San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Week 13 NFL Pick

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San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Week 13 NFL Pick: Show me a team Seattle has played well against and I’ll show you a crappy team. Sure, the Hawks took advantage of the Jaguars in a weird situation, but the Jaguars have shown multiple times this year, they can play as terrible as any team in the league, and they’re proud of it. Other than Jacksonville, the Hawks other three wins have come against the likes of St. Louis (twice) and Detroit. Oooo, nice one. It’s not that Seattle’s not talented enough, they are pretty loaded when it comes to ability – they just play too damn soft, and that has to be coaching. There it is, I said it. If I wasn’t absolutely befuddled by the direct incompetence of Jim Mora and his staff prior to this week, the fact that Julius Jones is being called the starter and the guy that’s going to carry the load really clears things up for me. I like JJ, he runs hard, and despite having no vision, generally gets consistent positive yardage – but hello, Justin Forsett is the best offensive performer on this team right now. Who does this Mora guy think he is?

The 49ers outrushed the Seahawks by 190 yards last time these two teams played. Neither of these teams take many chances, but don’t think for a second that Seattle is going to be allowed to run the ball 70% of the time and win like they did last week against the Rams – oh no – it’s tough to run on the 49ers. Even if Forsett was going to get the bulk of the carries, I would be surprised if he eclipsed the 100 yard mark.

The 49ers need to get back to physical running against Seattle, something that they’ve proven they like to do against the Hawks. Frank Gore owns Seattle’s defense, if he touches it 20 times, the 49ers win by double digits.

San Francisco 49ers (+1) @ Seattle Seahawks

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