One Minute Quickie

One Minute Quickie

Pick of the Day – Red Sox @ Royals

Boston Red Sox @ Kansas City Royals

Under (9.5)

Thursday, April 5th – 7:10 PM ET

It’s a pitching match-up to watch in Kansas City Thursday afternoon. The Red Sox, and Daisuke Matsuzaka play their 3rd against the Royals and super-talented starter Zach Greinke. Its easy to get caught up in the Daisuke lure, but don’t ignore the preseason Greinke had, the kid was once a top flight prospect.

Bottom Line: I would love to take the Royals in this one, as the payout is pretty big, just to win, in their home stadium. With all the Matsuzaka hoopla, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the Red Sox just didn’t hit for their Japanese Ace, and the Royals pull a quick one on good Old Boston. But its too hard for me to bet against David Ortiz, Manny Rameirez, Coco Crisp, JD Drew, Willy Mo Pena and company, to lose their first series of the season, 1-2, to the Kansas City Royals of all clubs. So, to be safe, I’m going with the under. Matsuzaka has been unhittable, and Greinke has all the talent to slow down the potent Red Sox free swingers.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 16-6-1

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