Week 14 NFL Picks Review: 2007

I was just 3-4 for my free picks this week, as there were many a tough games for me. I did however, go 6-3 with my elite picks, which put me just two games over .500 on the week. I have some work to do in these next three weeks, but I have done well in the final half of the season in the 3 years prior to this, so get ready for some wins. Here’s where I went wrong on Sunday, and Thursday… Got Monday right on the dot, though!

Thursday’s Game…

Chicago Bears (+3) @ Washington Redskins: loss
(Line: Monday, 1:40am EST: Bookmaker)

“Both these teams have been less than impressive as of late, but I have to take the Bears, if only because the Redskins have been through too much over the last week or so, and that wears on a team more so in the 2nd game than the first. The Redskins are tough, and I imagine they’ll be back to football this week, but the Bears aren’t the pushover they were early in the season, and Rex Grossman is actually playing solid at the QB post.” This was a weird game. Both quarterbacks went down early, and the Bears abandoned their offense which seemed weird, because it’s not like Rex was the catalyst or anything. The Redskins did just enough, in a gross fest, as the Bears just couldn’t get into the end zone.

Sunday’s Games…

Dallas Cowboys @ Detroit Lions (+10.5) : win
(Line: Monday, 1:40am EST: TheGreek)

There wasn’t much reason to go for the Lions here, everything working against them, and in the end, although they convered easily, they gave up a late touchdown and lost a game they very well should have won against the best team in the NFC. Craziness, but I’ll take the win.

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (-7): win
(Line: Monday, 1:40am EST: TheGreek)

“My brain had me believing that this was the one for Miami – and then I realized, they aren’t going to win a single football game. They don’t have the maturity, and now injuries are really starting to grab this team by the jugular. The only thing they have on their opponents, is, if they continue to lose, they could be considered the worst team of all time. Nobody with a set wants to have that title, and I’m sure the Dolphins will come out gung ho about getting off the snide. The only thing is, Trent Edwards is an accurate smart passer, and I don’t think he’ll make enough mistakes for the Dolphins to find a way to win. Also, Miami can’t stop the run, and the Bills have a pretty solid rushing attack.” Two guys, Jackson and Lynch, each rushed for over 100 yards, and the Bills handed the Dolphins their 13th loss of the season. Yep, 3 more to go to be “that” team. Fantastic!

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5): loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:40am EST: Belmont)

The Giants are the worst team heading into the playoffs, and I still can’t wait for them to tumble in Round 1 by about a million points to whomever they play… (Maybe not the Hawks) – Anyway, they still found a way to ugly themselves to a win, which just about made me hurl. Plaxico somehow caught a couple high and outside passes from Elly Manning, yes, pronounced L-E, and took one to the house. The Giants won, but I still think they suck. Believe me when I say, just wait and see.
Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets (+3.5): loss
(Line: Monday, 1:40am EST: TheGreek)

This game was a lot closer than many people imagined, but the Jets gave up a late touchdown that iced it, seems like the story of their season. Well, they’ve gotten killed a lot too. More importantly, how about those playoff bound Brownies? Oh, you betcha, they’ll be doing their best to get in, and if they can beat bad teams, they’ll sneak right on in without much of a sweat. Good win for Cleveland, their defense looked better on Sunday.

Arizona Cardinals (+8) @ Seattle Seahawks: loss
(Line: Wednesday, 11:40am EST: 5Dimes)

“I don’t do well with Seahawk games, so take this one, as always, at your own leisure.” I warned you, and while I am definitely taking credit for this loss, hopefully you either faded my “don’t pick well on the Hawks’ games” selection, or just left it alone all together. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the fact that Shaunna kills me, or that I live close to these guys, or that I always expect too much until they let me down – either way, I missed this one again, and the Hawks came out and won the division early, and split the season series with the Cardinals.

Monday Night Football Game

New Orleans Saints (-4) @ Atlanta Falcons: win
(Line: Wednesday, 11:40am EST: 5Dimes 4)

Gross game – easy win for me that brought me over .500 with my free/pay picks combined, so that’s nice. I fell just short of .500 with my 7 free selections, but they are my low-tier plays, and you can’t win them all. I hope I can pull of a blockbuster undefeated week here in Week 15, with some crazy spreads coming out already. Check in later in the week for my Free and Elite plays.

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