Free NBA Basketball Picks: Friday Night Games

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Alright, a couple NBA game intrigue me tonight, including the ESPN double header. There’s not any NCAA picks getting me excited, no big match ups or anything of that nature, so I’m sticking to pro ball this time around. Good luck in your wagering!

Houston Rockets @ Philadelphia 76ers (+3) : The 76ers have been bad, they haven’t been winning games, and Allen Iverson’s return to the court, while certainly making a great story, hasn’t helped the 76ers turn it around in two games since his return. But I think they have a nice chance to make some waves against an impressive young Rockets team. Houston has played very well, but I think the 76ers match-up well with the Rockets. While normally a guy like Elton Brand has to deal with a big post, he’s actually a good size match-up with the Rockets bigs. Allen gets to deal with a guard that might be even smaller than him in Aaron Brooks. The other AI will have a nice match-up with Trevor Ariza. The 76ers are underdogs at home, and I’ll take them to pull the upset.

Golden State Warriors @ Chicago Bulls (-4): The Bulls are a solid home team, and while they have lost 9 of their last 10 games, the Warriors playing on the road are always a nice slump buster. Before beating the Nets last time they played, the Warriors had lost 4 straight and given up about 120 points per game. That should help the Bulls’ struggling offense. Do work. Is it just me or do the Bulls always suck early in the season? It’s the Jordan curse.

Portland Trailblazers (+9) @ Cleveland Cavaliers: The Blazers are hurting, most definitely, but that just means they won’t have 10 guys getting minutes. Being a little light up front shouldn’t hurt them too badly against the Cavs, and I always like the Blazers as a big dog. Cleveland doesn’t beat too many teams by double digits, seems like the Blazers are a good bet to me. LeBron James is good for a win, but 9 points?

Orlando Magic (+3) @ Phoenix Suns: I think the Magic will beat the Suns at their own game. They have just as many shooters, but they also have a big shot blocker down low, a handful of guys that rebound, and they just played a stinker in the 2nd half last night. I know it’s the second of a back to back, but I like Orlando to win this one.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Orlando Magic Free NBA Pick

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Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic (-9) NBA Pick: I know it’s just the pre-season, but the Magic absolutely walked through opponents like they were playing against back-ups. There’s something to be said for an offense that has been clicking for weeks. Especially when they are playing against an offense that hasn’t clicked at all. If the Magic looked like the best pre-season offense, the most comfortable, all the pieces clicking – the 76ers looked like a box of random toys, a couple legos, a building block, a barbie, two dinosaurs, and a coloring book. I know they are learning a new offense, but that’s exactly it, they haven’t figured it out yet. They have some studs, so guys who can get their shot like Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, and Thadeus Young can stroke jumpers as well, but together they look like a bunch of pieces not fitting together, not yet anyway. Vince Carter is ready to show his worth and Jameer Nelson is excited to be back after he was injured late last season for much of the Magic’s playoff run. These two teams know each other well, meeting in the playoffs last season as the 76ers took a couple from Orlando, even one in Orlando. But this is a different 76ers offense, They are not comfortable in what they are doing, and that should make the difference.