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Here we are, Week 7 and we’re riding the pivot in most fantasy leagues. This week marks the half way point of the regular season, and you’re in one of three places, you’re either getting crushed at the bottom (Those who drafted Marc Bulger, Steven Jackson, Shaun Alexander, and Lee Evans), hanging in the middle (decent draft, better pick-ups) or you’re looking down at the pack (took a chance on went for Ronnie Browns upside, took Randy Moss a round or two earlier that people thought, took Tom Brady in round 3, and rode with the idea that Marion Barber would keep scoring touchdowns. Either one, you have a chance, to be fooled – here’s my question and answer section for Week 7.

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Papa Weimer-
I’ve had the worst luck in Fantasy Football, you’d think my ass was on the cover of John Madden or something. I took Steven Jackson, then Reggie Bush (thought he was a steal), got a solid quarterback in Donovan McNabb, and picked Lee Evans and Reggie Brown in the 4th and 5th – well, as you well know, it’s been a painful season thus far. However, I somehow managed a .500 record through 6 weeks. Should I ride with my guys? Or should I take a trade offer giving me Derek Anderson, Braylon Edwards, and Maurice Jones-Drew for McNabb, Evans, and Jackson? – Doug D in Missoula

I’m always a guy that says “stick to your guns” but I kind of like this trade for you. I think the Browns have played better than they are, but they will have to put up points all season long because their defense is brutal, so Edwards is a nice receiver, and will probably score at least as much as Evans down the stretch. Anderson has played well, and like I said, he’ll be tossing the rock around as long as he’s healthy, and trading McNabb shouldn’t kill you that much – that offense has looked pathetic, with receivers running short annoyingly painful routes, and McNabb getting sacked too often. The fact that they only put up 16 against the Jets scares me more than a little bit. Getting Jones-Drew could prove to be a steal, Fred Taylor was taking time off with a groin injury last week in the 2nd half, and Taylor hasn’t necessarily been a beacon of health over his career. I think Jones-Drew is a Fred Taylor injury away from being a top 5 fantasy back. That’s worth a chance. Jackson may be out for a couple more weeks, and when he comes back, what? Is he going to set the league on fire behind that offensive line? I don’t think so. I say take this trade, cut your losses, and hope the guys you are getting don’t do any Madden commercials in the near future.

My defense is the Pack, and they’re on bye, so do you have any quick picks for Week 7 – some of the top scorers out there are, Indy, Buffalo, Seattle, Washington, the Giants, and the Lions… (how are they a high scoring team?). -Phil Rowland in Beaver Falls

Phil, I’d roll with either the Redskins of the Giants. Both of their opponents will be starting less than average quarterbacks, and both offenses have struggled under those guys. Trent Dilfer will try to tame the recent success the Giants have had on defense, while Timothy Rattay will be the guy trying to break the Redskins. I think Indy could be alright, but David Garrard makes very few mistakes, and that running game has been fierce over the last two games – their upside is extremely limited. The Bills just can’t be as good as they’ve played, and although they play a less than stellar offensive unit from Baltimore, you’d think Willis McGahee will be running at another level against his old team. Seattle’s defense is good, and I actually like them as a stop-gap play this weekend against the Rams, but I like the Skins and Giants more. The Lions are terrible, and I have no idea how the fantasy stats have turned in their favor? I’m old and I don’t care to look into it; all I know is, I wouldn’t start them against Northwestern. I think the Redskins are actually the better of the two defenses, and Frank Gore could have a big day if the 49ers actually attack that 4 defensive end front the Giants have been playing with, so I’d go with Washington. I don’t think Kurt plays this week, and even if he does, he’s show he’s at least turnover prone. The Redskins run the ball well, play solid defense, and Sean Taylor has been playing really well in the middle of that defense. They’re a nice option this week.

Papa, I know you’re old, so you probably saw some good “old” running backs in your day. Is there anyone, or any combination of guys that compare to the young Adrian Peterson? A guy recently offered me LT for AP – even though Peterson is a stone cold pimp – I have to take this offer, right? – Samson Diggs from Minnesota

He sure looked good last week, didn’t he? Hell, he’s looked good all season. Honestly, the scary thing about AP is his speed. He’s a big powerful back, and he seems to scoff at tackling attempts on every play, but his breakaway speed and explosion at the hole is something special. Shaunna Alexander should watch films on this young buck. As far as some old timers such as my self, I’d go with Bo Jackson, actually. You probably know Bo – he was one hell of a runner. His injury woes obviously derailed his career, but Bo had an amazing burst and ran with a rage similar to AP. If Bo could have stayed healthy, he would have been a Hall-of-Fame candidate for sure. I hope Peterson has at least 8 years of top-level play in his legs. I’d say Jim Brown, but Peterson is faster – and it’s very hard to compare old school players with the kids today. There are lots of guys who kind of compare, but Peterson does look like the real thing, with no weakness in his game. But, the Vikings are set on not using AP’s legs up so early, and they want to keep their prize possession healthy, so they’ll limit his touches this season. I’d say that trade for LT is a great deal for you – do it now, before that guy gets his head on straight.

I’m in a keeper league, and my 0-6 start has me thinking next year. I have Steven Jackson, a guy I’m holding on to, but I also have Tom Brady and Marshawn Lynch. I can only keep 2 guys, and LT’s owner has offered me LT for Brady and Lynch – do you think that’s a good move for the future? – Alex Downing in Boise

I like Lynch, and I like Brady – but I like LT more. I know Brady has been A-mazing this season, and Lynch looks like a dandy in Buffalo, but I think LT will have at least one more LT season next year, maybe 2, and you have to want that on your fantasy team. Especially if you have no chance at cashing out this season. Tomlinson now has a receiving corps that includes Antonio Gates, Vincent Jackson, and Chris Chambers – I’ve never been a huge Chambers fan, but he’s definitely going to open up that offense in San Diego. Also, I’ve always been a fan of the over confident, big headed kid from NC State, Phillip Rivers. He’ll get better over the next couple seasons, and take some pressure off of LT’s legs. It’s tough to give up Brady, and this trade may seem lopsided, but I think you have to do it in your position.
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