Karma's a Bitch

Karma’s a Bitch!

Pick of the Day – Suns @ Spurs

Suns (+3)

Friday, May 18th – 9:35 PM ET

Phoenix Suns @ San Antonio Spurs;Take the Suns in this one, I don’t care how good the Spurs are at closing a series out, the Karma Gods are about to smack the Spurs in the face. Quote me here, the Suns win by at least 10, but take the extra points, and get an easy win.

Bottom Line:I don’t see anything changing the outcome of this one, not even a big shot Rob 3, as seems to be the lucky case for Spurs fans year after year. Amare’s about to go off, and Steve has the world set to see him pull a 20-20 points and assists. Take Friday’s easy bet.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 20-9-1

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