2006 Fantasy Football Review – Week 7

This Week’s Top Team: Wow… tough week for my fantasy squad, I hope you forgot to read Week 7’s articles and did better than I did. I did tally 98 points for my squad.

QB: Brett Favre: Brett was no Peyton, Donovan, or Vick, who all went for over 30 fantasy points, but he did manage 19 points with a 200 yard 2 touchdown performance on Sunday.

RB: Kevin Jones: KJ rolled with 19 fantasy points, scoring one touchdown on 57 yards receiving, also tallying 86 yards on the ground with a 5.7 ypc average. Not bad for a Lion.

RB: Clinton Portis: CP struggled because the Redskins tumbled after half time. His 43 rushing yards and 21 receiving yards got me 6 points. But he didn’t have a TD and rarely saw the field after the 3rd quarter.

WR: Plaxico Burress: Burress only grabbed two balls in Monday Night’s beatdown on the Cowboys, but he made the most of them. He racked up 94 yards and a touchdown on way to 17 points for my fantasy squad. Picking up the slack.

WR: Anquan Boldin: Boldin’s 59 yards didn’t make me smile, but I can’t blame the guy. It’s not like he was dropping passes. However, I can blame myself for picking AB as my top WR of the week. Damn. 5 points.

TE: Randy McMichael: Another nice day from Randy Mac hit me up for 7 points on 77 receiving yards. Not bad, but Randy, get Joey to see you in the end zone for God’s sake.

K: John Kasey: 2 extra points… Damn I can’t wait for Wilkins to get back on my squad.

D: Broncos: Thank goodness for the Broncos. IF it weren’t for a last second touchdown by the Browns, a shut out would have really impressed me. However, they were the 2nd ranked defense this week with 23 fantasy points.


Joey Harrington: Joey had 3 picks, but his fantasy stat line was freaking baler. 414 yards and two touchdowns was good for 24 fantasy points, Top 10 in the league. A+

Chester Taylor: Chester had a day. Actually, he didn’t do much until his 95 yard touchdown run, but then again, he had a 95 yard touchdown run, so he didn’t need to do much. His TD gave him 23 fantasy point, ranking him 4th in the RB rankings. A+

Dominic Rhodes: Even Edgerrin James had a better YPC average than Rhodes on Sunday. I wonder what Nic’s yardage totals would look like if he was on the Cards? Same goes for Edge on the Colts. F

Greg Jennings: 1 catch for 14 yards… Ouch… Maurice Clarett almost had that many points. Jennings got hurt, but wow, look at my luck this week. F

Matt Jones: The Great White Hype didn’t play, again. But had he played he wouldn’t have done dick because the Jaguars were terrible on Sunday. F

Ben Watson: Ben had 60 yards, but was held scoreless once again as I only collected 6 points with this sleeper. C

Steelers DST: Ran all over by Atlanta, and Vick of all people had 4 touchdown passes. To say the least, the Steelers had 5 points and didn’t’ work out for me. F


Brad Johnson: Brad didn’t do much, but then again, he never does. His 12 points were average, but I hope you had a better option on Sunday.

Reuben Droughns: It’s never good when you’re a starting running back and you don’t register on the first page of high scores for RB’s. More than 30 guys had a better day at the RB position. I’d say I made a good call here.

Hines Ward: HAHAHAHA! What an idiot I look like here. Ward would have single handily taken out my fantasy team this week. Hines was no wussie, he was a flat out stud!

Jeremy Shockey: Don’t bet on Jeremy in prime time. Shockey, though its amazing with his ridiculously loud personality, always manages to struggle in the spotlight. His words about Bill Parcells a year ago will have him interviewed and questioned all week. That won’t help him. Don’t expect much from the U’s biggest fan.

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