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Lucky number Week 13, or that’s what my nephew calls it after he hit 16-0 a couple years ago – anyway, no need to waste any more time trouting around like donkeys, lets get right to this fantasy business.

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I need a win something fierce, who should I start between the following? Steven Jackson, Joseph Addai, or Edgerrin James (any two will do) and between Deion Branch and Reggie Brown… Thanks! – Con Brinkley in New York

I would never bench Addai – he’s too big a part of the Colts offense, and he’s a very good runner with great all around numbers. That leaves Steven Jackson playing Atlanta and Edgerrin James going up against the Cleveland Browns. Can you go wrong? I don’t know. It’s tough to choose an aging Edge over a healthy and youthful Ste-Jack, so I just won’t do it. I like James’ match-up with the Browns, but honestly, I think Kurt Warner and company will easily toss touchdowns against Cleveland’s defense, leaving little room for James to score. Go with the Jackson-Addai dynamic duo… As for receiver, I think you have a touch decision on your hands. The Eagles worked a way to shut down Randy Moss, who plays an outside roll similar to that of Deion Branch, plus, Branch is shorter and not as able to jump and get the ball. Branch will be the surefire #1 with Hackett out. Reggie Brown hasn’t impressed much this season, but A.J. Feeley seems to have more trust in him than McNabb did, and it looks like Feeley is about to start. So I’d got with Brown. He is a nice physical match-up for the vertically challenged Seahawk cornerbacks, and the Eagles will have room to run play action and get nice gains through the air. I’d roll the way of the Eagle in this one.

I’m in a league where you get to keep one player at each position. I’m already keeping Steven Jackson and Andre Johnson at RB and WR, but who would you keep between Matt Schaub and Derek Anderson at QB? I know DA is getting fantasy stats with the best of them, but I have to like Schaub’s upside, right? – Cam Carlson in Michigan

Cam, you do have a tough decision, regardless of all the fantasy points Anderson is holding over Schaub’s head. What you have to think about with DA is, how long will he be in Cleveland? You’d think a team, with all the trouble they’ve had trying and finally getting a solid quarterback, would just stick with what got them to the next level, but obviously they might feel as though they have a situation with Brady Quinn, and end up with a Drew Brees/Phillip Rivers dilemma in Cleveland. Tough call. Matt Schaub is going to be the starter in Houston for a long time. He has one of the best young receivers in the game, he has a coach that has succeeded in forming some of the most efficient offenses in the game, and he’ll only get better with the more opportunities he has. However, Derek Anderson has weapons too, very good ones in Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow – plus, Jamal Lewis isn’t old yet, and the offensive line in Cleveland is awesome, plus LeCharles Bentley is expected back next season, making them even better. I’m not sure you have a wrong choice here, the Texans O-Line problems make Schaub more of a health risk, and the Browns commitment to Brady Quinn makes DA an interesting keeper – but I say stick with Anderson. He’s a big gun-slinger with a cannon for an arm, a great O-Line, and two huge weapons with great hands in Edwards and Winslow.

I know it’s this season, but I’m just checking predictions here, how do you rank the following receivers and then quarterbacks heading into next season? Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Roy Williams, Larry Fitzgerald, and Calvin Johnson. Then Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, David Garrard, Jay Cutler, and Vince Young. Fantasy-wise of course, and in a 6 pt TD pass league, with PPR format. – Sherry Baby in Denver, Colorado

Sherry, Baby – I personally would go with Randy Moss (assuming he stays in New England – might be a big assumption), Andre Johnson, Terrell Owens, Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, and then Roy Williams. Obviously, in NE, Randy is the king of the wide receiver class – he has one of the smartest coaches in the game, smartest quarterbacks in the game, and a team that loves to give him a chance at the ball. Andre gets my second vote, because he’s been dynomite when given a chance, and I can only imagine he gets better with one more season, and another year together with Schaub. TO is a close 3rd, probably 2a, but is just a hair behind AJ because of his years and sometimes questionable actions in years’ past. Though I think he’s been a great teammate and citizen this season, and imagine he’ll continue on that path until he’s done. Larry is my #4 because after starting a little slowly, he’s been one of the most consistent receivers in the game – I’m not sure, but he’s been close to 100 yards in almost every single one of his last 8 games – that’s solid. Plus, I think he’ll always be a great touchdown threat. I put Calvin over Roy Williams, because the Lions seem to like Calvin more, and while I think Roy is freakishly good, Johnson might have just that much more of a special size speed combo – making him get the nod.

At QB, I’d go with Jay Cutler, Phillip Rivers, Eli Manning, David Garrard and Vince Young – VY has the intangibles to get him big wins in the NFL, but I think people will soon realize that he’s not the fantasy royalty everyone was thinking he’d be. Eil Manning and David Garrard are so much closer than I thought they’d be, even with David getting the starting gig. Eli is just too inconsistent. While he gets lots of TDs, he also spends a lot of time throwing for under 200 yards – which is gross, and he makes lots of mistakes. Garrard doesn’t make mistakes. Phillip Rivers may be in the midst of a down year, but I can’t imagine that rolls into next season. He’s too competitive and accurate, and he can throw the ball with enough velocity when he sets his mind to it. Plus, look at those weapons. That brings me to Jay Cutler, a 2nd year guy that I think is being held back by his coaching staff trying to limit his mistakes. He can toss a football as far as anyone, and he’s got good vision even when pressure is around him. Plus, as much as I hate Splinter, he’s one hell of a coach, and he’ll always put Jay in good positions. The biggest thing working for Jay is his receiving corps. Brandon Marshall is going to be a great receiver, Javon Walker will be healthy and when so, he’s fantastic and then you have Tony Scheffler – great hands and a fearless attack on the ball in the air. Watch out for Jay next season.

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