Week 6 NFL Picks Review: 2007

Week 6 wasn’t too bad to me. I was 4-2-1 with my free picks, with a couple big wins, a couple close wins, and a push that happened because a kicker missed a chip shot. Overall, I’m happy with a week that could have been better or worse, I’ll take the 4-2-1 chip and be happy.

Minnesota Vikings (+6) @ Chicago Bears: (win)
(Line: Tuesday, 6:00pm EST: Bodog)

“I think the Vikings and Bears are right about equal. Before the season, I didn’t think the bears looked as good as they have been, and then injuries flooded that secondary. The Vikings are pretty healthy, and come in with a formidable rushing attack that will definitely put pressure on the bears’ defensive front. Adrian Peterson (the Vikings version, not the bears’) is an absolute beast. The Packers showed that the bears can be run on, and I think the Vikings will take note. With Chester Taylor working in tandem with Peterson, they’ll both stay fresh and pound this game to a close finish.” I can’t say that this game could have been picked any better. They were about equal, AP was a beast, Taylor did his thing, and the bears gave up close to a million yards on the ground. I win and I look smart, can’t do much better than that.

St. Louis Rams (+10) @ Baltimore Ravens: (loss)
(Line: Tuesday, 6:00pm EST: NewBodog)

“I think Gus Frerote can lead the Rams to enough scoring drives to put pressure on the Ravens. The Ram O-Line seems to be playing better together, and that is what this game will rely on. I like the Ravens to win this one, but giving Baltimore a 10 point hole to dig out of seems like a poor wager. The Ravens have been bad (at least) offensively, and touchdowns have been very hard to come by. 10 points, even the pathetic Rams can give than spread a test. I like them to make a play late to finish just within the spread, giving me a big underdog win.” Well, what can I say, you eat it when you’re wrong, and I was wrong here. The Ravens didn’t do much offensively, kick a bunch of field goals because even with 5 interceptions, they still can’t put up points on a team like the Rams. But Gus didn’t do much besides throw the ball to the Ravens. 5 interceptions? My good God. I lose this one because I put too much on Gus to do a decent job.

Tennessee Titans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-2.5): (win)
(Line: Thursday, 5:00pm EST: BetEd)

Well, Vince Young got a small taste of the Madden Curse, and the Bucs pulled out a late win by a field goal. I like -2.5 and am glad I jumped on this when I had the chance. I’m sure most of the books were on the side of the Titans, so you probably got just under 3 if you took this bet, too. A win is a win, by a half a point or by 10 points.

Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers (-3): (push)
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

“This is a very tough game, one of those I wouldn’t pick if I didn’t pick every single game. I think the Packers and Redskins are basically the same team. They both have tough defenses and thus far have been pretty one-dimensional offensively. The Packers pass the ball successfully, while most of the Redskins’ yards come on the ground. Over the last 2 games, Campbell has cut down on mistakes, but the Packers might just force him into an interception or two. I think this game goes to the Packers at home, but it’s a tough one to call, one I’d stay away from.” Well, can I call ’em or can I call em? Talk about two even teams with the home team finishing with a field goal advantage. Honestly, this should have been a win. If Mason Crosby hits a short field goal (less than 38 yards) then the Packers win, and I cover. The way it is, it was just a big fat push in a tough game to call.

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (-9.5): (win)
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

“I just think LT has an LT day against the Raiders, and the Chargers win 28-14. That covers, not by a lot, but a cover is a cover. Phillip Rivers has looked decent enough lately to keep the Raiders’ honest, and Oakland’s defense hasn’t been as good this year as they were last time around. I know its hard to justify taking the Chargers after just one good game, but defensively they were so much better last week. Plus, I wasn’t one to buy the Chargers’ demise quite yet. A win here puts them back in first place in the AFC West.” I don’t know what to say besides the fact that I’m a genius. Haha. I’m pretty sure if you look back at this game, you’ll see that LT had an LT type day and the Chargers won 28-14, covering by just enough. That is exactly what I predicted. Yhatzee!

New Orleans Saints @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.5): (loss)
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

Well, the Saints played like the Saints of old in the first half, and Reggie Bush finally found out what it was like to hit a hole hard. He had 3 big runs to get the Saints going, and misplays, bad calls, interesting coaching decisions, and a plethora of other things (including Shaunna Alexander’s pathetic attempts to run the ball) had the Seahawks down and out to the Saints. I missed this one. That’s for sure.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-6.5): (win)
(Line: Tuesday, 5:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

“The Jaguars are the better team here. They make fewer mistakes, they run the ball better, and their defense is more of a force. I know Houston started out hot, and this game is usually close, but because of the way Houston has been playing, I don’t see the Jaguars looking past this game like they have in the past. David Garrard may not be flashy, but he wins football games.” The Jaguars won by even more than I thought, and that was mainly due to getting Maurice Jones-Drew the ball. That kid is magic.

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