2006 Fantasy Football Week 10 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: 140+ points, here I come… This week I’m looking for at least 2 guys who roam atop their position in the fantasy point standings. These are my guys.

QB: Donovan McNabb: The Eagles have to win this week against the Redskins, and DNabb is the man to bring them to victory. With Washington’s defense starting to play tougher against the run, look for McNabb to take advantage of his two young receivers on way to routing the Skins.

RB: Larry Johnson: I promised myself I wouldn’t take LJ and LT this weekend, but since that would hurt my chances at scoring the most possible points, I’m boinking that idea and going with the two best running backs in the league for the 3rd straight week. But, next week, I promise, I’ll pick two new contestants on the Price is right. Look for LJ to score more points than the entire Dolphin team.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: Tomlinson will be relied on to terminate the Bengals, something he’ll do his best to complete. Look for LT to get more touches outside of the tackle box this weekend, short passes, crossing patterns, and screens will help him get in the open field. LT will have yet another big day.

WR: Terrell Owens: Terrell has to have a huge week after killing his team by dropping an easy touchdown bomb last weekend, finally resulting in a Redskins win over the Boys, who had outplayed Washington all day long. Arizona, even more so than most other teams, have no answer for Owens’ playmaking ability. Look for TO to have his best game of the season against ‘Zona.

WR: Anquan Boldin: Larry Fitzgerald will be back on the field this weekend, and that means Boldin won’t get all the coverage from the defense. AB will have a huge day against a Cowboy team that isn’t stout against the pass. Dennis Green has had a couple weeks to prepare for this, so expect a big shootout in Arizona.

TE: Desmond Clark: With æ of the Giants’ defensive line sidelined by injury, Clark won’t be relied on at all to pass block. That means he’ll be running more routs, and getting more balls. Grossman finds safety in feeding Desmond, something I’m ready and willing to take advantage of.

K: Neil Rackers: Finally, Neil has to get back to his old form sooner or later. I’m not happy with sooner or later, I’m rolling the dice on this week, I’ll even predict a game winner from about 40 yards out on Sunday. Take that Cowgirls!

D: Ravens: It almost feels like cheating, taking Baltimore to dominate the Titans, but a mans got to do what a mans got to do. After Tennessee struggled last week, you can bet Baltimore will blitz Vince Young into submission.

If I were Steve Fischer, I wouldn’t have let Vince watch game film on the Ravens. No need to scare the kid.


Tony Romo: ToRo will be slangin’ missiles all day long against the Cardinals. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a nice number of rushing yards from Romo either, maybe even a score, because the Cardinals don’t hold their lines, or keep contain very well at all.

David Garrard: Houston’s little defenders won’t be able to compete with Jacksonville’s size at the receiver position. And the jaguars will get close to the endzone more than a handful of times. That means, Garrard will have more than a couple touchdown lobs to his threesome of big boys on the corners.

Steven Jackson: After LT and LJ, I would take Steven Jackson next. Jackson and the Rams always play well against Seattle, and although the Hawks downed the Raiders easily last week, don’t expect the Rams to fall that easily. St. Louis’ running game is too strong, Seattle will struggle to contain this Beaver.

Frank Gore: In a game that promises some scoring, the starting back in San Francisco will get his first touchdown since the opening weeks. If he has to break one to do it, fine, but I think Nolan will give him another shot on the goal line this week in Detroit.

Tim Carter: This ultimate sleepers candidate will see the field more than ever this week against the Bears. Say what you want about Chicago’s defense, I know for sure the Giants can pass on that secondary. Tim Carter will get Toomer’s balls, and that means nice things from this waiver wire warrior.

Lee Evans: Lee should get his chance to shine against the Colts. The Bills are almost guaranteed to be down early, and if that doesn’t force the Bills to get Lee the ball, I don’t know what will. Evans looks to shine when he’s needed most, this week with Willis out nursing a couple broken ribs.

Jason Witten: J-Dub will get his this week in Arizona. Owens will start off getting most of Romo’s attention, but when the coaching staff notices Witten getting single covered by linebackers, Romo will find him for big gains, and a touchdown. Expect double digits in fantasy points for Wit.

Jaguars DST: The Jags defense has a shark to blood mentality. This week, JAX hosts the Texans. Since Lefty went down, the Jag defense has stepped up. Against a bloodied Texan offense, expect these cats to pounce and pummel the hapless Houston 1st Pick in the NFL drafters.


Brett Favre: Luckily for the Vikings, their defense has shown they can play better than they did on Monday Night Football against the Patriots. Favre will get rushed into mistakes, and a tough game in Minni’s Dome.

Edgerrin James: Peyton! Tony! Marvin! Where the hell have you guys gone? You need me! I need you! On second thought, I’ll take all this damn money and run right the hell into defenders! Single digit fantasy points! (Taken from James’ subconscious)

Plaxico Burress: I don’t know why a dude with a bad back is calling out one of the hardest hitting units in professinal sports, but for such a dumb call by PB, you can bet he makes my wussy list of the week.

Randy Moss: Randy against Champ. This would be a great match up if Moss was playing anywhere but Oakland. Unfortunately for him, and my fantasy team, Randy can’t do dick if Elmer freaking Fudd is throwing him the ball. The way the Raider O line is blocking lately, it might as well be Fudd back there, he’s got just as good a chance as getting the ball off as Andrew Walter does.

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