2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 3

Week 3’s Fantasy Points: 96… Yikes. Better next time, guaranteed.

QB: Donovan McNabb’s 296 yards and 3 touchdowns hooked me up with 19 fantasy points…. I’ll be looking for more this Monday Night in Green Bay.

RB: Steven Jackson remains touchdownless, despite my claims. He had 11 fantasy points after tallying 120+ total yards from scrimmage.

RB: Warrick Dunn did just a little bit more than the Falcons did against New Orleans, which was good for 4 fatnasy points after 44 yards rushing. Ouch.

WR: Darrell Jackson had 57 yards and 2 touchdowns for 17 points, that ranked him 10th.

WR: Donte Stallworth didn’t play, that hurt, switched him with Reggie Brown at the last moment, he got me 106 yards, and 10 points.

TE: L.J. Smith corralled a touchdown and 19 total receiving yards for a fat 7 points.

K: Jeff Wilkins had 3 field goals and an extra point, bringing his fantasy total to 11.

D: Baltimore Ravens scored 17 fantasy points, not nearly as much as I had expected, but only 2 teams were better than them on Sunday.


Jon Kitna: Jon was the #4 fantasy quarterback this week, reminding us how bad the Packers defense can be.

Laurence Maroney: LauMo had 7 fantasy points, and only 18 rushing yards. The Bengals held down the Patriots nicely.

Correll Buckhalter: Correll only had 30 yards for 3 points, but he was worth a shot in the dark.

Matt Jones: Jones didn’t play, and subsequently, neither did the Jaguars passing attack. No points for Matt.

Lee Evans: Lee collected 100 yards for 10 fantasy points. Not too shabby.


Eli Manning: Eli owners were lucky his coach let him play the 4th quarter, because when the game mattered, Eli had 3 interceptions and 0 touchdowns. Late meaningless drives gave Eli 17 fantasy points though, so I was wrong about Eli’s fantasy struggles.

Reuben Droughns: Droughns didn’t play, so he didn’t score at all…. Good call by me, eh?

Mushin Muhammad: Rexxy found Mush enough for 11 fantasy points, 118 yards, now that’s not the stuff of wussies… check out Plax for that rundown.

Plaxico Burress: I told you so. Plax’s 1 catch for 23 yards and a fumble got him just as many points as Reuben, Donte Stallworth, Barry Sanders, and Joe Montana this week. 0. Yeehaw!

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