but they aren’t in the Patriots league. Well they are in their league, just not, well you understand. They aren’t as good for God’s sake! Take the Patriots with only a touchdown needed to cover. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Detroit At Pittsburgh (-14.5) – The Lions are bad (See every one of their games after their first win over the Panthers). With a loss on Sunday and a Houston Texan victory over the 49ers, the Saints will vault into the #1 spot in the NFL Draft. Can they possibly play the Steelers tough? Nothing to win. Everything to lose by winning. A stupid owner. A crappy team. The Steelers have to win to guarantee themselves a playoff spot. Joey Duck is starting. The 1908 Ford Model T gets the same gas mileage as the 2005 Ford Explorer. Ford’s are built in Detroit. Detroit sucks! Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

New Orleans At Tampa Bay (-14) – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing the worst team in football and they need to win the game to guarantee playoffs. Hmmmm… this is a no-brainer. I think I would have taken the Saints at -20. Look for Cadillac Williams to have a first half eruption, then sit the rest of the game to rest himself for the playoffs. The Bucs should dominate this match-up.
Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Houston At San Francisco (+2) – The Niners can’t possibly finish the season with the number 1 pick in the draft. It seriously can’t happen. They’d have to lose to the Texans, the Packers would have to beat the Seahawks, the Jets would have to beat the Bills, the Saints would have to beat the Buccaneers, and that’s the only possible way Reggie ends up a Niner. On the other hand, the Texans just have to lose to guarantee themselves the #1 pick in the 2006 Draft. So, I’ll take the team who has the better chance to get Reggie by losing. I actually think if the Texans win, the entire coaching staff in Texas will be removed. (This will be the first time a coach got fired for winning)
Game Date: 01/01/06 16:10 ET

Tennessee At Jacksonville (-3.5) – The Titans won’t have Steve ‘Air’ McNair for this contest, and the Jaguars will be testing out Byron Leftwich’s ankle, or giving their starting quarterback as of now, David Garrard, all the snaps. Either way, the Jaguars are in this one to win it. The Titans don’t really stand a chance, considering they’re bad. Look for all of the Jaguar running backs to gain considerable yards on rout to yet another Jacksonville victory. Hooray!
Game Date: 01/01/06 16:10 ET

Seattle (+4) At Green Bay – The Seahawks second stringers are twice as good as the Packer starters. Shaun Alexander is searching hard for his 28th touchdown of the year. When he gets it in the first quarter of this game, he’ll be the record holder for the most touchdowns in a season, taking the title from Priest Holmes. Look for the Seahawks to control the ball against the worst Packer team in recent history. Game Date: 01/01/06 13:05 ET

Washington (-7) At Philadelphia – The Redskins need to beat the Eagles to get into the playoffs. The Eagles are the biggest disappointment of 2005. The second is Terrell, who just happens to be an Eagle. Take the Redskins to upend the Eagles by a considerable amount. I don’t know if any team is playing better than the Redskins right now. Definitely not he Eagles. Game Date: 01/01/06 16:20 ET

St. Louis (+12.5) At Dallas – By the time this game is played, the Cowboys will already be removed from playoff contention. Just to see what they got in Drew Henson, the rookie will get the majority of snaps for the Cowgirls. It’s going to be real nice seeing the Cowboys out of the playoffs. Look for Steven Jackson and Julius Jones to have a runoff. The cowboys will win, but not by more than 10. Drew Bledsoe is slow and un athletic. Bill Parcells will quit after te season. Jerry Jones, in response, will get another face lift, tying him for the record with Michael Jackson. Whoop, there it is!
Game Date: 01/01/06 20:40 ET


Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 17

Lucky was too generous for Christmas going 5-10-1 which brings the season record to 116-111-7. This is a very tricky week with so many meaningless games. Stay tuned for Playoff Winners next week. Here goes crazy week seventeen. 

Cincinnati ( -3.5 ) at Philadelphia – The Bengals should easily trump the Eagles who played third stringers most of last weeks loss to the St. Louis Rams. Damn them! Lost me money. Wouldn’t it be funny if the Rams made the playoffs, snuck out a win in the first week, and then upset Philly at home in week 2? Just a thought. Karma’s a son of a bitch, Andy Reid. Okay, so maybe I’m being a little harsh. Andy is obviously more confident in his offense minus Terrell Owens than I am, but that’s why he eats like I do but still gets paid about 1000 times what I do. Livin’ larger in week 17, the Eagles will relax and let the Bengals play themselves into a lower draft pick.
Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Cleveland at Houston(-10.5) – The Texans should win and get to 8-8 to finish the year against the horrendous Browns. Unfortunately, this will do nothing for their team. I take that back, it gives them something to build on, a step in the right direction, and those are two good things for a team that was brand spanking new just three years ago. David Carr has some off-season improvement strides to make, though he did show some promise earlier in the year. The Browns, well, they have a lot to think about. Cleveland has a positive in Lee Suggs, and might look to unload William Green. This game should be a good old fashion lashing, leaving the Browns wincing in pain from another season spent at the bottom of the barrel.
Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Detroit at Tennessee(+3) – Billy Volek should rediscover the tricks that made him a fantasy stud for all those risk takers out there. He had a tough time of it against a possessed Denver defense, but should find open “Billy Volek” style pastures against the (yawn) Lions Roaring Defensive Unit. Look for Detroit to head into the off season limping, questioning their quarterback situation, and praying that Charles Rogers can make it a year without a broken collar bone. At least the Lions have found a running back worth keeping around, in Kevin Jones. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Green Bay(+3) at Chicago – Green Bay should beat the hapless Bears in Chicago. With the playoffs only a week a way, look for Green Bay to get back to what they do best, feed Ahman Green, and this week Najeh Davenport, the ball. Brett Favre will start, then give way to his back up who has played well this year. The Packers will be too much for a Bears team that has been flipped, powdered, and whooped every which way this year. The Packers are +3, and though this might seem like a useless game for the Pack, they won’t be excited about going into a big game after a loss to the Bears. Look for the Pack to win here. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Miami at Baltimore(-10) – The Dolphins have been an admirable foe of late, but will find a tough go at a ticked off Baltimore defense. AJ Feely will have his problems, and the Dolphins’ running game won’t do anything to help his cause. The Ravens will need some help from some AFC teams even if they win, a feat they should take care of easily against the visiting Dolphins. Let the Nick Saban coaching carousel begin. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Minnesota ( -3.5 ) at Washington – Minnesota should be able to corral another over priced, under productive Redskins bunch that still reflects the failure that was Steve Spurrier. This win is important to the Vikings, which could be a bad thing, if you remember last years last second debacle to the Cardinals. This year I see the finale being a little different for the Vikings, who could cause waves in the weak NFC playoff race. Minnesota will come out with guns blazing against a good Redskins D. The Vikings D will be able to slow a pathetic Redskin offense without Clinton Portis, and take this game with ease.
Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

New Orleans at Carolina(-8) – Carolina takes this game, because it means something to the Saints. Unfortunately for New Orleans, that doesn’t bode well for their chances. Sure, the Saints have pulled off some wins lately, when they were all but dead. And now, at 7-8, a win could very well get them in. So that settles it. The Saints need to win so they won’t. Plus, there is no way their defense, which is horrible, could halt anything the Panthers will throw at them. Mushin Muhammed has done well for himself in this contract year, and I imagine he alone will put an end to New Orleans playoff hopes, in turn lighting the way for the once 1-6 Panthers. Amazing!
Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

N.Y. Jets(-3) at St. Louis – The Rams have only won 3 games this year by more than a touchdown. That includes last weeks 20-7 win against the Eagles B-Team. While they managed a much-needed W against the Eagles last week, that possibility seems highly unlikely in the last week of the regular season. Mike Martz found last week that if he gives the ball to one of his two stud running backs, or both of them, he can win a game. This week he will be back to his old stubborn self, directing futile bombs downfield. It’s also crucial that the Jets need to win this game to assure their spot in the playoffs. The Jets win this one easily, ending a year that might mark the end of Martz’s coaching era in St. Louis. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Pittsburgh (+9) at Buffalo – I think the Steelers will start Tommy Maddox, and he’ll be looking to make something happen. Unlike Philadelphia and Atlanta, the Steelers’ backup quarterback could start for at least 10 teams; Buffalo being one of those teams. The Bills have gotten so far and it would be a shame to see them lose to a Steelers team that has nothing more to play for. But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The Steelers have a lot of talented guys on their team, and should put up a good fight against a Bills team that will be doing everything they can to win. On a positive note for the Bills, Drew Bledsoe showed off those young legs last week with a 7-yard trot down field. I almost choked on my bratwurst. Speaking of choke, plan on watching Bledsoe do a lot of it in his last game as starter for the Bills. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

San Francisco(+14) at New England – I’m going to take San Francisco here. My only explanation is, why should New England play anybody worth a donkey’s ass? As the game has made clear, any injury can happen at any time, and why would a brilliant football mind like Bill Belichick make the mistake of playing anyone important to his title hopes? I believe the Patriots will win. But in a game where 14 points could easily win the game, I don’t see the Pats winning by 14. I hate picking a team that will share snaps between Cody Pickett and Ken Dorsey, but that’s my bet. Game Date: 01/02/05 13:00 ET

Atlanta at Seattle (-6 ) – Seattle should take care of the Falcons. I read that Vick would start but only play a couple of series against the Hawks. The article said; they just wanted Vick sharp for the playoffs. Okay. They need to do a hell of a lot more to than give him a couple series to do that. He hasn’t been sharp for two games in a row, this year. I’m a huge Vick fan, but he’s got some serious consistency issues. I also think his contract might be a little ridiculous, and think there are at least 5 better quarterbacks than him. (Culpepper, Manning, McNabb, Favre, Brady, and Drew Bledsoe) Okay just kidding about the last one. And I know, I’ve heard it all, Vick is more than just a quarterback, “he’s a playmaker”. Sure he is, and he’s a damn good one, but he needs to be a little more “quarterback” a little more often. Take the Hawks here, they haven’t mailed it in yet, they still have a lot to improve on before next week.
Game Date: 01/02/05 16:05 ET

Tampa Bay at Arizona(-3) – I like the Cardinals this last weekend. They’ve been learning the game under one of the game’s great coaches, and he knows how important it is to end the season on a good note. Gruden, a younger less experienced coach, just likes to make some good faces on the last day. Tampa Bay came up short the last few weeks, and will do it again in Arizona. Boldin’s getting yards and Fitzgerald is catching touchdowns, a combination that should flourish in the next few years. Green has coached a feisty team all year, I can’t wait to see them improve in the off season. Take the Cards in Arizona against a team that folded it up a week ago.
Game Date: 01/02/05 16:05 ET

Indianapolis(+9) at Denver – Look for mighty Joe Hamilton, or whoever plays for the Colts to light it up against Denver. Though Denver is fighting for their playoff lives, the prospect of them getting beat by a Colts team that has nothing to play for is too good to pass up. Give Peyton a solid 50 TDs, that’s a good number to finish the season on. The Colts have good back ups at all positions on offense, from Dominic Rhodes to a young wide receiver crew. Tony D isn’t one who appreciates ending the season on a loss to someone they might face in week one of the playoffs. Look for the Colts to jump out quick and then hold on by capitalizing on one of Jake Plummer’s 20+ interceptions. Game Date: 01/02/05 16:15 ET

Jacksonville ( no line ) at Oakland – The Jags showed their first signs of how young they are last week, when they had a diarrhea attack against Houston. Houston has played tough all year, but had nothing to play for, so c’mon Jag’s you’ve got to put in a better effort if you want to go to the playoffs. The Raiders are done, and looking for another high pick for the second year in a row. Al Davis can’t be excited about that. Don’t expect them to have the same problems next year. As for Sunday, expect Jacksonville to give the playoffs their best shot. They need help, but could get it, and they own some important tiebreakers. Fred Taylor needs to have a day for Jacksonville, and I believe he will. Game Date: 01/02/05 16:15 ET

Kansas City(-3) at San Diego – With the Chargers jumping on the “let your team rest” band wagon, properly led by the Eagles and Falcons a week ago, the Chiefs should pull this one off. I’d love to believe that the Chargers will keep their starters in all game, but LT has already been rumored to sit the second half off, if not more. Brees and Gates, and others will get the same treatment, and Larry Johnson will take advantage of the Charger second teamers on defense. Kansas City beats the spread, and ends a mediocre year. Watch out for them next year. Game Date: 01/02/05 16:15 ET

Dallas at N.Y. Giants(-3) – The Manning era has begun in NY, and he has done better lately. Everyone says he’s going to be great, and I can’t argue with that. Good genes will win out anyway. Tiki Barbar, will be looking to finish his great season off with a bang, and should get plenty of chances to do so against a weak Cowboy defense. Look for him to get involved in the passing game as well. The Giants gave their season away to train their future, and it might have paid off. The Giants will look to be back in the race next year, and it all starts with beating the Cowboys in week 17. Their first round pick goes to San Diego anyway, so there’s nothing to lose there. For the Cowboys, the question looms, will Bill Parcels pull his head out of his ass and start Drew Henson? Either way, the Boys end with another L.
Game Date: 01/02/05 20:35 ET