Week 3 NFL Pick Review – 2006

The freaking Panthers couldn’t even cover despite rupturing poor little Chrissy’s spleen. He went to the hospital, got it removed, after this week I thought it was me who had a ruptured spleen. Panthers win, I lose, damn I hate that! When are the real Panthers coming to play football? Someone let me know.
For the second time in as many games, the team I picked to win, won, and I failed to cover by a measly point. Life can be trying sometimes, watching the Bears irk out a win in Minnesota while I lose my second straight is down right torturous.

After two losses by two points, the Bengals brought me back with a 11 point win in Pittsburgh. I took them to win in my sports book, so it was a nice little payout for me. 1-2.

I knew I was going to regret taking the Lions as any kind of favorite. Brett had it rocking like the old days, and the Packers handed me my 3rd loss in 4 games, while winning their first of the season.

The Jags and Colts pushed. Pushes are better than losses apparently, because when you push you get your money back, and when you lose you don’t get anything. Not even a hug.

The Bills played another tight game while failing to win again. For a team that’s played pretty well, the 1-2 Bills have some hard luck. 1-4-1.

The Dolphins gagged again, but this time came out victorious against one of the worst teams in football, sans Oakland. Miami needs to get better in a hurry if they want to compete for a playoff spot. 3 point victories over Tennessee won’t get anything going. My 5th loss of the morning felt like kidney stones.

Doubling my win column was Mark Brunell and his record breaking 22 straight completions. Yeah Mark! Hey, I’ll take a win any way I can get it, even if 43 year old Brunell is setting records. Just don’t let it happen again Mark.

My 6th loss came when the Ravens played like dump all day against the Browns. It always amazes me when far superior teams, like Baltimore, play terrible against inferior teams, like Cleveland. And then, in the end, they luck out and win anyway. It’s unreal.

The Hawks destroyed the Giants, sending New York’s boys into a downward tumbling team crash, with finger pointing, taddle telling, name calling, and phone calls home to the parents… Did I mention no recess? Look not at the 42-30 final score, but look deeper at the 35-3 halftime mark.

Like the Hawks, Philadelphia didn’t play so hot in the 2nd half, allowing the 49ers to sniff some hope. Philly likes to play with teams like that. Philly still easily beat San Fran to get me my 4th victory of the day.

Chalk up another loss against rush heavy teams for the Cardinals. Can anyone say watch out for Atlanta this weekend? A win for the Rams = a win for good old Lucky… I was on my way to a winning week.

Like I said, Denver was up for the challenge in New England. Winning the game meant I finished Sunday at .500, with a sure thing victory out of the Falcons on Monday Night to turn a very bad start into a smile at the end.

Letting me down again were those pesky Falcons. I couldn’t believe the roll over and take it act they played in the Saints victory. It was nice to see the Saints win in New Orleans, but what a dismal performance by Atlanta. My sure thing turned into 6-7-1… My first losing week of the season. Stay tuned for my Week 4 bounce back.

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