Hall of Drew Bledsoe

Hall of Drew Bledsoe

Pick of the Day – Marlins @ Braves

Florida Marlins @ Atlanta Braves

Marlins (+185)

Sunday, April 15th – 1:05 PM ET

Annibal Sanchez VS Tim Hudson; both these pitchers have a lot to offer. Sanchez and his young Marlins try to make a name for themselves, as Hudson and his Braves look to get back on track after a down year. Andrew Jones & Miquel Cabrerra will have a lot to do with who wins this contest.

Bottom Line: This baseball game is all about numbers, right? Right. You talk to any manager, hardcore fan, or player, and they will tell you, the highs and lows don’t often exist, where the averages tell the story. That’s why there’s 162 games a year, and getting a hit one time in every 3 atbats gets you to the All Star Game. Well, the young Sanchez is much better than his 5.4 ERA, and Hudson’s .64 ERA isn’t about to last. Expect both of those numbers to even out as the Marlins take down the Braves in a big money winner, +185. I always try to go for big money winners to break my slump (0-2 in last 2 bets), and this is a good a chance as any.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 18-8-1

Hall of Drew Bledsoe?: Was he good, bad, or great? Sometimes bad, sometimes good, but never, never Great. Okay, in college Drew could toss that pigskin around, but in the NFL, Mr. Bledsoe has always come up short of great… Every single year. I’m not even going to argue with numbers, as surely, this inordinarily slow, tall, unathletic stumbler ranks in the Top 10 in more than a couple categories. But this isn’t baseball, where 500 long balls used to get you in, or the NBA, where leading the league in scoring a handful of times makes you a prime H.O.F. canidate. This is the NFL where great players find themselves in the Hall of Fame, and good players try to figure out what they could have done to be great. Drew Bledsoe had a few good years, only a few. He played solid in New England for a couple years, and had a nice season for a .500 Buffalo Bill team, but never, not even when he found himself in the Super Bowl, was he a great quarterback. Don’t be confused for even a minute, 7th all time in anything doesn’t make you great. Being great, not measure by numbers or titles or touchdowns or girth, just being geat, that’s it. It’s not that difficult to assess. Its right there in front of your eyes. Watch the great ones now and enjoy the show. As for what I will do without Drew to pinch and poke week after week, Eli Manning’s going to be around for awhile, he should do just fine.

In other news: Lucky Lester, me, is off to travel Europe for 7 Weeks, so if I don’t get around to making picks and throw out articles on a daily basis, you all know why. I’ll be chiming in from time to time. Enjoy the NFL Draft, and “Do Work!”

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