2007 Fantasy Football Review – Week 13

This Week’s Top Team: 116 points – bad production from the bottom end killed me – defensive points, kickers (duh) and TE’s proved to be pretty worthless for me this week.QB: Tom Brady vs. Baltimore: Teams can’t run against Baltimore, but passing has come very easily. This should be one of those “pile it on” games, which Tom likes to throw 4 or 5 touchdowns in. Needless to say, I like my chances with this year’s fantasy hero. 21 points ain’t bad though.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. Seattle: Westy had 19 fantasy points, but broke my heart when he didn’t take that punt return to the house. How does a guy not cut that back to the inside, instead just getting pushed out of bounds? I’m sure he’d like that move back. Anyway, he had a big rushing score and His 7 catches for 46 yards helped to. What a great season for Brian.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. KC: This fine TCU product excelled this week, putting up those stats I’ve called “LT stats” in the passed. 31 fantasy points is one of his best days of the season, and finally Norv Turner is begainning to realize how Marty won all those games. 177 rushing yards and 2 TDs – nice work.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Philadelphia: 34 yards and a touchdown, will the real Randy Moss please stand up? Randy didn’t do all the damage I expected, but his TD pass was a savior that got him to 9 points on the week. What about next week in Pittsburgh? They are actually good…

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Jacksonville: 158 yards and a touchdown (a long one for an extra 2 points) – yeah, I’d say Reggie did 24 points of damage for me at the WR spot – gotta love that.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Arizona: Winslow only had 35 yards, but he did catch a 2 pt conversion, and he did catch a touchdown that was completely missed as time expired. I hate referees. How do they not call that a pushout? Fantasy be damned, I just think a guy should get the score he deserves, and the right team should win. Did that happen on Monday Night?

K: Adam Vinitieri vs. Jacksonville: “I just pick a kicker and that seems to make them have a bad week. So now, I’m picking kickers of teams I want to lose – it worked last week, here goes nothing. A Jaguar win in Indy would be nice, and it’d tie things up in the South.” Damn, the Jags didn’t win, they lost by a field goal – and not one that Adam kicked, because he only had 4 extra points. God, I hate kickers!

D: New England vs. Baltimore: Willis McGahee came to play this week, and the Patriots were let off the hook (as Dennis Green so kindly said) – I wanted to crown them, but the were let off the hook. 4 points against the Ravens – I’m not even angry, I’m just disgusted!


Kellen Clemens: Clemens only had 12 points, and against Miami – that just isn’t’ that good. Granted, he didn’t have to throw much in the 2nd half, but I’m not as impressed with Clemens as I thought I’d be. C

Earnest Graham: Another 100 yard game from this consistent little back, and another fantasy team for my team since I picked him up weeks and weeks ago. Talk about a great option. 19 fantasy points, and another A+.

Jesse Chatman: Jesse got hurt, so it’s hard to be fair – but he did kill me in one league, so I’ll just take an F for this call. I guess you have to be weary of those injured players.

Thomas Jones: 75 yards rushing, 25 yards receiving, and it’s about damn time, a rushing touchdown for TJ. He still didn’t look great, as Leon Washington almost matched his yardage on about 20 less carries. All in all, though, this was a good day for Jones’ owners. 15 points. A

Donte Stallworth: He only had 63 yards, as the Patriots didn’t look crisp against the Ravens. Baltimore came to play. Anyway, Stallworth was 2nd on the team in receiving with 68 yards, good for 6 points. I’ll take a C-

Nate Washington: 2 catches for 16 yards? Gross. F

Owen Daniels: 3 grabs for 42 yards – I hate to say it, but 4 points from a TE isn’t all that bad. I’ll take a C for this one.

Chargers: Once again, my second defense outscored my top pick, this time by 21 fantasy points. The Chargers shut down the Chiefs very well, and put up 24. That’s an A+.

LUCKY’S Week 13 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Rex Grossman: Hey haters! Rex had 296 yards and a touchdown without a pick. He still got sacked a ton, and probably cost his team with all those negative plays, but he didn’t turn the ball over. I was wrong, and he had a nice day despite all the sacks. 17 pts.

Laurence Maroney: Laurence didn’t do much on the ground, 13 carries for 34 yards, but he did make 2 catches and piled up 79 yards receiving on those two grabs. 10 pts isn’t that bad, and more impressive than I thought.

Warrick Dunn: 10 carries for 17 yards – all I have to say is, your welcome for that advice.

Deion Branch: 5 catches for 40 yards – is that the kind of production you expected from the #1 option in Seattle? I didn’t think so. Nate Burleson and Bobby Engram both had better days than the other Deion.

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