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This be my 7th week answering questions, and if I know one thing, its that fantasy football is on the verge of taking over the world. Some other things I’ve learned this week… The Rangers scored more runs in one game than the Bucs will be able to score in any given week this fall. Mike Vick is stupid, but not nearly as stupid as the justice system if they let him off without getting his admissions to gambling… What? He financed everything, had dogs murdered, and supplied snacks for the viewing public – but didn’t make a dime off the operation? C’mon. Also, you should never listen to fantasy guru’s who tell you that its cool to take Peyton Manning in the 1st round and Antonio Gates at the top of Round 3. Scratch those guys off your must-read list of weekly fantasy fodder. – Papa Weimer

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I need some advice. I am going to be in an auction draft. I have never done this. I think there are 2 strategies. The first is spend 75% of your money on 3 studs and hope for some diamonds in the rough or draft for depth. I don’t know which is the best. If you could let me know which way is the best way to go it would be greatly appreciated. – David Balog in Burlington, WA.

Unfortunately, I’ve never completed an Auction draft. I’m trying to set one up, but my friends are tired of donating money to the “Papa Weimer Fantasy Guru” foundation. It sucks. I love that foundation. Anyway, I started an auction league last year and had Steven Jackson, Rudi Johnson, and Carson Palmer for 50$, so I guess I’d try to get the guys who go a little lower tier for under $20, that leaves you a little more money to get the lesser guys you really want. I think it was Steven $22, Rudi $20, and Carson $8 – but I’m not sure. Anyway, the draft fell through, so I wasn’t able to see how it panned out. I know those guys all did alright. I also know LT, Shaun, and LJ went for big bucks, around the $50 range, but I’ve heard of that working, too. 2 years ago, a guy emailed me telling me he won his league purchasing LT and Shaun (Alexander’s 28 TD year) for $88 (combined) and grabbed his next 12 roster spots for $1 a piece. He got some great guys for a buck (Ward, MJD, Coles), but I’m not so sure I’d ever put all my eggs in one basket. So, to tell you the truth, even though I have practically no auction experience, I would give up on the “elite” backs, and try to spend your money wisely on guys like Willie Parker, MJD, Brian Westbrook, Maroney, Thomas Jones (could be a huge steal), Cedric Benson, and maybe Brandon Jacobs and some fliers on Jerious Norwood, Brandon Jackson, or DeAngelo Williams, and spend some solid money on elite receivers. I think you could probably get a guy like Tom Brady for half the cost of Manning – I’d go that route. Sorry I can’t help more, as for once, my fantasy experience is limited… Weird feeling.

What do you think of MJD as a possible RB in the 3rd round if available? Also what do think about the availability of receivers if I go with 4 RBs and a QB in the first 5 rounds. My thought is if I get a decent RB back he could be used as bait for a better receiver. I have also toyed with the idea of going after 2 of the top 7 QBs. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. – DB from Pittsburgh.

I think it’d be amazing if MJD made it to the 3rd Round, and I’d definitely pick him over anybody left on the board… I think the 4 running backs thing is a decent option, but if you want one of the Top 10 receivers, just pick one instead of hoping one of your backs pans out and you can trade for one. I like 4 RBs in the first 6 picks though, and you might be able to get a guy like McNabb in the 5th, but maybe not, he’s moving up. In the 6th round, you could find receivers like Lee Evans (a guy I like to be a Top 5 receiver, Reggie Brown (should be great as Philly’s #1) and Plaxico Burress (if he stays healthy he’s a good touchdown guy with solid numbers every year). So, that 4 RB option might leave you with a couple great receivers anyway, and you won’t have to trade jack. I think going with 2 of the TOp 7 QBs will have you hurting pretty bad at another spot, RB and/or WR… But then again, some drafts allow you to do crazy stuff. I think I’d rather have a Top QB and then draft a safe vet like Jon Kitna in the 8th or 9th (crazy that he falls that far) or even Big Ben in the 9th or 10th (crazy that one bad year has him fall that far) because then you can have WRs and RBs in 8 of the first 9 rounds, and grab a solid backup signal caller. That’s what I got.

I already have Laurence Maroney and Adrian Peterson (Minn.). Would it be a dumb move to take Peyton Manning with the 3rd pick in the first round of our draft? Should I take a 3rd running back instead? Our league works this way. Our only keepers are rookies and we get them for 2 years. So all vets are available. Here is what our lineups look like; QB, RBs (1 or 2) WRs (3 or 4), TE, D, K. Currently I have Laurence Maroney (from last year), Adrian Peterson, Jerome Harrison (from last year) and Robert Meachem. Anyone who wasn’t a rookie last year or this year are available.- Greg Richard from Grand Rapids.

In that case, I still wouldn’t go for Peyton – I just don’t think he’s worth anything more than a 2nd round pick, and especially with his starting Tackle out for retirement purposes, which I think means the Colts will be running a lot more to protect Manning. See, rookie tackles (especially Ugoh) are usually better run-blockers than pass-protectors. I think Peyton’s numbers will be a little down, but then again, his defense is a little more questionable this year, so maybe he’ll need to score more points to win games – a tough conundrum, but I’d not draft Peyton, and if you really wanted an elite guy, I’d roll with Brady, Palmer, or Brees in Round 2 or 3, and grab your top running back in the 1st.. he’ll undoubtedly be a good one. It seems like you’ve given yourself a lot of options by picking nice rookies, but I wouldn’t steer clear from a top running back like Gore, Steven Jackson, or even LJ now that he’s back… Also, an elite WR in Round 2 and even 3 could be your best option, as the fact that you start at least 3 every week really ups the value for WRs. With Maroney, AP, and a guy like Gore – you pretty much have your running backs set, maybe a later guy like Ahman Green, Jamal Lewis, or DeAngelo Williams just to be safe, but in a 1-2 format at running back, 3 starters is a good option. From what I’ve seen from AP, he’ll be a starter sooner than later in Minnesota. Though I’m still worried about defenses ganging up on the run in ‘Sota, Tarvaris Jackson has shown he’s a little more polished than I thought. With 3 receivers, you could try to pull Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Marvin, or Roy Williams (even TO if you want to go that route) as 2 great WR options – so every week you’d be starting 4 elite players at RB and WR… not a bad option. Some people like QBs better than WRs though, and if that’s you, go for the gusto and grab who you want. If you really want Peyton, you won’t be able to get him in the 2nd round, so make the plunge. However, I don’t think he’ll be the Top Fantasy QB next season, and even if he is, he won’t be 1 to 2 rounds better than Palmer, Brees, and Brady. Go Top 3 back, leave Manning for the next sucker.

I need to pick your brain for TEs. Since I won’t be looking at one until real late in the draft I need some that have good value and upside. I refuse to draft Gates or some of the others because I think I can get more value out of RBs and WRs. Also, hat do you think of Devin Hester as a possible receiver?- Chalky Thompson, from the BIG Island.

I think Hester is a good last pick or two with upside… He’ll have more upside than anyone in the draft at that point, but I’d rather have him as a WR4, 5, or 6 than my 3rd guy – because while his upside is booming, his consistency shouldn’t be all that good from the get go, he didn’t even really play receiver in college – he was such a tweener – but his gamebreaker go stick is legit. As far as TEs are concerned, I’m with you. You can still get Ben Watson late, he has lots of upside and while people are saying he’ll get less chances this year because of Moss, Stallworth, and company; I think he’ll have more catches because there will be very little focus on him, and he’s a beast (look back to film on him chasing Champ Bailey down – beast). But if he’s gone, some other guys that are almost always there that I like are Dallas Clark, Daniel Graham, Randy McMichael and even Marcus Pollard. I have Clark or Graham in almost all my leagues, and I always get them very late – but if they were every plucked up before I grabbed one, I’d easily go after Pollard to be a sure-handed touchdown threat in Seattle.

I really need your help. I am in a state of confusion. I know I will be choosing between Addai, Gore, Alexander. The choice might be made for me and then I don’t have to worry. If it isn’t I need to know which is my best to worst. I know Alex is old and his O line could be better, but he averages 18 TDs and 1600yds and there is talk to get him more into the passing game. You also know he is the man. Gore is injury prone and the offense is no sure thing. He could have a great season yardage wise and in the passing game if he stays healthy. Addai could have over 2000 total yards and 12-14 TDs, but he is in his first full season as the main man. He has good upside, but if the colts are behind a lot then Peyton will be airing it out. Also, can and should I consider Brian Westbrook and Willie Parker for this pick? I need somebody to look at this objectively and give me some advice.- D-Bone Crawford in Lexington.

Westbrook or Parker could have just as good a season as any of the three you mentioned.. I personally like Addai the best because he’s in a great system, and the Colts will run more this season with Tarik Glenn retiring – plus I think Addai gets all the carries, despite what the coaches are saying about RBBC hopes. Ugoh is a better run blocker than a pass protector. Plus, defense can’t gang up on Addai like they can Gore – so I move Addai over Gore. I think Gore’s upside puts him at #2. His offensive line is a good run-blocking unit, and the run defensive fronts in the NFC aren’t big bad mo-foes. Especially in the NFC West. Alexander has the same deal, and he has been great, but honestly, I just don’t like the way Shaun runs, always diving to the ground and running out of bounds – I call him Shaunna, and I’m from the North West, Seattle’s my team. At 30, I’m not sure he’ll ever go for 1600 and 18 again, but I could be wrong. I’d pick Parker or Westbrook over him. Between Willie and Brian, its tough, I take Willie, but only because Westy has always had a (questionable) by his name since he started getting #1 RB touches. He is one of the most talented players in the league, and you couldn’t go wrong there. Here’s the thing, you should take the guy you want, regardless of what ESPN or CBS or YAHOO has them rated at. If you think Parker is going to have a huge year in Pitt’s new offense, don’t feel bad about taking him in the Top 5. I’d go with Addai, but a case can be made for any of the 5. A guy I really like is Laurence Maroney. The kid can run. I think his shoulder issues are gone. If there’s a guy who’s dying to move up to the 3 spot, get something in return for his later pick… You could end up with Parker, Westy, or Maroney at 8-12, and get something else in trade (an extra 4th round pick) – Explore your options! Wheel and deal!

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