2007 NFL Mock Draft by Lucky Lester

While I’ve read a couple absolutely ridiculous Mock Drafts, right now anyone’s set of picks is worth a shot, I guess. However, I’d like to think I have a little more rationale when it comes to this type of thing, so pay attention to something my peers seem to lack, a bit of reason to go with every selection. For now, without any research on who anyone is talking to, interviews, or any other garbage, these picks make sense to me, based on needs, off-season trends, and team draft trends. Here ya go… Enjoy.

  1. Oakland Raiders:
  2. Detroit Lions:
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
  4. Cleveland Browns:
  5. Arizona Cardinals:
  6. Washington Redskins:
  7. Minnesota Vikings:
  8. Houston Texans:
  9. Miami Dolphins:
  10. Atlanta Falcons:
  11. San Francisco 49ers:
  12. Buffalo Bills:
  13. St. Louis Rams:
  14. Carolina Panthers:
  15. Pittsburgh Steelers:
  16. Green Bay Packers:
  17. Jacksonville Jaguars:
  18. Cincinnati Bengals:
  19. Tennessee Titans:
  20. New York Giants:
  21. Denver Broncos:
  22. Dallas Cowboys:
  23. Kansas City Chiefs:
  24. New England Patriots (via Sea):
  25. New York Jets:
  26. Philadelphia Eagles:
  27. New Orleans Saints:
  28. New England Patriots:
  29. Baltimore Ravens:
  30. San Diego Chargers:
  31. Chicago Bears:
  32. Indianapolis Colts:

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