Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 5

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Romo did some interception throwing like he was getting points for the damn things, but he ended up leading his team to victory and flashing a fat 8 points on the board. Needless to say, he didn’t win my fantasy league for me. Who was a tear jerker in Week 5? Weird, Lee Evans finds his name back on the “bad” list, as do a couple more big name players. Check ’em out right MEOW!

Jon Kitna: Is that a zero I hear dropping on the score sheet from Kitna’s fantasy league? You betcha. 2 picks, 106 yards, and a big fat loss for the Lions. Yes, I imagine it’ll be tough to reach that 10 win plateau with numbers like that. I mean, I know the Redskins are improved, but lets not pretend that they’re one of the best defenses in the league. Kitna, suck it up and use that cave-man skull of yours to put up some points next week. Or better yet, don’t, and get back on the list.

Larry Johnson: Tough sledding for the big-money guy. 9 rushes, 12 yards, 5 catches 3 yards. Needless to say, the Chiefs didn’t do much in terms of winning on Sunday. It looks like the Jaguars are back to their old tricks which means, watch out running backs. Huard was brutal, the O-line in KC is something to frown at, and overall, I’m not so sure it’ll get much better. Not every game will put the Chiefs up against one of the toughest front-fours in football, but every D will single in on LJ, especially with Brodie Croyle running show.

Mark Clayton: Like Tatum Bell, Mark Clayton will not be allowed back on the tear jerker list until he proves he’s actually worth owning. I’m holding on to him, just because I think his upside is mucho grande, but he’s been one of the biggest busts in fantasy football. Last week against San Francisco – 1 catch, 5 yards. Thanks for coming out.

Tatum Bell: Bell will no longer be on the Tear Jerker list, because he is no longer worth owning in fantasy football leagues. I kid you not, this cat is done. After all that off-season talk about how Mike Martz loves him and Jones is out for the year, Tatum will now be a high-priced backup looking to the off-season for some more work. Thank you for your 4 carries for 15 yards, young Bell – and next time you get the ball, learn how to look for a hole.

Terrell Owens: TO had more drops than catches, and he busted out 2 for 25 yards and 2 fantasy points. I had Romo and TO, so needless to say, I’m searching for a way to pick up the pieces in Week 6.

Lee Evans: Back again. 1 catch, 12 yards – but hey, it was a nice route, and a nice sideline finger tip catch. My good god.

Chris Chambers: Chris had a point. Sweet, Carl. 2 catches for 19 yards, and to think, one more yard and he could have had 2 points. Eh, he still makes this list if he has 2 points, so big deal.

(Also considered; – Matt Leinart’s shoulder, the Cardinals’ defense, every single player on the Broncos, even coach Splinter)

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