Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Pick of the Day – Roger Federer @ Rafael Nadal

Federer (+140)

Sunday, April 22nd – EARLY!!! PM ET

Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal go at it again; this time for the championship in Monte Carlo. While Nadal easily leads the head to head between the two, Roger has done what Roger does and taken the last two from the clay court specialist. Should be a good one on the Cote D’Azur

Bottom Line:As this even takes place, I must tell you, I’m just outside of Monte Carlo, and certainly their is a nice French buzz about tomorrow’s event. I’ve never been a stickler for taking big favorites, something I thought I’d see before looking at the odds for this match. Well, I thought I’d see the best tennis player of all time entrenched as a -200 underdog, but as it seems, the odds have bounced away from Rog. But don’t get ahead of yourselves and bet against this super athlete. He may not be playing the best tennis of his life, and certainly, Nadal is a nice clay match-up for him, but Roger is a winner, even in the most adverse situations, and tomorrow (today for me), he will win. All I needed to see was Nadal fine tuning his game after yesterday’s match. That’s great. And while many think practice makes perfect, I’d have to say, extra time the day before the match will only lose Nadal confidence points.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 19-8-1

European Tour of Duty: As I had planned to do, I found right in front of my eyes, my first European sporting event to pick. Its nice how a little trip to the Azure Coast will crash straight into a Nadal/Federer showdown. You’ve gotta love it!

Once again Lucky Lester, me, is off to travel Europe for 7 Weeks, so if I don’t get around to making picks and throw out articles on a daily basis, you all know why. I’ll be chiming in from time to time. Enjoy the NFL Draft, and “Do Work!”

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