2006 Fantasy Football Week 11 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: After a “slow” performance last week (don’t want to hurt my teams’ feelings) I’m looking for big things from this bunch of angry playmakers. Lets see how they do.

QB: Carson Palmer: I like Palmer against the Cowboys. I don’t think Dallas has enough fire power to load up and rush Carson, so he’ll have just the right amount of time to find a suddenly scary bunch of receivers.

RB: Thomas Jones: Even the Browns looked good running the ball against the Jets. Thomas Jones will get fed the rock, and I’m ready to reap the benefits of his best game of the season. Can’t pick LT and LJ every week.

RB: Brian Westbrook: He hasn’t been LT of late, but Westbrook will get the ball more with Andy Reid handing over his play calling duties. A big show from Westbrook is about to begin. If he gets 20+ touches, he’ll do huge things on Sunday.

WR: Terrell Owens: I like TO against the Colts, because the Cowboys will need to throw to stay in it, and unlike Drew Bledsoe, Tony Romo knows who the best receiver in Dallas is, and Terrell will get the rock.

WR: Steve Smith: Steve is about to blow up, you can just feel it coming. This week in St. Louis, during a game that should be relatively high scoring (for these two squads) Steve will be the game breaker we all know him to be. I’m ready to catch those points!

TE: Kellen Winslow: I’m ready for Winslow to go ballistic on the Steelers this week, 100+ yards and a score or two. I’m talking old school Tony Gonzalez type shizzy. Let it ride U Soldier U.

K: Jeff Wilkins: Jeff, my man, it’s nice to have you back. Sorry for cutting you for last years’ champ, Neil Rackers. The thing is, you’re back in the line up, and you are about to get it done this week against a defense just tough enough to allow you to kick 4 field goals.

D: Eagles: The Eagles really know how to take advantage of young signal callers, they’ll do Vince dirty this week at home against the Titans.


Tony Romo: I’ll stick with Romo as my sleeper, and don’t be surprised if he sticks with Peyton in the fantasy category on Sunday.

Charlie Frye: God knows the Steelers will easily shut down the Browns rushing attack, which means big things, or ah, lots of throws for Charlie Frye. The Steelers have struggled in pass defense… Will it happen again this week?

Julius Jones: The Colts run defense is second to none, er, I mean, second to everyone else in the league. Seriously, if the Cowboys know what’s good for them, they’ll feed JJ the ball and watch him slam the Colts defense. DO they know? That is the question.

Frank Gore: Gore is a flat baller ready to tap into the Seahawks defense for yards by the bundles. Seattle loves to give up the big play, Frank will find a way.

Laveraneus Coles: Coles hasn’t been doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well for the last few games, but I have an inkling, a crazy Lucky feeling, that against the Bears, Coles will boast a big total.

Donald Driver: DD Driver has been hooking it up over the last few weeks, expect more of that against a suspect Patriot secondary. A big game for this DD is on the road right ahead.

Jeremy Stevens: Girl beater finally caught a touchdown pass last week, very different from drop TD pass, which he had done a few times thus far. Stevens will get in Wallace’s good graces this week with a couple more key catches.

Buffalo Bills DST: The Bills will put it all together this week against the Texans.

LUCKY’S Week 11 Moss’S

Mike Vick: Sure, with his rushing yards, he’s always a decent play, but I’m putting him here thinking he might not touch 15 fantasy points, so put your back up in if the match up is right.

Warrick Dunn: I was going to put Rudi in here, but I remembered my promise, and Dunn is a better option for a tough week anyway. Vick hasn’t been throwing well, which means the Ravens will come out as honest as a hooker in church. Yes, they’ll be ready for Mr. Dunn.

Santana Moss: With Jason Campbell in, I think Moss’ production will be effected in a bad way.

Randy Moss: Randy against Ty Law. Boy, I just don’t think Randy is on his way off my wussy list, I’ve got to be honest. With a ‘tude like that, this donkey might change the name of this section, what do you think, “Lucky’s Week 10 Moss’s”. I like it. Hell I’m doing it.

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