European Tour of Duty

European Tour of Duty

Pick of the Day – Hornets @ Kings

New Orleans Hornets @ Sacramento Kings

Hornets (+4.5)

Monday, April 16th – 1:05 PM ET

Chris Paul & David West might not have gotten their team of youngsters into the post season, but does that mean they’re ready to bend over and take it from the Sac-Town Queens? Not a chance. Ron Artest & Mike Bibby may have had solid games lately, but that just means they’re ready to fold up their lawn chairs and head out to the beach as soon as this seasons’ over. The young Hornets are winners of the future, so expect them to give it their all right meow.

Bottom Line:The Hornets are much better than the Kings, so expect them to win. Weird.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 18-8-1

European Tour of Duty: Okay, so I’m off to Europe because a beautiful woman tricked me into buying a plane ticket to come see her. What can I do? On the road, I’ll do my best to get some inside looks at some overseas events, so stay tuned!

Once again Lucky Lester, me, is off to travel Europe for 7 Weeks, so if I don’t get around to making picks and throw out articles on a daily basis, you all know why. I’ll be chiming in from time to time. Enjoy the NFL Draft, and “Do Work!”

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