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Week 6 is right around the corner, and these are some of the questions that weighed me down this weekend. I have to be honest, I like the morale coming from my readers, especially the ones that are bruised and battered and under .500 going into Week 6 of Fantasy Football action. It’s not over fellas, keep the hope going.

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I’m 2-3 going into week 6, and to be honest, I think this is the time to trade some of my injuries to get a win. I have Andre Johnson and Steven Jackson, and I’ve been offered Larry Johnson and Kevin Curtis – what’s your take? – Joey Bezona in Oklahoma

Don’t do it! Hurry, reject that trade. You’ve waited it out this long, I say you just stick with your guns. AJ is back after this week, and so is Steven Jackson – and both should give you a good enough push to make a run at the playoffs. Kevin may have a big game or two, maybe even this weekend against the Jets, but he’s about as consistently inconsistent as you could get. He has all his points from one game against the Lions. Larry Johnson is a beast, but his offensive line makes me wonder if he’ll every see open spaces this season. The Rams O-Line looks like they are coming together a little more lately, though they have a tough game this weekend against Baltimore. Steven Jackson is a very good back despite his early season struggles and an injury – I’d say his and LJ’s chances of success the rest of the season are a push at worst. As for AJ, he’ll be back soon, and he’s a Top 10 starter at receiver. Don’t do it, man. That’s my take.

I need a big defensive play this weekend from the free agent wire. I have Dallas, but I’m sending them on their way because there is no way in hell I am starting them against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Some free agents that get me excited are the Cardinals, Jaguars, and Seahawks – what are you thinking? Any D-sleepers for this week. Boris “Premium” Ollie in Anaheim.

It looks like you have a good threesome to choose from. But right now, I like the Cardinals to do up the Panthers something fierce. I like the idea of the Hawks busting up Reggie Bush and intercepting Drew Brees, but one has to think that the Saints snap out of their slumber and actually put up points one of these weeks. I’m not so sure it will be this week, as the Hawks are a formidable defensive foe, but you never know, and craziness could ensue. The Jags are a nice option against a Houston rushing attack that has been suspect at best. Ahman Green is back, but how long will he last in the grasps of that beastie group of defensive linemen? I think the safe bet is the Cardinals because they are choosing between Vinny Testeverde and Matt Moore at quarterback. I think Vinny could be Matt’s dad, no joke. The Cardinals are a physical group and they have a few playmakers on that squad. Plus a big return or two from Steve Breaston is a possibility because the Panthers’ special teams is lacking to say the least. Go with the Cardinals! As for a big defensive sleeper, I’ll throw out the Bucs against Tennessee. I think Tampa will come to play in this one, give Vince Young some trouble, and cause more than a couple of turnovers against the Titans. But that’s a sleeper pick, because Tampa is at the bottom of the Fantasy defense rankings.

I’m hurting for a running back just for this week. I normally have Addai and Fast Willie Parker, but obviously the bye week is breaking my balls. Brian Leonard is still available, but do you have a sleeper out there that could outscore him? I’m not sure I’m that excited about him going heads up against a Ravens’ defense that is being called “overrated”. – Jessy Thomas in Indy

Jessy, I have the guy just for you. As of Thursday evening, Jamal Lewis was still wearing a Christmas stocking on his injured foot. That means that the Browns backup will be going at the Miami Dolphins defense. I’m guessing that Jason Wright will go over the century mark against that terrible Dolphins defense. This 210 pound back is stocky, fast, can catch the ball, and he runs with a purpose. He’s probably the one running back who has played well against the Patriots this season. He rushed for 60 yards and caught 4 passes for 43 yards last week after Jamal went down. Honestly, I love any running back against Miami, and I like the Browns offensive line a lot. I think Wright will get more points than Brian Leonard, and I can’t agree more with that bad match-up against a Ravens team that is feeling slighted.

Ronnie Brown is my hero. He’s had 3 straight 100 yard games since Cam Cameron gave his own head a good shake and realized that Ronnie was the only thing going for the Fins. Ronnie turns 26 this December, so his age gives him 4 more solid years, and he’s a good pass catcher so he doesn’t get overused in the rushing game. Everyone in my league loves this guy, is there a player you’d take in trade for Brown? – Brad Bannister at FSU

A former Seminole such as my self loves to help out a fellow FSU alum. You have to love what Ronnie’s doing now that Cameron isn’t playing any stupid games with the young buck. And honestly, I think Lemon or Beck (whomever ends up starting for Trent Green) will open up the field even more for the former Auburn standout. However, there are a couple guys that match-up with Brown. I think Jackson is 3 years younger than Ronnie, and I have to believe this seasons’ struggles are an aberration for the St. Louis Ram. It may hurt you this year, but you might be able to get Jackson and a nice receiver for Brown, because Ronnie is #1 in the league right now. I also like Joseph Addai a lot, he’s a couple years younger (1.5) than Ronnie, and I think he’s in a better situation. He’s averaging just over 100 yards per game this season, has 5 rushing touchdowns already, and gets about 3 catches per game. He’s very versatile, just like Ronnie, but I like his situation in Indy a lot more. However, don’t be in a hurry to trade Ronnie. He’s got a great body for the NFL, he’s fast as all hell, and he’s going to be “The Man” in Miami for quite some time. Cam Cameron, as big of a game playing idiot as he’s been, is a great coach to take a running back to the next level. He knows how to get them involved.

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