2007 NFL Mock Draft by Lucky Lester

While I’ve read a couple absolutely ridiculous Mock Drafts, right now anyone’s set of picks is worth a shot, I guess. However, I’d like to think I have a little more rationale when it comes to this type of thing, so pay attention to something my peers seem to lack, a bit of reason to go with every selection. For now, without any research on who anyone is talking to, interviews, or any other garbage, these picks make sense to me, based on needs, off-season trends, and team draft trends. Here ya go… Enjoy.

  1. Oakland Raiders:
  2. Detroit Lions:
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
  4. Cleveland Browns:
  5. Arizona Cardinals:
  6. Washington Redskins:
  7. Minnesota Vikings:
  8. Houston Texans:
  9. Miami Dolphins:
  10. Atlanta Falcons:
  11. San Francisco 49ers:
  12. Buffalo Bills:
  13. St. Louis Rams:
  14. Carolina Panthers:
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers:
  16. Green Bay Packers:
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars:
  18. Cincinnati Bengals:
  19. Tennessee Titans:
  20. New York Giants:
  21. Denver Broncos:
  22. Dallas Cowboys:
  23. Kansas City Chiefs:
  24. New England Patriots (via Sea):
  25. New York Jets:
  26. Philadelphia Eagles:
  27. New Orleans Saints:
  28. New England Patriots:
  29. Baltimore Ravens:
  30. San Diego Chargers:
  31. Chicago Bears:
  32. Indianapolis Colts:

2007 NFL Mock Draft

While I’ve read a couple absolutely ridiculous Mock Drafts, right now anyone’s set of picks is worth a shot, I guess. However, I’d like to think I have a little more rationale when it comes to this type of thing, so pay attention to something my peers seem to lack, a bit of reason to go with every selection. For now, without any research on who anyone is talking to, interviews, or any other garbage, these picks make sense to me, based on needs, off-season trends, and team draft trends. Here ya go… Enjoy.

***Please note – this mock draft was written and uploaded (Feb 15th) prior to the final order being set.

Oakland Raiders: JaMarcus Russell
Listen closely, this pick isn’t because Russell is a giant super athlete at the quarterback position, and Al Davis loves looking at amazing stat lines when he makes selections, this pick is because Russell not only has the most upside of any quarterback in the draft, but right now, he is the best one out there. He can throw the ball a mile, make any throw I the book, elude pressure, put his head down and get a first down, lead his team, stand tall and use his vision, and throw accurately. Russell won’t run like Vick, or Young for that matter, but he can throw farther than either of them, and unlike Mike, Russell will succeed at throwing the ball at the next level.

Detroit Lions: Brady Quinn
Everyone and their mother has the Lions passing on Brady and picking an offensive lineman with this pick. I don’t care how good the young kid is from Wisconsin, (and Joe Thomas is the real deal) the Lions don’t pick offensive lineman high, and they shouldn’t. Strong lineman can be had from Rounds 2-5, and many will be their for the taking. Brady Quinn’s are only around once in a while, and they should feel damn lucky to get a kid with his skill-set with the 2nd pick. If the Lions do one thing, it’s pick high profile guys with loads of talent. This one won’t backfire, as Brady has the mental strength to go with his physical tools. I hear rumors that Quinn wants to be a Brown. I hear other rumors that teams pick players, not the other way around.

Cleveland Browns: Adrian Peterson
Reuben Droughns was a nice thought, and he had his solid games in 2005, but in ’06 RD wasn’t much to look at. He was hurt often, and when he did play, his carries were minimal and rarely productive. Peterson is a sure thing. Sure, he’s had injuries, but he’s a big bad mofo with speed, power, man strength and stunningly quick feet for a man of his size. Peterson will take pressure off the Browns offensive line, quarterbacks, and wide receivers. Peterson could slip, and the Browns could take the big lineman, but as far as I can see, Peterson has the biggest chance to single handily improve the Browns, which is exactly what Romeo Crenell is looking for.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calvin Johnson
If the Bucs don’t trade down, this pick makes too much sense to go any other way. First of all, Calvin has more game breaking ability than any other player in this draft, and that includes JaMarcus and Adrian Peterson. Johnson has the cool, calm demeanor of a Marvin Harrison or Jerry Rice, he has the height of Randy Moss, he’s smart, he’s confident, and his speed will straight out stun you. Plus, he’ll go up and get the ball, something that has been ignored in recent drafts. Gruden’s a smart cat, as he won’t let this absolute gem get away.

Arizona Cardinals: Joe Thomas
Though I’m not a fan of taking an offensive lineman this high (and that’s saying a lot, because not only do I think O-Linemen win football games, but I used to be one) but with the two can’t miss skill guys off the board, the Cardinals are lucky to have no choice but grabbing the one guy that could get them over the hump. Defensively, the Cardinals aren’t stout, so a player like DT Alan Branch, DE Gaines Adams, or even safety Reggie Nelson could go to ‘Zona, but I have a feeling Ken Weisenhunt will get a little bit more out of his defense than Dennis Green did, making Joe Thomas an obvious selection here. I know the Cards played better up front as the year went on, but Thomas would be a huge upgrade in a need spot. Plus, he’s a flat out stud.

Washington Redskins: Gaines Adams
It would surprise me if the Redskins pulled off another trade here, as this is a high enough spot for them to improve immediately and get younger, something that is usually very difficult for them. In fact, I like them to take a young defensive lineman. While 19 year old, Amobi Okoye could be the best project on the line in this draft, and Alan Branch is a beast against the run, I think pass rushing elitist Gaines Adams will find himself in a Redskin uniform. He’ll be an instant playmaker at the position, and that will help the Skins secondary, as nothing helps a secondary more than limiting a quarterback’s time in to pick you apart. Jamal Anderson is also an option here, but I like Gaines a little better. Plus, as Joe Gibbs said about Rocky McIntosh last year, “What a name!”

Minnesota Vikings: Reggie Nelson
Of course, the Vikings are praying right now that Calvin Johnson slips to them, but I have a sneaky feeling he won’t get passed pick 4, so that, at least without a trade, leaves the Vikings without a chance at CJ. However, it might be best this way, because a fine receiver like Johnson shouldn’t be wasted on a team with a play caller like Brad Childress and a quarterback situation that boasts a second year project as its top option. For now, I’m going to say the Vikings get smart, and refrain from reaching on a receiver like Dwayne Jarrett or Ted Ginn Jr., and continue to try Chester Taylor as their main back, and pick a defensive game changer. I like two options here. One would be Jamaal Anderson, who would add a lot to a defensive end group that hasn’t show much lately. But I think Erasmus James will get healthy and be a stud eventually, so help in the secondary is the next option. Fred Smoot wasn’t a stud purple, and he might be on his way out of Minnesota, so Leon Hall (the consensus best corner in the draft) could be an option here. But I like Reggie Nelson. He’s a ball hawk, a hard hitter, and just as good in coverage as he is against the run. Makes sense to me.

Houston Texans: Leon Hall
First and foremost, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Texans might find themselves happy to see the best corner in the draft fall to them here, but then again, another defensive lineman here might be their move. Alan Branch could help clog the middle in Houston, while Amobi Okoye might have too much potential to pass up for this young team. But, the Texans just went with a young pass rusher, and their defense is still pretty brutal, so secondary help looks like a strong option. Hall is a stud, as even the speedy Trojans tried to steer clear of Hall in the Rose Bowl. Somebody like Ted Ginn Jr is another talented speedster at this position, and its not like Houston is built at the #2 receiver spot, with the aging Eric Moulds standing pat. But I think Gary Kubiak lives by the Mike Shanahan philosophy of building via defense, and plugging less popular players into schemes on offense, so picking up instant help on defense looks like the best option here. Plus, offensively, the Texans should be in a better position with Domanick Williams coming back after a year off with a knee injury. And if Levi Brown impresses at the combine, he could go here as well. For now, look for the Texans to take the top defensive player available, whom I happen to believe is Leon Hall.

Miami Dolphins: Alan Branch
Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, the Dolphins don’t need a quarterback, receivers, or running backs. Their tight end is a stud, too. Culpepper needs to be healthy, and given a chance before the Dolphins write him off, like some of the other idiots who do mock drafts are claiming they should do. Even if Brady Quinn happens to slip this far, the Dolphins need to get younger on defense before they straddle up and hook Brady. Offensive line help wouldn’t hurt either, so if Joe Thomas falls this far, the Dolphins won’t hesitate. That being said, I don’t know if there is an offensive lineman left on the board that is worth reaching for here, so defense it is. Depending on Cam Cameron’s ideas for defense, it will be interesting to see where the Dolphins go here. Help in the secondary, either Darrelle Revis, Leon Hall, LaRon Landry, or Reggie Nelson are all ideas, as its still unsure whether last years’ first round pick, Jason Allen, can play safety or cornerback. The Dolphins have great defensive players, but age is becoming an issue, which is why I think Miami will trade down here instead of reaching for raw young linebacker to eventually replace Zach Thomas. If they don’t trade this pick, and Levi Brown doesn’t move up a little more after the combine, Alan Branch is as solid a defensive tackle as this draft holds, and a damn good pick for the Fins.

Atlanta Falcons: LaRon Landry
The Falcons should be stoked to see one of the best defensive players in the draft here. But they won’t be. Though I am suggesting they take LaRon here, to vastly improve their depth in the secondary, hell, I even think the kid would start next to Lawyer Milloy, I think the Falcons will trade down here. If Free Agency rips Patrick Kerney and or Rod Coleman from their little Falcon claws, expect this pick to be someone in the area of Okoye, Jamaal Anderson (might pick him anyway), or even Quintin Moses. But lets say they don’t trade down (to possibly pick up Patrino’s “Big Back” he’s been wanting – Michael Bush), and they get Patrick Kerney and Coleman to resign, I still think the Falcons will have trouble doing the right thing here and taking Landry, because a pass catcher with elite speed and game breaking ability is still on the board. Ted Ginn Jr. I don’t know. I think this pick is as big a question mark as any, because the Falcons are much better than getting the 10th pick, because they have a new staff, and because they are the Falcons. If you really want to figure out the Falcons draft, or you’re a fan, pay attention to pre-draft-day dealing, because I have an inkling that the Falcons might dip into another teams roster to pull an elite receiver not named Terrell.

San Francisco 49ers: Amobi Okoye
The 49ers could use a plethora of things, but first they need a super star in the waiting to sure up their defensive line. When you think about Okoye being a 10 year veteren in this league, and still showing up in the program at 29 years of age, you get trembles down your spine. Now imagine what a young, improving team with defensive line needs feels about adding someone like Amobi, a flat out stud at the age of Jitters, surely some of those. Receiver is a problem for San Francisco, but this is a receiver heavy draft, and the second round will offer plenty of options for the young Niners to step up and improve that situation. Plus, unlike many, I kind of like the Niners two starters. Bryant isn’t the best top receiver, and he has some ‘tude problems, but he’s steady at one spot, while Arnaz Battle has improved every year and will probably make a claim for the #2 spot. Ted Ginn Jr. might be a popular choice here, but I think the 49ers need cornerstones on defense to become a solid team, as that was obviously their sour spot last season. Look for them to jump at the prospect of adding this super talented youngster.

Buffalo Bills: Dwayne Jarrett
I couldn’t think of a better fit in this draft for Lee Evans. A big, fast, physical presence like Jarrett would give Evans the partner in crime Buffalo has been trying to plug in since Moulds jaunted out the door. Jarrett has fantastic hands, runs precise routs, and would give the much improved JP Losman a larger target. Something any young signal caller would approve of. The Bills could go defense, with a possible hole at corner opening up, and a defensive line that could always use depth, Jamal Anderson might be too much to pass up if he’s still on the board. If the threats of Buffalo axing Willis McGahee actually ring true, Marshawn Lynch might find himself in cozy Buffalo. But right now, I think Willis (as much of a dunder head as he is) will work things out with Buffalo, and the Bills will get smart and resign Nate Clements (because he’s the best option out there), so that leaves a nice little opening for a newfound dynamic duo in Evans and Jarrett.

St. Louis Rams: Jamal Anderson
It would stun me if Anderson fell this far, but crazier things have happened, no doubt about that. Anderson is young, athletic, and enormous. He devours quarterbacks and puts the squeeze on opposing offensive linemen. A player of his caliber here would not only be one hell of a deal, but a perfect fit for a Ram team that struggled defensively for most of the season. Another danger to opposing quarterbacks would give the pass rush master on the other side of the line, Leonard Little, more freedom, and less double teams sliding his way. The Rams could use help a plethora of places, and they might take a shot at a possible game breaker like Ted Ginn Jr., Darrelle Revis, or Lawrence Timmons, but Anderson is the best player and best fit left on the board.

Carolina Panthers: Levi Brown
This is almost the perfect pick for the Panthers. It’d be nice if Joe Thomas fell here, but that’s not only unlikely, but down right impossible. Taking Brown here will only be a minor reach, and after watching the Panthers running attack flounder all season long, with two pretty solid running backs, you’d think the Panthers would jump at the opportunity to get a bookend to hold down the fort on the other side of Jordan Gross, especially one with top flight talent like Levi Brown. The upside for this kids frame and athleticism makes him a great pick here. If Keyshawn leaves, and Jarrett is still on the board, I think he’d be a perfect partner for Steve Smith, but the smart money lies on Levi at #14.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Darrelle Revis
The Steelers are definitely in the “best player available” scenario, and I think Revis can definitely fit in that category. Speed, hips, and a knack for getting his hands on the ball make him everything you want in a corner. The Steelers didn’t dominate defensively last season, and while much of the blame was placed on Big Ben, defensively the Steel Curtain was more of a cuddly little blanky for a good majority of the season, especially on the corner. Revis could come in and sure up the secondary in a hurry. Some other names that come to mind here are Ted Ginn Jr., (just because he’s explosive) Adam Carricker, Michael Griffin, and Lawrence Timmons, but I have a feeling Revis (if he doesn’t shoot up draft boards everywhere) will be the best for the Steelers.

Green Bay Packers: Marshawn Lynch
I hate to have the same damn pick as pretty much every mock draft I’ve seen, but this is a great place to get a future featured back for an offense that could be without their top runner, as Ahman Green will almost surely go elsewhere. Lynch has all the skills to be the best back in this class, if he can just put it together for a full season, and full career. Lynch is tough, has tons of speed, and very quick feet, as his body is close to that of Mr. MVP, LT2. But then again, it all depends what happens before the draft. If Green resigns, then don’t expect the Pack to snag Lynch here. If GB does actually pursue a top receiver, via trade or free agency, then I don’t even expect them to go offense here. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Green Bay went best player on the board for this selection, considering the vast areas of football they could improve in. With the assumption that Green is gone, I think Lynch gets the nod here, and splits time with Vernand Morency.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Tedd Ginn Jr.
Okay, this one is easy. With their top 4 pass catchers being as tall and ball possession-y as all getty-up, how can the Jaguars pass on someone like Ted Ginn Jr.? They can’t, and probably won’t. Ginn will give the Jags a stretch the defense type player that they just don’t have, and haven’t had since Jimmy Smith’s wonder years. Who knows what the Jaguars will do at the quarterback position, but whomever gets the nod, Byron, David, Quinn, or even someone like Jake Plummer; a receiver like Teddy will be just what the Jaguar ordered. I think Ginn would make all the receivers on the field better. He’s to big of a threat to go the distance, so single coverage on the other guys would give them more chances, and the tandem of Drew and Fred Taylor would also benefit from some attention paid to the team’s pass attack. Of course, this might not happen, and if it doesn’t, expect the Jags to select a young pass rushing type, or any defensive front 7 for that matter, because they’ve learned all about the need for depth. But honestly, depth there can be had with the rest of their picks, the fastest and most explosive offensive player in the draft can be had here and only here.

Cincinnati Bengals: Paul Posluszny
Please, please, please! I plead to those who watch over Cincinnati and the dire need of adding good people to the Bengals, young men who won’t sell coke, slap police officers, shoot guns, feed booze to young underaged women, drink and drive, and live in the substance abuse policy in the NFL. Can you please force the Bengals to pick Posluszny? I know he doesn’t fit the form, but is that such a bad thing? This kid does all the right things, on and off the field, and after a season as pathetic as the Bengals just had, Paul’s getting drafter here would at least show a shuffle in the right direction. He might not be as athletic as Odell Thurman, or as talented as Chris Henry, but he’s got plenty of ability to play this game at this level, and you know he’ll get the job done off the field to boot. Oh, and the Bengals suck defensively, did I mention that. This kid helps the squad as well.

Tennessee Titans: Jarvis Moss
The last time the Titans picked a receiver in the first round was 1998 (Kevin Dyson). In the last 8 drafts, the Titans have had six 1st round picks. Five of those picks have been that of the defensive nature. I’m putting the numbers together as I write. Seems like most of the time Mr. Fischer and the Titans have gone with a defensive selection. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they do it again in ’07. Many think the Titans are dying to add some more game breakers at the receiver spot, but honestly, I think they’re happy enough to go somewhere else with this pick, especially with all the defensive stars sitting on the board. In this receiver heavy draft, the 2nd or 3rd round will have a couple possibilities for big production, so right here, I think the Titans will strengthen their D core with the addition of a defensive lineman. I’m going with Jarvis Moss. He’s not neccecarily a freak like Javon Kearse freak, but the kid plays all out with some fantastic speed, which is just what the Titans need to improve all aspects of their defense. In fact, a big addition here would make them a pretty intriguing defense going into next season.

New York Giants: Lawrence Timmons
The Giants have shown interest in free agent running backs, or possibly trading for a solid back up the league has to offer, but even if they don’t get something done by draft day, I don’t expect them to reach for a runner here. Reaching is not something the Giants often do. After taking a receiver last season fairly early (Top of Round 2), I don’t expect them to go WR again, but Sydney Rice and Dwayne Bowe are two solid targets with all the ability to improve a passing game that wasn’t very consistent last season. But the Giants don’t need WR, especially a young unproven one (as the learned with Moss last season) and in a receiver heavy draft, it wouldn’t be right to go receiver. I think the Giants add a possible Pro Bowl linebacker in Lawrence Timmons. LT or so he may be referred to as some day in his career, maybe LT3, would be a great depth creator on a team that can’t seem to keep linebackers healthy if it saved their lives. I’m going with Timmons here, as he’s bound to impress at the combine, dude is athletically gifted, that’s for sure. A young rangy tackling machine can’t hurt this struggling defense.

Denver Broncos: Aaron Ross
First of all, there is no way Marshawn Lynch gets passed the Broncos, but in this situation, Lynch no longer is draftable, so I’d imagine Mike the Mou(se) is headed in another direction, as he’s shown he will never reach for a runner. (Free agency could sure up that position anyway) For now, I think the Broncos will trade down, but since that is impossible to predict and imagine who they would trade this pick to, I’ll just imagine that they don’t trade this pick at all, instead picking up an All American type athlete at corner, Mr. Aaron Ross. Ross has a chance to finish a top this class of corner backs, as his skill set is phenomenal. That’s exactly the tool box he’ll need lining up next to Champ Bailey, because God knows whomever gets that task will have plenty of opportunities to prove his worth. Without a trade, I can’t see Shanny leaving Ross’s talent on the board.

Dallas Cowboys: Michael Griffin
First things first: Tony Romo will be fine. Please, everyone take a break on predicting the young singal caller’s demise at the hands of psychiatric problems, bad dreams, and in the end, a pill or two from TO. If anyone can get over doing something like Romo did, it’s Tony. Its not like the game was over then and there anyway, though I’m sure Tony thinks he lost the game for his guys. Hence him saying, “I lost the game.” But the Hawks still had over a minute left to drive down, and let Josh Brown kick a field goal to win the game. He’s usually pretty good at that. But sorry, back to the mock draft. The Cowboys should put in some work with free agency, and that will obviously change things in Big D’s draft process. I have a feeling Dallas will take the best player on their board with this selection. If Levi Brown falls this far, his fall will stop. But Jerry Jones is a chance taker, so I can imagine him trying to make a splash with this selection. I don’t see much of a cannon ball here, so I’m going way out on a limb and predicting Jones plucks Texas kid Michael Griffin from the draft pool. This UT player can shut down the run, but he has a knack for breaking up passes, as his athleticism seems to get him in the right spot.

Kansas City Chiefs: Dwayne Bowe
I like Bowe. In fact, I think the kid is a flat out steal here. He’s going to be a top receiver in this league. He’s not afraid to do anything. He’s big, fast, strong, and he’ll go get the ball from a defender if you just give him a chance. The Chiefs haven’t had a big solid #1 receiver since, since, damn how long has it been? I don’t even know, and that’s saying something. And NO, Easy Eddie Kennison doesn’t count. Bowe will instantly give the Chiefs offense another much needed target, and one that can get first downs as soon as he puts on a jersey. This is a Herm Edwards type guy, I can feel it. The Chiefs have many a need, on both sides of the ball, but Bowe here is the right decision.

New England Patriots (via Sea): Patrick Willis
How soon people can forget the plays you made yesterday, just ask Reche Caldwell. After making a few huge catches against the Chargers, to get the Patriots in the AFC Championship, he drops a couple balls and now everyone and their mother wants to replace this guy immediately. Sure, he’s not a stud, and neither is Gaffney, but don’t expect the Patriots to go all out to get a receiver just because they are limited there. With that being said Sidney Rice would be a solid pick here. But the Patriots liked Chad Jackson enough to trade up to get him, and that says a lot, so don’t be surprised if the Patriots exit the 1st round of the draft without a new receiver for Tom Brady. Defense is a much bigger need with plenty of aging key players that might very well need to be replaced. Patrick Willis is an excellent athlete, a kid who would flourish under the guidance of a couple crafty veterans. Even if their grandfathers come back to play another year at linebacker, a young super star in the making, (Willis) would be a great pick here. Yes, I’m sorry to crush everyone’s hopes that the Pats will pick a receiver to replace Branch with the pick they got for Branch. Just too much coincidence there, makes me sick.

New York Jets: DeMarcus Tyler
This “Tank” is just what the Jets need. Well, I’d say they need about 3 Tanks, but one to start with will be a good move for one of the worst run defenses pro football has to offer. Tyler played ball with 3 former 1st round picks while at North Carolina State, but had his best season this year, his final year, without one of those ’06 first rounders to help him out. Tyler would be a huge boost at nose tackle to a team that desperately needs defensive line help. Last year the Jets showed they were willing to pass up talented skill players and build from within, something they’ll do again this year, just defensively this time.

Philadelphia Eagles: Adam Carriker
The Eagles always use their first round picks on defensive linemen. With Javon Kearse getting hurt again, I won’t be surprised one bit if the Eagles select the versatile Adam Carriker. Adam is huge 6’6″ 300+lbs and has the strength and speed to play either end or defensive tackle. So, even if Kearse does come back and stay healthy, Carricker will still have plenty of room to make his presence felt in Philly. This kid is a consistent player that could be labeled an overachiever, but don’t question his ability. Not only does Adam fit the Eagles draft mold, he seems like a steal at the 26th spot, which is something the Eagles always seem to do, steal great players later than they should have been selected.

New Orleans Saints: Greg Olsen
The Saints need defensive help, as the Eagles and Bears both proved in the Saints two playoff games. Linebackers, secondary, interior defensive linemen, you name it, needs are there. But with so man defensive players finding new teams early in Round 1, the Saints will have to turn another direction, and hope for a steal in the latter rounds to improve their defense. That leaves room for New Orleans to add something both Drew Brees and Sean Payton both love to utilize, a pass catching tight end. And there’s only one that is worthy taking this early, Miami product, Greg Olsen. Many think Greg would have had similar numbers to Jeremy Shockey and Kellen Winslow had he had the former Hurricane’s offensive attack. I’m not so sure about that, but Olsen looks like a very good tight end option to me, and he’s a solid blocker as well.

New England Patriots: Marcus McCauley
Believe that, the Patriots had two first round picks and didn’t pluck a receiver. “Gasp!” McCauley is a very talented cornerback prospect whose draft stock suffered because of the lack of help around him. McCauley, with a chance to become part of the Patriot system, has the tools to take over for Asante Samuel (because he’ll almost surely be gone). Physically, this kid is quite the prospect, so look for the brilliant Patriot brass to gobble this kid up late in the 1st round.

Baltimore Ravens: Michael Bush
I don’t really understand it much. Bush gets hurt, and suddenly, he drops down the draft board, as if he’ll never be healthy again. It’s not like Bush tore every ligament in his knee, ala Willis McGahee. Bush was a touchdown machine in college, a hard nosed runner with plenty of size, and some pretty nice speed for his body type. How lucky are the Ravens that this kid got hurt early, they’ll have a chance to scoop up a replacement for the departed (or soon to be departed) Jamal Lewis. Mike Anderson will give Bush time to adapt to the pro game, and taking a year off of football, but soon he’ll turn into the 25 carry back that Jamal Lewis used to be. If the Ravens don’t grab a runner here, look for them to help provide for whomever does take that spot. In other words, an offensive lineman, maybe Ben Grubbs, Josh Beekman, or Justin Blalock could fill that need.

San Diego Chargers: Sidney Rice
As if having LT wasn’t enough, getting someone at a need position with the talent of Sidney Rice might turn out to be too fairy-tale for the San Diego Chargers. But in this Mock, team after team went defense instead of plucking Sidney, and the Chargers are there to improve their receiving corps. Rice might not have elite speed, but I’m willing to bet my lefty that he could beat Keenan McCardell in a race. Plus Keenan is upwards of 50, and on his last legs I’m sure. (Kudos to you Keenan, you’ve had one hell of a career by the way) Rice can go get the ball, has great hands, and is raw for the molding. Rivers needs more options, and so the youngster receives a receiver.

Chicago Bears: Justin Blalock
If this young and versatile lineman is still on the board when Chicago drafts, he’ll be a Bear. He’s very talented and plays both positions, and although the Bears have a solid offensive line, I believe 4 of the starters are or will be on the wrong side of 30 when next season slums around. Chicago has some free agents looking for a big pay day, like Lance Briggs, so you never can tell what they’ll be dealing with when draft day actually rolls around. Secondary help can always improve the Bears defense, as they’ve had their own problems throughout the year in that area. More depth at defensive tackle, if that area happens to be a steal at this point in the draft, could be addressed.

Indianapolis Colts: Chris Houston
The Colts need nothing, as they are the Super Bowl Champions. Right. While the running game finally started to run like a well oiled machine at the end of the season and in to the playoffs, the Colts look to be set at that position for years to come. If Rhodes was a more popular player, he would have been MVP (and will likely be resigned, because there aren’t a ton of teams that will break the bank to get Rhodes), and if Addai had one more catch in the last 20 minutes of the game, he would have tied the all time record for receptions in a Super Bowl. They’re both solid. Offense is good, unless you look at the offensive line, where Tarik Glenn is ancient, and both Jake Scott and Ryan Lilja are set to test the free agent market. Oh, and the entire defense seems to be becoming free agents this off-season. 4 of the best linebackers, their best defensive player (Dwight Freeney) and both their starting corners could become free agents, and the Colts only have 5 million bucks to resign players with. Should be interesting. Houston is my pick because even if the Colts find room to resign their corners, its not like they are awesome. And the secondary in Indy isn’t deep. With all first round linebackers off the board, I think the Colts take Houston. He’s flying under the radar right now, but who knows, maybe I get lucky here.

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