LJ and LT – Comparing Greatness

LJ and LT – Comparing Greatness

Pick of the Day – Devil Rays @ Red Sox

Tampa Bay Devil Rays @ Boston Red Sox

Devil rays (+131)

Tuesday, August 14th – 7:05 PM ET

The Red Sox host the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, hoping to keep their lead over the Yankees in the American League East. Tampa Bay looks to take a team full of young talent and show the Red Sox that the curse is back.

Bottom Line: The Rays are going to pull this off for a couple reasons; 1. Scott Kazmir is a fireballer who will make the most of his chance to pitch against the league’s best, and 2. Boston just loves to lose their lead over the last month or two of the season. The Yankees are looking for their chance to shine, and Boston is only offering sunscreen. They get a tough match-up today, as Jon Lester (who came out hot in his first start back from fighting cancer) starts for the 3rd time this season. In his 2nd game, Lester came back down, allowing a load of runs, as the Red Sox lost. He didn’t tear it up in the Minors, where a few of the Rays have played earlier this year, so they should be ready for his stuff. Take the underdog here, and the +131 payout.

LJ and LT – Comparing Greatness: I’m taking a look at the guy who had the greatest season ever LaDainian Tomlinson and the guy who doesn’t get enough credit for the work he does, Larry Johnson. Both are AMAZING runners, and could eventually go down as Top 10 running backs of all time, but LJ needs more love. These guys go 1-2 in my Fantasy Rankings because they have more talent than any two offensive players in the league. And while LJ has to deal with a poor offensive line, signing a new contract, a 1st year starter at QB, and a GM who wants nothing more than to underpay his star back – he’s still a fantasy hero. To better show the similarities between these two backs, I’m going to compare the 2nd half of LT’s record breaking, best fantasy football season ever – and LJ’s performance when he won the starting job after Priest Holmes’ injury in 2005. I figure its the best comparison, because LJ’s line was good and healthy, just like LT’s last season. The numbers may surprise you, LJ gets very close to LTs record output. The last 9 games of the 2005 season, where LJ started for the first time in his career, he posted; 1,352 rushing yards, 276 receiving yards, and 17 TDs. During LT’s last 9 games (not counting the last game where he barely played) he posted; 1,276 rushing yards, 248 receiving yards, and 23 TDs. If you break that down into fantasy points, LJ finishes with 25 less fantasy points than LT – the guy who had the best fantasy season ever. It’s close. LJ is one hell of a player, in my opinion, as good as anyone, but LT gets fantasy god status here. I have to give him his credit – busting out 23 TDs over 8 games is insane. Thank you for pushing me into the playoffs in 2006!

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