San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Browns Preview and Pick

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San Diego Chargers vs Cleveland Browns Preview and Pick: I’ve never liked the Chargers as big favorites, even less so on the road, but one offensive outburst doesn’t a season make, and that’s where 99% of the Browns offense came from, one single offensive performance in once magic passing game (which they lost on the last play anyway) against a pathetic Detroit Lions secondary. And without any offensive burst, there’s no way the Browns stay within 14 points of Philip Rivers and that offense.

Unlike the Cincinnati Bengals, the Chargers don’t care about slowing the game down and getting a sure win, no, they like to throw the ball and jam touchdowns like your throat like force-feeding somebody almonds without giving them a drink of water (I use that example because I once force-fed my cousin almonds and he didn’t like it one bit). Vincent Jackson hasn’t had a huge day in a while, and there’s no better time than now. I’m sure Philip Rivers is watching tape of the Lions game and going, “Matthew Stafford threw 5 touchdowns against these guys, I’m going to throw 6….” He’s a competitive guy like that, and I must say, I like his chances.

The Browns lost Jamal Lewis for the season (and his career coincidentally) and so their offense takes a little bit of a hit. That’s right, if an offense is the worst in the league, and they take an injury hit, what does that make them? A nice play against, even as a big dog at home, that’s what.

San Diego Chargers (-12) @ Cleveland Browns

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