Sam Bradford's PERFECT Choice

Sam Bradford just made the best decision of his career – unless of course lightening strikes (or some enormous defensive tackle, either or) and his knee takes a Carson Palmer blast – but lets ignore lightening and freak accidents and lets just look at this strictly from a football point of view.

If he had entered the draft the best case scenario for the ultra talented signal caller from Oklahoma would be that he wowed the scouts in tryouts (like I assume he would), jumped to the top of the quarterback rankings even though his arm strength is somewhere behind Matt Stafford (which I think he would do), and gets touted as the next star quarterback. That’s a best case scenario. Sure, the money is there, and sure, the Lions could go in another direction – but if all of those other ifs happened, the Lions would be stupid not to go for the gusto and add Bradford. A college kids dream; the returning Hesiman quarterback of one of the Nation’s best teams, with all his offensive weapons returning, with all the girls with cute accents falling all over him like he’s freaking Brad Pitt… Or the freaking Lions… The first 0-16 team ever. The team with more holes than a damned¬†whiffle¬†ball. The team that’s been run into the ground by donkeys and clowns alike.

Did Sam make the right choice? You bet. It’s not all about money – sometimes it’s about staying the hell away from Detroit. Sometimes it’s about happiness, having a good time, and spending another year with some of your best friends living it up and making another run at a National Championship. Some might say he’s stupid for “passing up millions of dollars” – and I’m not saying I’d be cool enough to make that decision – I’m just saying he made the right decision – a decision with his heart. If the majority of people could only be so right.

Three for Thursday

1. Dominic Rhodes is a guy that I was considering picking up to start, even with Joseph Addai banged up a little bit and probable to start. Now that Addai is wilting away more and more as the week moves forward, I think Rhodes might be one of the best pick ups there is, especially in a PPR league. You’re talking about a guy that is basically a guarantee to catch five balls, and he’s going up against the Lions defensive front. Sign me up for that party, please.

2. I was asked on a Radio show if I would start Brett Favre against one of the weaker defensive secondaries in the league? It’s a tough call, but you should only do it if you are feeling lucky. After two terrible weeks against terrible defenses, you’d think Brett pulls his head out of his old man Ace and has a nice week – however, he could have another crapper like he did against the Niners last week. I would definitely rather start Tyler Thigpen, and I would consider Jeff Garcia. Not as much upside with Jeff, but Garcia doesn’t do much wrong, and look at the stats, since Graham went down he’s been a solid fantasy contributor.

3. Sam Bradford is my guy for the best quarterback in college football. No doubt about it, I also think he’ll be the best pro. However, Graham Harrell’s absence from the invitee list for the Heisman Trophy Awards Show is absurd. He has the same numbers as Colts and Sam and even Tim (except for all those rushing yards, but still). Him not getting invited makes me hate the idea of this trophy- you’re telling me that the best player in college football has to play for Texas, Florida, or Oklahoma. Sweet. What a joke.