2006 Wild Card Weekend

Week 1 didn’t go well, but luckily I have 7 more games to rebuild my playoff championship run… Here’s how Tony Romo’s field goal hold rolled…


Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts (-7): Starting off the week I blew up the spot with an easy victory here. Herman Edwards was too loyal to one player while being unloyal to his team. He left Trent Green on the stake to burn, as a quarterback who had played much better during the year, Damon Huard, was left to listen on his headset from the sidelines. If there was ever a time to toss in Damon, it was Saturday. The Colts D came to play, showing how Valuable Bob Sanders is to that club. It started out nice for Ol’ Lucky and then it all went awry.

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks (-2.5):

The Hawks should have lost, but they didn’t. They never were going to cover, regardless of what happened. I lost this one. The Hawks receivers were never open, Matt was always under pressure, and Shaun couldn’t run on the Boys. However, the luck was with Seattle and the Hawks pulled out with a big home win over TO and his crew of angry men. However, my least favorite teams in sports just happen to be Dallas and Duke. D&D. I started out the day by watching Duke lose their ACC opener, then showed up at the Hawk game only to watch Dallas blow an easy win…. Hahahahahaahaha!


New York Jets (+9.5) at New England Patriots:

This game was way closer than the final outcome, but some late turnovers and big mistakes ended any chance I had at covering. This game was fun to watch in the beginning as both coaches had a game-plan to stick it to each other. Hilarious. But the Pats were too good, and Mangini still has work to do to get his Jets to Patriot level.

New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles (-7):

The Giants had a chance, but as they did too often all year long, they failed to take advantage of numerous chances early, which killed them in the end. David Akers hit a field goal to win it, and Tiki Barber’s last game ended in a Lucky Lester loss, bringing me to 1-3 on Wild Card weekend. Tough one.

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